GMO Food. GMO Humans.

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Below article #2 who is the restrainer?

Take a look at the dark pitch forked Source Code of the Pie Zar Back Scene-for real.

Sidenote-Why you cannot research the back scenes easily or clearly and why it takes years to find truth about them.  The main reason is semantics.  Every word term is confused with ten other words that mean the same thing.  This tactic of word play is used in every back scene article by the makers of the back scenes.  Opposite of forthright? Cunning, baffling, and evasive is their every article as they paint a happy colorful storyline about every motive, factor, and scientific discovery regarding genetic human engineering both cut splice and editing.

For over a year or even two I have studied to understand the back scene’s core agenda.

So I can put it into laymen’s terms for you and warn everyone of it’s function.  Most of us already know corporate food if possible is poisoned.    Gmo foods are wrong and bad.  Corn can no longer be eaten due to the spreading of the genetics even into true authentic God made Heirloom seed.  Spreading like a genetic virus they say heirloom crops become infected by nearby GMO crops due to the pollination process.  And so on.  I am tired of looking into he face of the beast.  But I must continue.

The exact same thing they are doing to the seed they intend to do to YOU & ME.  Turn me into a manageable slave.  That’s right.  If they can make all the slaves walk to one beat of the drum they are not threatened any more by individuality.  Or threatened by people who think original thoughts.  They want mind control bad and they want it now.

Let me tell you a little story

What is CRISPR tech compared to mRNA tech?  It’s easy.  One has to cut and splice you DNA.  The other has the golden keys, tricks your cell, rides on a virus covered by cancer cells (immortalized cell lines) making the mRNA directives impregnable and replicative unto infinity.  Nano tech genomic engineering in  its most diabolical form setting up a redesign of your genome by nano structures throughout the body.

What the F**k is mRNA?   Messenger. Mr. Messenger pays you a little visit disguising itself as your own highest commander of your own cell structuring mechanics.  mRNA is your chief engineer that controls all that you are biologically.

That includes mRNA controlling your immune system. Your immune system is your body’s first line of defense.  It’s brilliant.   So mRNA bio-tech especially, & primarily uses your security (immune) system to redesign and make your body a GMO.  A GMO that can be patented. It is the immune system that is your armies line of defense.  Your inner warriors who protect your body the temple that you inhabit as your, our home…for now anyway.  Until our Spirit moves on to it’s upgraded lighted body.

How Did the ‘Theys’ Get the Golden Keys to Your DNA’s Private Command Center?

How indeed.   #1 Spiritual tactic of “The covenant with the many”.  They made a deal with the demons, literally.  Trading the bible and it’s holy words for the keys to the mRNA directives of all of human kind.  They use their Quantum computer to rewrite the bibles one and all.  And the demons handed them the final symbol.  The pitchfork.  How do I know?  All is being revealed in this time because it is the end of days.

#2 way they got the golden keys was…quantum computing.  Quantum computers are special for one reason.  They are problem solvers that can solve mathematical, biological, scientific, strategic problems that would normally take eons to solve AT NECK BREAK SPEED.  When they got the quantum computer that dives into the darkness and comes back with answers..they got the golden keys. (Watch/research Geordie Rose’s [CEO Kindred] cryptic Ted talk explanation of how a Quantum computer dives into other realms of reality speaking with ….”the great old ones”.  Some alien creatures who look at us as having the value of an ant.  No concern for our lives whatsoever he says.)  And how would Georie know the personality of some dark aliens on the other side of his quantum computer?

And So CRISPR cut and splice DNA Evolved into mRNA editing.

Now, all they need do is have access to your bloodstream.  Especially targeted are those who have the Holy Spirit & those who are non compliant.  It is their recently acquired but long term plan for perfect rule of the masses.

Fear drives these elite rulers.  Why?  They have the stolen prophesies that they have watched come to pass one after another.  Now they know God intends to put His children seated to guard over Earth. They know God intends on squashing every great power drive these bastards have put in place.  So, since they cannot identify the 144 chosen few who have the power to rain down fire from Heaven, instead they will slaughter the whole lot of us.

What Happens when you take the Lark of the feast?

Biologically, your chief officer who protects your body at the molecular level from invaders of any foreign kind gets tricked into believing the directives it carries are domestic not foreign.   The directions come in via mRNA speaking in the language that your immune system knows & trusts.  That’s right.

The back scene payload states that its from your own genome system. Your immune systems defenses, your warriors get tricked & scalped.    They then take whatever orders evil itself dictates.  They redesign you into a GMO.

