Why I Know there Won’t Be Forced Vack Scenes or Forced Isolation Camps

We are in the end of days.

One main reason that NAZI implimentations of old will not be bore down on America is because the plan is to control the masses without firing a shot or pulling one hair on the head of the people.  All of the death is by choice.

People eat junk food by choice.  People put 2.4 & 5.0ghz in their homes by choice.  The people must choose to wear the mask and serve the beast otherwise when forces the beast has only created a bunch of martyrs…you see.

The End of The Age of Grace

The end of the age of grace has come.  The age of judgement is here.  See jazweeh.com for information on all things end times and why I am certain that the return of Jesus as a lion is near.  The Holy Spirit doesn’t lie.  There are many miraculous signs around us.  There is a search bar on Jazweeh.com that brings up articles by topic pretty well and a menu but not all articles are in the menu.  You can also go to the home page and just scroll down to see an exert on every article.

The Beast System Wants Willing Servants & Won’t Force Loyalty.

The Beast Wants Your Body and Your Soul but Primarily He Wants YOUR SOUL.  Your body is temporal, your soul is eternal and has value in the spirit realms.  To steal your mind and soul my fellow, is why you must be emotionally broken (the beast condemns all human emotions because we all have them. Fear is needed for the very survival of the human race, & is part of the human condition.  Therefore fear must be demoralized & con-demned or even called con-damned as being weak and bad even sinful. This SHAMES us all as “sissies, chicken, yellow, etc), demoralized, deceived, manipulated, and finally rebuilt into becoming a willing servant of the beast system who men trust, honor, obey, believe, and serve by status quo, just to kool.

Unfortunately the process of human programming takes place before the age of eight years old is over.  And even more unfortunate is that most people do not see their own programs.

For instance regarding the mask situation. I fear the people will rise up and hurt those who don’t wear a mask.  However the stores only bully people into wearing masks.  Trader Joe’s is one of THE WORST stores in Gainesville, Florida, a college town, that I know of concerning the mask situation.  The employees there will often treat me like a prisoner at local county jail and them playing the irate jail guard who hates all the inmates.  I know this because I have been in several jails before my pre-Jesus transformational process finally became full and I reached a somewhat sinless state of being. 

These mean & irate Traitor Joe’s employees have gotten a taste for control and power.   For the first time in their demoralized by the beast system, lives, they are considered the authority and feel right and good.   They believe we who do not wear masks are irresponsible and deadly.  They are the dangerous one’s to the truthers.  They are easily programmed by the beast and will line up for the coming vack scene.  They will not easily let go of their new found power and will fervently side with the beast even if there were gallows lined up for the non compliant.  They would feel they do God Himself a service by killing us.  And they can easily find scripture to back murderous behavior in the corrupt Mandela Effected bible.

After all Jesus Himself now says in the book “hate your family” & “slay them before me if they don’t agree with us”.  But this articles isn’t about the heinous bible desecrations.  

My Horrible Mask Confrontation

All you or I have to do is say “I have a pre-existing condition” and the employees will back off usually.   However I have had these jail guard employees also try to make me stand on the red circle on the floor.  I had one come at me rudely saying this.

“If your not going to wear a mask you need to stay behind the plexiglass!

Her tone was VERY disrespectful.  Had she asked nicely I may have complied instead of being emotionally triggered by her verbal attacks.  I put my hand up and told her to back the hell off at the checkout.  She threatened to bar me from all Traitor Joe’s grocery stores.  I was on my way out the door.  I told her this,

“I DO NOT SERVE THE BEAST”  she replied, “My God is The Lord!”  She apparently knew what I meant when I said “the beast”.

Targeted by AI Cell Towers

I am pretty sure I was targeted by 5g beam forming as I walked through the parking lot my left ear heated up like it was being cooked. (this has happened to me before).  And I became very agitated, hot, somewhat dizzy and out of sorts.  My whole face was burning red when I left that area of the city.  I had no phone antenna on me at the time.  I believe the facial recognition targeted me from the previous trip to that store.  Needless to say I will not walk through that parking lot again.  I will take another route into that store if I go there at all.

The Beast Is Using Mankind Against Mankind As It’s Weapon Not Hand Cuffs & Jails.

Our worldly prison has no bars or locks.  We are free or we imprison ourselves to serve diligently status quo and the “fear of what people will think of me”.

The beast system namely Satan cannot have your soul unless you willingly offer it to him and willingly serve him.  It is your soul that the beast wants because your soul is of value and it is eternal.  The beast wants to be served willingly not force victims who become martyrs and are quickly ushered into Heaven for their martyrdom.

