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Spiritual Power

No, we are not saved by the right works & works alone.  Granted you could say everything is works even prayer and a relationship with God are works.  But by works I mean “good deeds”.  It is our Faith and our condition of the heart toward God & man that God looks upon in us.  Our status in the realm of The Spirit after death however, depends on the works we have carried out while vulnerable, naive, weak, and human.  Courageous righteous acts carry alot of weight like giving your life so another can live.  Do we not reap what we sow?

All are given a measure of Faith, what you do with the measure will either kill faith off or make it blossom and grow into great courageous Faith.  ALL are given the down payment of faith yet people are as different as night and day in what they choose to do with that Faith.  Free will will not be taken from us at least in this life.  Hell won’t have much freedom going on.  If a man worships law, rules, regulations, and wants a contract with God stating his salvation in red blood print…that man may fit in better where free will doesn’t exist.

In The Spirit there is freedom from bondage.  Some people feel safer in bondage because of programming. They need little boxes with labels on them for comfort when The Holy Spirit is the Comforter…”saved by grace”, “saved by blood”, “saved by the bible”, “saved by the priest/preacher”, “saved by the words of the preacher”, “forgiven in the future”, “I never killed anybody”, “they are bad & I am good because look what they do”.  And on and on go the rationales to quell the fear of death go.

Blood is symbolic it is what Jesus did in death that freed us.  What?  Is there power in blood?  The Satanists seems to think so.  What did Jesus do in death?  A little thing that seems everyone on Youtube has forgotten or never learned.  “HE TOOK THE KEYS OF DEATH AND HELL FROM SATAN HIMSELF”.

That is why Jesus had to die to free us from SIN, DEATH, & the BONDAGE OF LAW.  And THAT is why we have power over death and hell because Jesus gives us the keys when we accept His gift for us.  This is the plan of Father. He sent His Son to do this.  Did Jesus bear all my sin?  Well that’s what they say but if He did then why is it I have to repent?  Why do I still feel guilt and shame when I do wrong against my own heart?  I question that, just saying its a contradiction.  Since the book lies (bible) we must have The Holy Spirit who comes in Jesus name and follow our still and quiet voice of the heart.

If we become reprobate due to smashing our own hearts voice over and over and over then we need deliverance by the laying on of hands as they practice in Pentecostal churches and full gospel churches.

Follow your heart and protect your heart for out of it come the well springs of life.  If you commit apostacy against your own heart it will make you sick.  God has given in us a guide that the beast works hard to silence.

The greatest spiritual and everlasting gifts are Love, Faith, & Hope these three are eternal, everlasting.  Pray for these if you pray.  Tongues will soon cease, prophecies will soon end but Love carries on into eternity.  Selfless Love is not a feeling though feelings do prompt the actions of Love.

Love is giving, charitable, kind, honest, forthright, and trustworthy, Love never fails.  There are many ways to give, even a word can be giving & charitable.

You will notice some people are incapable of a kind or encouraging word toward even their children.  They are under a spell of fear, their words of Love are bound up in a jagged bobbed wire fence wrapped around their own freedom to express Love toward others.  What are they afraid of?  Why can they not give a kind word?  Perhaps they are brainwashed to think kindness is weak and putrid.  Sad.

Please…don’t tell me you love me. “I love you” is a manipulation, not always, usually.  If a man says “I love you” its likely because he wants to create a reaction or its a manipulation to get what he wants or thinks he needs.  People who make Youtube videos and say “I love you” at the end, I greatly question as being un-authentic.  How can a man love people he has never known or seen?

