Altzheimer’s Common Sense Preventions

Eat organic (no heavy metals)

DO NOT every use common oils like Wesson, Mazola, Crisco, Wal-mart brand and any of the rest of common oils.  WHY?  Hexane, & Chloride.  They denature the oil by extracting it through harsh detergent chemicals and if it smokes when cooking it turns to pure poison even worse than in its original form.

Alternatives- Buy “cold pressed” or “Expeller Pressed” oils these are safe non toxic methods of extracting oil from foods.

DO NOT sleep near or sit/stand near high energy fields.  This means that there is excess emf being emitted by refrigerator compressors, air conditioner units, wifi routers, cell phones, circuit breaker boxes, smart meters even TV’s.  MAKE your home environment as low in Electromagnetic, electrical fields, or magnetic fields.  Solution be sure to lay on the earth as often as possible.  Never sleep with a box fan or wall air conditioner next to your bed/head. Stay as far away from these compressors as possible.

Why?  They make your brain molecules vibrate, roll, and dance to become disoriented.  To not know where you are while driving or to lose sense of direction in the hallway. They cause mind/brain fog and Alzheimer I am certain of it by my own experience with sleeping next to a window & fan.

Diet.  Eat as much live food meaning raw fruits and vegetables as possible, preferably organic.  Make smoothies, Cook sautéed veggies so they DO NOT lose their color.  Lose the color lose the nutrients.

DO NOT SLEEP NEAR CELL PHONES.  Do not hold cell phone to head.  Do not use cell phone for long conversations.  Do not send emoticons as they increase emf to recipient.  (I have a meter I tested this myself).

ALL MICROWAVE OVENS LEAK….I bought a $28 microwave oven leakage meter and yes my new oven not only leaked but put out dangerous readings surpassing safe limits of short waves basically if you stand next to your microwave oven your slowly cooking yourself.  Same with cell phone your smart phone will set off the microwave leakage meter past safe limits…mine did.

Hard wire all your devices in the home.  Log into your router system control page login directions go by brand of router and turn off all wifi.  Use ethernet wires straight from the router to your devices.  If you want wifi in your phone buy a phone that has an ethernet port to hook direct to your router.  This is also the fastest internet you can get to your phone…wired.  Why?  Wifi in the home runs on 2.5GHZ that’s 2.5 BILLION HERTZ running through your brain.  5.0GHZ is also conveniently running in most wifi routers even though you have no devices to equip it.  I believe 5.0GHZ effects the oxygen molecule even though now the internet is drenched in articles that say oxygen molecule is on the 60ghz wavelength.  This all changed overnight.  Why would they call 60ghz 5G?  That makes no sense.  5.0ghz is already running in homes and is 5G.  It crossed the blood brain barrier downloading your brain with whatever it wants and causing cellular confusion.

Why do you think they call them CELL PHONES?

Feel free of course to verify anything I write.  I have studied all of these topics for YEARS on end starting with food research and the diabolical poisons they use.

DO NOT USE COMMON SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER.   WHY?  To start lauryl sulfate and her wicked sister laureth sulfate poisons.  Keep your head safe. Use natural shampoos organic..   Use block cocoa butter for conditioner it works great.  I have long thick hair. Just rub cocoa on hands in shower till oily then rub hands on hair.  Rub the oil on you hair that is 5-8 inches away from the scalp so you don’t get oily scalp.  I am saying use this kind of oil on long hair not hair close to the head to keep scalp oil free.

Depending on manufacturing processes, sodium laureth sulfate may be contaminated with measurable amounts of ethylene oxide and 1,4-dioxane. i The International Agency for Research on Cancer ethylene oxide as a known human carcinogen and 1,4-dioxane as a possible human carcinogen. Ethylene oxide can also harm the nervous system iiand the California Environmental Protection Agency has classified it as a possible developmental toxicant based on evidence that it may interfere with human development. iii 1,4-dioxane is also persistent. In other words, it doesn’t easily degrade and can remain in the environment long after it is rinsed down the shower drain. 1,4-dioxane can be removed from cosmetics during the manufacturing process by vacuum stripping, but there is no easy way for consumers to know whether products containing sodium laureth sulfate have undergone this process. iv

skin creams & oils.  DON’T put anything on your skin that you would not eat.  I am serious.  Use aloe plant, or real cold pressed oils, essential oils, shampoo ginger, lemon, to make your own skin creams or oils from nature.  Its work to be natural because there are not any skin products out there that I recommend.  Not one. And anything you put on your skin goes to your bloodstream.  The skin is the largest organ.

NEVER NEVER NEVER use any aerosols.  NEVER use deodorants.  If you eat real food, plants, fruits, vegetables you will not stink usually.  And if you do take a shower is all.  Or take a sink bath.  Carry your natural soap and wash clothe to work if need be.   Raw vegetable smoothies with seeds like flax or hemp and beets will clean you out.  Make your regular diet real food.

NEVER EAT any non organic candies or sweets of any kind unless you want to risk diabetes from high fructose corn syrup.  NEVER EAT ANY PROCESSED FOODS THAT ARE NOT ORGANIC.

eat lots of nuts.  AVOID peanuts and corn because gmo’s have taken over those foods.

NEVER EAT ANYTHING THAT COULD BE A GMO.  Your brain will not recognize it as food its a problem.

ALWAYS OPEN windows to let fresh air in your home no matter what they say like “your air conditioning the outside”.  Your lungs take priority of small change $.  Make sure you air out the house every few days.

I will add to this list when I think of more dangerous items to avoid.  Be sure to ground yourself to the earth daily by laying on the grass for 10 minutes at least or going to a park or lay in the dirt.  Notice how it changes the way you feel when you connect to the 7 or 8 HERTZ of earth’s magnetic field instead of the 2.4 BILLION HERTZ of wifi.  Look up magnetobiology for effect of EMF on humans.  They won’t teach you this in school because emf is the weapon of the beast for culling the heard.  The invisable cell disrupter to cook you inside out.

Yes this is terrifying so seek God it’s time.  He is coming soon says The Holy Spirit.

Get to know herbs and drink herb teas.



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  1. Dana,
    Thank you for all the hard work you put into your work and help us keep a pulse on end-time events…
    I bought all the products you have referred to clean out your body from heavy metals but am unsure how to use them and in what order, etc. Can you help with that, please? I looking forward to feeling better.

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