You becoming a martyr doesn’t profit Satan at all. What did the politician say about programming of the masses?

“I believe we just took over the world and implemented the new world order without firing a shot”.

Those who wear the mask do so willingly.  No one is forcing them.  I can go to Publix, Ward’s, Wal-mart, Winn Dixie, and yes even Traitor Joe’s with its Nazi style employees and say “NO” to the mask.  That is the difference between serving the beast and being forced.

THERE WILL BE NO FORCED VACK SCENE OR INTERNMENT CAMPS NEEDED.  The Beast is using passive aggressive Nazi tactics of control, not round em up and lock em down.  We still have a choice.

It’s the same principle with the rest of the problems arising from the MEDICAL TYRANNY that we are experiencing.  Not only will they not force you to vackz but they also will charge money for those who want the vackz.  Granted many will receive the shot free of charge.  But at first it will be for money.

For just as Billy Goat Gately has a monopoly on
on computer operating systems charging for every updated version and making them expire like license plates.  So too shall the vacks be sold on the same method of operation and principle of greed & deception.

Windows 1.0 – 2.0  Karachi Vackscene #1
Windows 3.0 – 3.1 Karachi Vackscene #2
Windows 95 Karachi Vackscene #3
Windows 98 Karachi Vacks….. #4
Windows ME – Millennium Edition Karachi Vacks…. #5
Windows NT 31. – 4.0 Karachi Vacks #6
Windows 2000 Karachi Vacks #7
Windows XP and on and on the money making vackses go.
Windows Vista
Windows 7
Windows 8
Windows 10
Windows Server
Windows Home Server
Windows CE
Windows Mobile
Windows Phone 7-10

This IS the Method by Which the Money Pours In to The Elite’s Pockets.  Know them by who they show you they are, not by who they tell you they are.

“You will know them by their works”.

Why and How do those Who Serve The Beast Blind Themselves?

By the “I am bad & wrong” demoralizing programming we hide our heart from God. (in shame).

When our heart is broken at a young age by discovering (the lie) that we are all wrong and unloved then the ego takes over where the pain leaves off.   The pain is too much so the ego buries the trauma.  Blinded by our own ego we lie to ourselves based on a lie that broke our heart, I am a wrong & bad person, my heart & feelings are bad & wrong & I am afraid so I must silence my heart and hide the truth about me.  The more we hide our fear the more power it has over us.

Some may never see or hear their true heart’s voice again to allow it out of the dark black box where its locked.  We are the only one’s who have the key.  The Truth will set us free if we use courage to finally explore our truth & trauma.  Just start writing your childhood down, the trauma will surface.  Most children do no recognize when they have been traumatized.  I have plenty of articles on how to heal from trauma at https://recoveryfarmhouse.net & .com

Lie Vs Truth

With the vacks comes further control of the masses.  That’s another topic for another day.

“I don’t care what anybody thinks of me!” Screams the self deceived copy cat who only does that which is considered “kool” and in style.  To be in style and kool is the primary way the masses are controlled.  Demoralization programming had to come first of course.  Once your demoralized and believe everthing you do is “bad & wrong” you are then willing to pick up a mask in an attempt to be “right & good” and of course loved by others, or at least liked.  This is the principle of our programming but few are there who break its bonds and fly from their invisible cage.  Few.

There are many people, Truthers who see many things and whose eyes have been opened.  But not to all things.  It takes years to make peace with who we really are once we have been heart broken and demoralized.  So many people are truthers yet are still following status quos as they do not know their own heart or its voice.


This  process takes meditation and lots of it to re program the way one speaks to himself.  Positive affirmations daily to one’s self.  “I did this or that today which is good, I am a child of God, God doesn’t make junk, I am chosen, I am blessed, I did this or that thing today which is good.  After enough meditation and affirmation the mind builds bridges over the self condemnation that the beast programmed us with.  We will also have to stand for Truth when we fear losing the love or friendship of others by it.  Or stand for Truth while fearing loss of money.

Give Me Your Child Till He is Eight and I Will Have Him for Life, says the beast.

Build bridges in your mind to reprogram the neural pathways and defy the beast system programming that is so insidious and cunning. Beast programming can create an addict make a man kill himself, and crush a haughty and savvy millionaire bringing him to naught.  However, the belt of Truth brings the beast to its knees then we stand on the serpent and CRUSH it with our heel.


The armor of God is not merely for show, nor is it stagnant.  The weapons must be picked up and used.   The sword is of little use lying on the floor.  Read my book Paradise for the Hellbound to learn how to use the armor of God.

Use Truth as your tool to freedom.  Courage to look into one’s own heart and speak to God of what one sees is the beginning of the ratification that sets men free.