Charity is Akin to Love

Love is straight from the heart.  But sometimes we give out of spiritual obligation.  There is nothing wrong with that.  But we mustn’t be ruled by our guilt. Its very important to work a thorough step four and five by writing down all fears and giving them to God, confessing them and asking Him to remove them.  And to write all guilt and shame down, process it emotionally with tears or screams, let it out.  Lest it rule your health and your heart. Everyone should work the 12 steps, everyone.  Without it you may not see the dysfunctional patterns of emotional behaviors that can so easily beset us.  We MUST know our patterns of knee jerk emotional reactions of blame, projection, fear of people, inability to trust God and so on.  We must examine ourselves at length and we need a road map of exercises to do so.  The 12 steps done with prayer and help from God can aid in the saving of one’s soul by finally seeing Truth and then seeking God in Truth with no walls of fear hindering prayer.

Self Awareness Vs. Self Deception

Processing the past emotional trauma can relieve panic attacks, anxiety, dysfunctional relationships, and all kinds of blame and rage.  The 12 steps promote humility and Truth and cut through false pride by the sharp sword of courageous Truth.  Take now the courage to know yourself, for this, my friend is the challenge of every man.  Not so you can condemn yourself as in past times of guilt and shame.  But rather we look deep within our own hearts and habits so we can change.  Check out my book “Paradise for the Hellbound” for more on this self knowledge.

Have you given your life that others may live? Have you stood for the down trodden and destitute?  Do you give to the beggar on the street?  How do you treat others?  Do you treat your neighbor as you want to be treated?

Of course we all have fallen short of these statutes of brotherly Love, of course.  We have forgiveness through Jesus our advocate, our redeemer, our deliverer, our healer, Him who opens the eyes of the blind, He who my soul Loves.


Although we are not saved by works persay, still it is by our words and actions that we can achieve a wealth of gifts from God The Father that we carry into our next world.

Father wishes to impart upon mankind many spiritual gifts even mighty powers.  However with much power comes much responsibility.  If a man due to his choices & actions toward himself and others is not trust worthy or honorable then God cannot trust that man with great power.

Love (for humans) is an Action

By Love and conscientious view points of humility, truth, respect, and fair interactions with men does a man gain God’s trust.  How will Our Maker bestow upon us gifts of power if we cannot bridle our own tongue & behavior toward others?

Again great power in the hands of humans can be disastrous.  But the power God bestows in us now will often times be carried with us into our after life.

If a man is trust-worthy with a little he can then be trusted with alot.  Also to him whom much is given much is expected.  And that doesn’t mean pay back.  We cannot begin to pay God back, it is folly to think so.  For God’s gifts do not have stings attached as men’s do.   Nor can any action of ours compare to God’s might.   “Much is expected” means that we who have gifts are expected to use them honorably and not neglect them.

(For salvation 101 go to this link)

List of Spiritual Gifts

What gifts?  Spiritual gifts are many varied powers that carnal man doesn’t understand.  Spiritual gifts involve abilities that are said to be impossible for humans.   Seers, Prophets, healers, intercessors of prayer gifts, gifts of languages, gifts of wisdom, knowledge, insight into certain topics, life giving gifts such as reanimation of the human body by the laying on of hands & prayer, dreams & visions, teachers, helpers, readers meaning those who read tea leaves, abstract shapes, eyes, foreheads, clouds, vibes, oras, there are new end times gifts at play now.  Gifts to see the supernatural mark of the beast on the foreheads of men(mankind).  Gifts of seeing gifts in others.  To see God’s mark on men.  To see Satan’s mark on men.  The ability to see into a man’s heart & soul, trips to hell, the grave, heaven, out of body experiences.  Communications gifts to hear what is in the mind of a man or to see it in his eyes or to read what he is thinking, to read faces, to see a black mouth and know a liar, telekinesis, telekinetics, every “tele” type gift listed by man.

Gifts are not evil just as guns are not evil in and of themselves.  It is how we use them that makes them evil, good, or indifferent.

Regardless of old testament condemnation of gifts being demonic, and granted some gifts are demonic.  However be not quick to judge a man by his gifts in that way.  Lest ye attribute the things of The Holy Spirit to Satan, God forbid.  Is there really an unforgivable sin?  Let’s hope not.  Did Saphira, and her husband really drop dead due to blasphemy of The Holy Spirit?  Or even worse did Peter or Paul or whoever it was REALLY have The Holy Spirit slaughter them for not giving certain monies?