When really the directives are a trick.  A ruse.  A lie.  A fake. And if they were good for you, they wouldn’t have to steal the keys.   They provide the way to make your own body turn itself into a GMO Human.    What kind of GMO will you be is yet to be seen.

Why the Corporations Can Claim “The mark won’t change your DNA”?

Because when you allow the mRNA in it commands your own defenses and then instructs your body to change it’s own DNA.  Hence they aren’t changing your DNA directly anyway.  You rather are allowing them to infiltrate give orders to your immune system ordering it to STAND DOWN.  And to then take orders from the corporations mRNA demands.  Then your body changes it’s own DNA.  Quite different than CRISPR cut-splice.

If you take the lark of the feast you are allowing the beast to control who you are biologically.  Your brain is biological.  Your way of learning, your very emotions all based in DNA biology.

Spirituality & Nurture Will be the only part of You that is likely to survive—if any.

There are still two variables that they cannot pinpoint to control.  That is nature vs nurture aspects of who you are.

Can Learned Behavior Fight Genetic Alterations to Behavior Settings?

Nature & programming year by year still may fall under command of the genome switch.   It’s theory.

I do not know how far nurture can fight genome (nature). That I do not know.  Second is spirituality.  But spirituality when handing over the entire biological system…may be undone.  More accurately if you are spiritual then God will lead you to protect yourself from the beast by not taking the Lark.  Spirituality will work by prevention rather than treatment.  By preventing you from becoming a GMO human.

What the back scene does makes it the Lark of the feast.

And if your a stickler for script singing the common most sung song on Youtube today that goes like this.."It's not the mark, it's not the mark da da da da da da, da dada, da da, da, daaaaaaaa It's not the mark, it's not th emark.

You might ask yourself why that is so OVERSTATED ON MEDIA.


The Psychopath Gene

The “theys” have isolated some pretty nasty gene sequences they could use in any shot to desecrate blud lines with beast dana.  Or any human cell lines.  Such as…The Psychopath Gene for starters.  That’s right.  When giving the beast access to our body we open up our mRNA to any genetic sequencing and full blown replication throughout the body that they now command.

On the flip we would also be giving them the power to delete any code within our sequence such as code that connects to goodness and spirituality.  Or code that is the CONSCIENCE.  Is not the conscience every man’s RESTRAINRER?

Have they found the genetic sequence of spiritual gifts of Hope and Faith?  Is Pandora’s box now real?  Oddly Hope is exactly what God said I would lose if I took Esau’s soup.  He said for the Hopeless and those who don’t nurture Faith they would hardly notice the difference.  But for me that back scene would have been devastating.  He showed me how I would feel if I took it.  I could not live long like that.

Truly the back scene is Pandora’s Box.


Update 2023 – The Restrainer is the Harlot who betrayed the Faithful.  Yes “Religion” powerful enough to restrain the corporate beast for years on end.  But no more.  The Restrainer fell in 2019.  And all Hell broke loose from there.  Don’t be too hard on the Harlot who betrayed the people by being sold out to money.  Their temptations were unmatched in power over much of Earth.  The Catholics held on as long as they were able.  The Red Hats did their best and we do not judge them.  Its not our right.  They gave and saved many lives.  But also they waged war for years and killed many innocent people.  Such is warfare.

Yes the Holy Spirit is also the Restrainer.  As in the Spirit so too in the natural.

End of update back to 2021 theories.

I have already stated my theory on  the 2nd beast being the restrainer of the first beast.  Think–Banks restraining corporations.  Or governments restraining corporations giving a balance of power.  Now that we are seeing the whole world march to one drum beat we know by this that the 2nd beast has fallen prey to the first.

Governments are now marching to one drum.   One worlds Gov.   As are the banks who stood by them.  The corporations have won.  The first is the ruling evil corporation.  Governments are their puppets.  Hence your see the governments being made fools of daily on the box (tv).  The image of the beast is obviously (to me) the TV.  The #1 tool of controlling mankind.  The second tool of mind control is the iron rod.  The towers of babble and their erected iron rods from hell.

A Common Sense Look at the prophecy of “The Restrainer” With Genetic Human Modification implications in mind


The people’s good conscience restrain their own actions of evil.  Meaning when Christians say The Holy Spirit is the Restrainer, that is the gist of it.  Our good side our Spirit restrains us from doing evil.  We know right from wrong.

The Sleeping Giant turns GMO.

The greatest power on earth is the people.  We are feared when we come together.  All we need is numbers and we are a great power that the beast has feared all it’s life.  Hence, everything you walk out of a store with is poisoned.

Know them by who they show you they are.  Not by who they tell you they are.

So what if all of mankind lost their good conscience.  What if their restraints on their own dark side was not restrained anymore by good conscience?