BOTTOM LINE The Article in a Nutshell

If the beast has to drag you off, put a mask on your face by force, then drag you to some interment camp to be isolated and locked up like some murdering criminal then you will surely turn to God for help and be saved.  The beast will then lose access to your soul.  This is why he seeks your compliance willingly by submission to the status quo that most people around you are engaging in willingly.


Fear is part of the human condition. A spirit of fear is a demon, that is not what I speak of.  What’s the difference between natural human fear and the spirit of fear?

The spirit of fear paralyzes and kills a man, it keeps men from Truth and it makes him hide in dark places.  It makes a man responds toward others based on the lies that fear tell him.  The spirit of fear causes sin.

Regular fear keeps a man alive and causes him to be prudent considering dangerous situations.  Human fear does rear its head when ….say giving a speech in front of hundreds of people must be done. Or when a man must perform before people in hopes all will go as planned.  There are many situations where fear saves lives.

Why Would God Cause a Great Tribulation of Suffering & Pain on Earth?

Is it for punishment and judgement?  NO!  God is merciful and want every man to come to the knowledge of Jesus.

No fear no courage. Know fear know courage.  

You see?  There is no courage unless first we have fear.  Furthermore DO NOT believe the lie of the church that “fear & faith cannot dwell together in one body”.  I can disprove that with one simple, common analogy.

A man is attacked by a robber who puts a knife to his throat threatening his life.  With great fear of death (the mother of all fears) the man scared for his life prays silently his strongest prayer of Faith ever formed by his heart.  This fear of death has magnificently cut straight through ego & every besetting sin of the intellect that would separate us from God.  Fear has bound the doubting  intellect, status quo, and ego causing this man to pray straight from his heart to God while frozen with fear.

This is the same principle the great tribulations is built on.  Tribulation is to save souls.  The body is temporal the soul is everlasting and if you or I must be threatened by the edge of death to finally seek God with our whole heart then by God that is what will happen.

My friends, the great tribulation is not punishment, quite the contrary is the Love & Grace of God Himself drawing men in before its too late.

The Harvest is Here my Friends.  The signs and wonders abound.  God wants your whole heart not your intellect.   Do not succomb to the copy and paste gospel spread across the Youtube.  Salvation comes by FAITH in God.  And by Faith a man prays his most powerful soul saving prayer.

We MUST simply MUST get real with God.

Make a fear list.  Present every fear to God.  Find the lack of faith and trust that you have toward God and confess it as it hides behind our every fear.  Ask God to remove these fears and to help you with Faith, Love, Hope, Kindness, the Fruit of The Spirit.  Ask God to do that which He sees fit in you.  Grant Him permission to mold and shape you.  By confessing your fears and accepting that you will have fear as part of being human you no longer hide fear in a place that it can control you.  Shame defiles a man.  All shame must be confessed and put into the light of truth.   By this you become the clay in God’s hands.   These truths will set you free.

If you say you have no fear the truth is not in you

This topic is something a write on repeatedly because its so urgent.  You may want to skip this part if you have already read my fear programming articles in the past.

I worked with a woman once trying to do a fear list.  And even though her fears were her rudder in life binding and commanding her behaviors she could not see them.

She could not see that she was not only run by fear but also controlled by it.  Why?  Why couldn’t she see and admit to having human fear?

Fear programming for one.  “chicken, sissie, panzy” and the rest of the fear words brought shame to mind therefore she cannot admit to being a panzy now can she?

What else?  The consequence of her fears as a child probably resulted in reprimand by her mother or caretaker.  If she was traumatized in the name of her fears she may have hid fear from others and then took it one step further emotionally by even hiding that fear from her own intellect.  After all she set up an ego over her own heart because her heart’s voice was deemed “wrong & bad”.

When we set up the ego over our truth we are at great risk of becoming self deceived.  This is why men say “I do not care what you think of me” or “I am not afraid, I have no fear.”

Therefore they are literally unable to come before God honestly and with truth because the truth is not in them, it has been pushed out and follows them around like a rejected child.

I swear to when I got sober my own heart & truth had to be reunited with my body.  I was literally beside myself.  I experienced a reunification of my heart to my body.  But moreover it still took me years to finally accept and see who I really am.

My friends God can make the process of reprogramming and reunification to the heart happen much faster if one can only ask.  Confront your own heart.  Confess your fears and become the clay in God’s hands.

It is not sin, so much that keeps men from God & Heaven.  But rather it is that men hide themselves or parts of themselves from God.  Then Jesus says what God forbid?

“Depart from me ye workers of iniquity, I never knew you.”



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