I CALL BULLSHIT!  That’s not my God speaking that greed.  That is clearly a greed scripture to the manipulation of those in the church who fear that they would what?????? “ROB GOD”.  As if God wants the beasts money.

Know this…if you want to give, give to a real person who is in real need.  If you want to tithe go ahead, but not out  of guilt of some corrupt scripture of lies.  Or for a prosperity effect though, I have done that myself in hopes of a return. Do it for Love, to help.  Most pastors today are blind as ….the lost.  I would not give to any church at this point.  Give to the guy with the sign on the corner he is in need.  Give to those who ask.  Give when you can, and when you feel led.  Do not allow the fake script to manipulate you by guilt.  We cannot buy our way out of hell or punishment.  The Truth sets us free when we show God our whole heart, all of it.

Guns Are Not Evil

However they are used for evil.  And can be used for protecting the innocent from tyrannical forces as well.

Know this…gifts are usually from God however they can be used for both evil and good.  Granted, Satan has his bestowing of gifts as well.  But most likely they are the same range of gifts just used for evil instead of good.

Free-will is a gift that will not be revoked.  Satanists speak in tongues just as the intercessor (the woman of Rev. 12) does.  God appoints scribes.  One scribe type gift for example is this…During my writing while led by The Holy Spirit I strategically place a word in a sentence knowing the point I want to make yet searching for a word to fit.  I put a word in place that I DO NOT know the definition of.  I have heard the word but never bothered to know what it meant.   I look it up and it is the exact word the sentence required.

This supernatural event during writing has happened to me many times, many times.  I do not question it anymore and should not take it for granted.  God gives me the words and I learn as I go.  And of course scribes receive motivation to write and are given their topics usually at night while they sleep.  Scribes are naturals when it comes to writing and grab ideas from the air around them as well as receiving scrolls of knowledge during sleep.

Scribes of God have a romance with words and side with Truth, they Love the English language.  I reek with anxt when I see what is happening to our language and Bibles.  Men are getting the download of new heinous terminologies.  There are literally hundreds of new words in my own KJVB hard copy that I have NEVER HEARD OF yet have always been there according to history.  Yes the Mandela Effect, yes most people say “same as it ever was” as they call us who see changes as being under the strong delusion.

However there is one no two very good proofs that we are not the one’s who are deluded.  One- We are the minority.  And Two the changes in and of themselves are evil, debaucherous, and the works of a very dark voice.  Therefore we who see changes are not blind to evil.  Nor are we under the impression that its a good thing to term that which is evil as if it were good.

And so the fulfillment of the prophecy (and I paraphrase) “In the last days that which is evil shall be called good and that which is good shall be considered evil.”

Our Language is Under Attack

The language is being corrupted daily.  Our English language is under attack horribly.  In one day I watch You-tube as Christians all get the downloads of new word terms that are corrupt.   In one day they all parrot a new, same word.  It uncanny to watch.  A for instance?  “Nonsensical”,  ‘Holy Spirit” given in a sentence with a “The” no introductory announcement term…the “The” was in and for honor as a presentation of The Holy Spirit.

After a while people copy cat the terms so you don’t know who is downloaded by emf and who is just parroting terms as a status quo.  Those with low self worth parrot and speak as others do.  They copy because they fear they are bad and wrong and cannot be original or show their true heart lest people hate them (they fear).  This is what they have been taught by the beast all their lives. That what is in their heart and mind is bad and wrong.  IF you have read my articles you know that’s my pet-peave.  Forgive my repetition.