We all have a dark side.  We have all (except the sociopath genome) experienced guilt, remorse, shame, regret.  We regret hurting others.  We apologize cause we have a heart and a conscience.

These unpleasant internal emotions in tandem with our social reputation keep us on guard from engaging in blatant evil.  Our emotional condition guides us so we do not harm others.  Good conscience, and the care of what others think of us keep us on track.  Also God awareness prevents us from engaging in animal instinctive behavior.

This is basic morality 101.  We, MOST ALL OF US HAVE THE INTERNAL RESTRAINER.  What if that was biologically genetically edited, hacked, or removed all together and replaced with the psychopath gene?  THIS GENETIC ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY IS ON THE TABLE.  They have the ability to squash the restrainer in all men who allow themselves to be turned into a GMO Humans.  Gene therapy deletes, edits, and inputs sequence codes that author emotional and mental behavior.   Psychopathic or Sociopathic cell lines both on the table in a petri dish.

Hence the restrainer could be removed from most of mankind.  THIS IS A THEORY.   The theys can induce any genetic code they desire, of evil basis or good.  If they target every do gooder genetic code they have isolated then they are free to embark on the next step.  Adding dark genome of sociopathic types, perversities, sins of all kinds.


Genetics has it’s own alphabet.  What is in chemistry & biology also is in mathematics.  Source code.  Seems the inventors of the back scene pie zar didn’t make the source code (the recipe persay) first then bake the cake.  Oh no, they baked the cake then discovered the source code.  The code was reverse engineered by a 3D printer.  Allegedly.  I am certain the quantum computer played into this source code discovery.  The “we found it by accident story” is likely a half truth.

What the device did is give the back scenes genetic coded sequence.  Mathematically per say.  In genome text.  What they discovered startlingly is that there was a NEW LETTER/SYMBOL.  Kind of reminds me of the movie stargate when they search for another planet except replace the idea with searching for another genetic symbol.   🔱🔱🔱🔱  The new digit of code looks alot like this.  Like the devils pitchfork.  This MY FRIEND IS SERIOUS SCIENCE.  I am not making any of this stuff up.  It’s all verifiable from scholarly PDF science articles.

“Reverse Engineering via (3D printer for Genetic Modulation) below is the source code of the BioNTech/Pfizer SARS-CoV-2 Vaccine”  The pitchfork is the new symbol.  The one that science discovered allegedly by accident.

Back Scene Source Code Pie Zar Linked to source article

Readers, Researchers Beware!  The articles I am citing will often try to dupe you into a happy place of protection, safety and security with statements like…

“We will teach your immune system how to work by genetic editing” when in all truth IT THEM who are learning from nature by reverse engineering.  And now by quantum computers that are asking the right questions.  (or wrong questions) that likely combined with these alluring DNA Sequence grabbing companies. Who collected as many sequences that they could humanly include in their back scene targeting bloodlines witches brew.

DNA Testing Company Blogs
Family Tree DNA

these techniques gave them the golden keys to most people’s cell’s nucleus. And the means to carry the instructions posing as your own mRNA. (sorry for being repetitive I want to be certain my readers understand what I have learned by years of study.)


And this article below had the audacity to subtitle itself “How anti-CRISPR proteins and other molecules could bolster biosecurity and improve medical treatments.”

Let me interpret that statement for you.  The “biosecurity” that shuts down CRISPR Cas9 genetic hacking cut splice tech IS YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM that as of now keeps you safe from MANYMANY MANY of their bio weapon B.S.

Take the back scene you give them permission to shut down your defenses against not only bio hacking (that causes gross mutations occasionally) but also against gene editing.  They have the golden keys to edit your biology.  Now all they need is your permission to access your bloodstream and edit your immune system.


Scholarly article 3D Bio-printing explained

mRNA DNA editing VS. CRISPR Cas9 cut splice hacks.

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  1. Also … Do not use a microwave… It changes the molecular structure of whatever you put in the microwave as well as the micro wave radiation is being eaten… Another piece of advice … But local meat if you can add grass fed is best … Grain fed is gmo grain … And many farmers even small local vaccinate their animals… So if you do not want to be vaccinated why eat vaccinated meat?

  2. Also be ware of preservatives … We know they are poison.. I recently was reading about potassium sorbate… Well guess what … It is mutagenic and genotoxic… Which means it mutates our genes (DNA)… My source was a cdc article.

  3. Very interesting and eye opening. Hard to understand, i find if i read it over several times then it finally clicks, but this stuff is so complex and complicated, Kudos to you for explaining it quite well.
    God help us all! We are up against evil geniuses WOW!

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