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Saved by Faith.

Sister website is Jazweeh.com

This website has several guest writers.  Each article will post the name of the writer by either their pen name or their given name.  However in these times handing out our real name is risky especially when we are possibly pissing people off by disagreement.

Nevertheless each writer is allowed to have their opinions as we all do.  What we don’t allow is to pass judgement that only God HImself will impart and by possibly those He appoints to the task.

For a more spiritual outlook on topics of end times go to jazweeh.com.

On this website we are attempting to stay within the parameters of what we see with our eyes and with a spoonful of faith added to the mix.

What am I saying?  If I were to get down to spiritual brass tacs I would lose most of you.  Why?  Because the predominate writer on this site is Jazweeh.

Jazweeh has been in The Holy Spirit & Jesus for over 35 years born again, prodigal son, Holy Spirit filled, delivered, healed.  Jazweeh has many beliefs and practices of spirituality that basic Christians are taught to avoid vehemently by the teacher the great harlot.

Things like meditation that cause extensive spiritual growth the great harlot teaches is evil.  You will not find Holy Spirit lead tools, actions, and gifts taught in depth by the church, on the contrary.  The church wants you blind.  And as much as Christians believe they are awake and they are to a point, if they see the 144 in action, nine out of ten times they would label the 144 “satanic”.  And rightly so.  The 144 are under divine protection they are properly judged by few and rightly understood by even fewer.

The dividing of time is upon us.  The goats and sheep are separated.  Judgement is here.  Next is the famine.  The black horse rides.

For those who want a deeper walk with God through Jesus.  Pray for faith, Love, Hope, The Holy Spirit, Pray ye NOT be deceived, pray to have the things Father considers valuable rather than those we carnal’s consider valuable.  Start there.  I fear we are late in the game for spiritual growth but God Himself can escalate and amplify Spiritual growth.

Know this! YOU ARE NO FILTHY RAG.  The scripture is repeatedly misquoted on YT.  But rather our righteousness (meaning works) are as filthy rags before Father.  This script is to show that we are saved by FAITH not by our own works.  We are forgiven due to the works Jesus Himself did for us at calvary.  Works that Father laid out as our plan for salvation.