Scribes & Mandela Effect

Perhaps I see the on going supernatural changes to language and books (Mandela effect) because of the scribe gifts that are in me. I see the multitude of KJVB changes so clearly even as EYA the most proliferate scholar on Youtube of the on-going KJV Bible changes & the debauchery wrapped up in them.  Perhaps if not for the gift of scribe I too would be under the strong delusion as so many youtubers are.  Idnk.

I like to think that I see the changes to language and the holy bible because of the armor of God and other reasons regarding the Love of Truth that I see the KJVB changes when so few see.  Nevertheless they call us who see as being under the strong delusion, but we are the minority.

Anyone with a spiritual gift knows what its like to be alone.  Very few if any will relate to your gift.  NO one can understand your gift.  The best that your friends can do is say “we believe you but we do not understand it (or) that is YOUR truth”.  They are incapable of relating to your spiritual gifts and that is to be alone in some ways.

I suffer by my sight, the sufferings of Christ are to be surrounded by the blind and people who choose the lie over Truth.  To want so badly to make knowledge of Truth known to them but

“Fools, say I, do not know
Silence, like a cancer, grows
Hear my words that I might teach you
Take my arms that I might reach you”
But my words, like silent raindrops fell
And echoed in the wells, of silence

God’s chosen, His elect are the few.  But fear not for there will be a great multitude delivered out of the great tribulation.  Many many will repent and be saved during the disasters.  When the G.T. comes eyes WILL be opened people’s minds WILL be reached.

We Judge Not the Blind.  For those who are blind, to choose Truth over the lie Would be to Seemingly Lose Everything

Though the reasoning itself is to choose to believe the beast system at large for the sake of convenience & comfort.  Furthermore the Truth of the beast system is very scary.  So the lies sooth the blind masses.   While the beast poisons their mind, body, and soul in every way it can the victims of relentless abuse beg for more and serve the beast’s image.  What is the image of the beast?  I used to think its the TV and mind you in a big way the TV is the beast’s image.  However its more than just the TV.  The image of the beast is its reputation, its ora, its contra in the minds and heart of men.  The image of the beast is its overall presence in our world by tech, by programming, by ideals…and those who prefer the lie choose to respect, believe, praise, honor and worship the system in all its ways.  It can do not wrong in their eyes.

For to choose Truth they would gain their soul and lose their paradigm of lies that comfort them. As the bible used to read “they preferred the lie, therefore they were overtaken by a strong delusion, for they loved not the Truth”.  Jesus is Truth.  The Belt of Truth is our spiritual armor without it we could be vulnerable to serious deceptions.

Still I understand their choice of the lie.  To choose Truth often they would lose the things of this world that they hold dearly.  Example:  My doctor.  I asked him if he trusted big pharma.  He said “yes”.  Had he said no think of what he would have lost with that answer.  His world is wrapped up in the lie and he serves the beast directly.  He feeds his clients the poison the beast dolls out for profit.  For him to have said “no” to trusting big pharma would have painted him as a monster in his own eyes.  He would first have to have a way to process that emotionally  before, before, he could face it.  THIS my friend is why I promote the 12 steps.  It is a way to process hard truths by allowing yourself tears, screams, moans, guttural sounds, and a relationship with God that will reveal to you what is needed to live in Truth.

Emotional Constipation Kills

A man cannot believe that which he is unable to emotionally process.  NEVER, stifle tears, delay them if you must for a safe place but never stifle your own heart.  Let it rain until you are healed, let it rain my friend. God gave us tears for a reason and the beast has sewn in us emotional constipation. See recoveryfarmhouse.com and .net for ways to process emotions and deprogram from the beasts emotional constipation.

By desperation their hearts will finally shed its walls of emotional constipation and their minds will finally open to possibilities that they could not consider before their desperate state.



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  1. Dana,
    I too am gifted like you and am battling to help others to see the Truth. They have been so lied too in every institution they have been subjected too. What USA calls church is not the church. Sister you are the church to me. I can not say that very much. I see the Spirit working through you and praise God for you gifts. I believe Eagle fly alone.

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