And In Those Last Days God Shall Remove His Holy Spirit from The Earth

What? Where is that statement in scripture?

This is a spiritually based article that goes against church programming.  It may go against many people’s belief systems.  I mean no offence.  Feel free to comment.  And of course I could be wrong on some points.___Jazweeh

What I will show you in this article please read the last chapter about the left behind.  I explain who is the woman of Revelation 12 now being nourished?  Who are the Lambs of God?  Who are the sheep?  Who are the 144,000, and who are the elect.  Who are the lions? What is the strong delusion and who is under it.  Who isn't under the strong delusion?  What to believe if we are left behind?  What is the true gospel and the new gospel?  How are we really saved?  What is the abomination of desecration? Who is the false prophet and antichrist? And more.

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Somehow now “The Restrainer” term is removed from the KJV Bible translation & is replaced with a ridiculous term “he who lets or letteth” 2nd Thessalonians 2:7 did say “restrainer”.  Now is “only he who now letteth will let,” like “he let a fart silent but deadly”.  The new phrase is just another insult to God’s people in the now desecrated & once holy place I mean once holy book as Amos 8:11 & 12 prophesied.

You may want to skip this part of the article.

The removal of "The Restrainer" from the book happened about four to six months ago by black magic apparently.  While Christians still remember the old script. But we won't get into too many details of how & what is happening to all bibles. I will just say this in my defense, "hate your family" and "hate" and "stupid" were not holy bible words a few years past...the whole topic is just a little too phenomenal to believe for most.  And it doesn't help that Christians are victimized with the strong delusion while non Christians remember more clearly the old verses like "lion & lamb"..  

See Supernatural bible changes mandela effect in search.  Or see for details on that topic or see EYA on youtube while she is still there.

Please friends, do not worship the book that is now full of lies.  It has become a false idol and will curse those who call it by God's name-"The true and living Word of God" it is fallen to Satan.  The security seal of Daniel is now off the books.  Jesus is The Word of God.  John 1 has not changed....yet.  Also they read it by preconceived notions leaving behind the English language word definitions.  So scripts such as "oh sure it says in the books that he who doesn't hate his sister, mother, brother, can have no part in me but Jesus didn't mean "hate"....that's the narrative "hate doesn't MEAN hate".  "Slay them before me" doesn't MEAN slaughter their sorry asses if they won't serve me> and so on roll the vile supernatural bible changes.

The Restrainer Is The Holy Spirit In God’s Children

The bible used to read that when the restrainer is removed “He who restrains the evil one” then the antichrist can rise up and reveal Himself.  I suppose if the antichrist revealed himself now The Holy Spirit filled Christians would band together and strip him of His dark power by there powerful Spirit filled prayers.

Furthermore Satan must fully inhabit this coming antichrist therefore the hearts of his fallen children must be prepared before his coming just as God’s children are being also prepared for His return.  And you can easily see can’t you?   That Satan’s kids (pun intended) heart’s are being prepared by the behavior of those kids.

There is a reason the word “kid” meaning young goat was implemented onto us all.  Black magic double meaning strikes again.  See the code watchman at KijaniAmariAK on YT.

But furthermore the bible used to say “and God in those days will remove His Holy Spirit from the earth and as a result all abominations and vile factions will then rise up in power.”  (I am paraphrasing).  It was spelled out.    Furthermore the antichrist was to be put into power by the false prophet.

Who Is the most well known Modern Day False Prophet?

We have one famous prophet in our midst splashed all over google who basically is one of the most money rich men on the face of the earth.   They call him “The Oracle of Omaha” because of his many many public financial predictions.  However he is a false prophet because he bases his predictions on obvious inside information.  He own the corporations and controls money of course he knows what’s coming in the financial markets.  But will he tell the truth?  Sometimes.  Guess who?  Warn the Chinese Buffet. [coded]

And who pre-tell did Warn the Chinese Buffet put into power giving him not much but rather MOST of his money?

Hannibal Lector & The Red Dragon

Sidenote:  (the words false prophet and antichrist have been also removed from the book so you won’t figure this prophecy out. Words antichrist and false prophet are replaced by …..wait for it…..none other than Hannibal Lector’s famous “Red Dragon” and “beast”.  The change in terms makes these men seem more like some spiritual entities unidentifiable and veg at best.

Regardless many Christians remember the false prophet prophecy anyway and that it read that the false prophet will put the antichrist into power.

Given that truth…who did Warn Chinese Buffet the Oracle of Omaha a public & famous false prophet put into power by giving him MOST of his wealth???????

Who also wants the whole world to become GMO Hybrids no longer human.  And possibly made GMO will be unable to feel the divine presence of God?

They will not know what they had till its gone.  The ‘Bimbah’ spoken of by Hindus is the divine presence of our Creator given to every human on the face of the earth.  Different from The Holy Spirit, given to men for supernatural gifts and comfort..

Who poisons children in masses?   Who killed & disabled more African children than likely all wars combined.  Bill of course, the gates of hell whose mommy’s name by the way is Mother “Mary” and who was put into power by a [the] false prophet ‘Warn the Chinese Buffet‘.(I apologize but I am using code for his popular name as I do not want to be on anyone’s radar.)  Bill the gates of hell is the antichrist.

The 144,000 and The Elect.  & What is The Strong Delusion?

ONLY true Jesus believing Christians are targeted by the strong delusion.  What is the strong delusion….The strong delusion is primarily about the truly inspired words of God given to us by the disciples of Jesus and Jesus himself and some of the prophets of the old testament.

The strong delusion is made up of false memories being downloaded into the minds of Christians by black magic due to the fact they have dropped their belt of Truth by embracing lies as protection and as a preferred narrative.

The strong delusion is mainly pertaining to the bible and amnesia about what  the bible once said.  They don’t see that it has and is changing on going.

The Elect & The 144,000-The Lions

Category 1-those who see the supernatural on going bible changes and remember what the books used to say.  They recognize blasphemy in the books and they see the wolf standing in the once holy place.  They know the voice of The Good Shepard.  They know that now the wolf speaks from the book.  They are always professing Christians who see the changes because they are protected by the belt of Truth and the full armor of God.

Why do I say “elect” & “144,000”?  My friends the Revelation 12 woman is made up of many believers who have labored in travail by intercessory prayer.  By burdens they have prayed for years on end to birth that which is necessary for the end times to come.  Furthermore they have been burdened with the prayers for souls. The woman knows what travail in the spirit is.  The revelation 12 woman on earth are the true intercessors of God filled with The Holy Spirit.(the Rev. 12 sign in the skies is another matter as most know it happened in 2017).

Not all of the elect are in God’s army persay.  The 144,000 are God’s army who battle by gifts given to them by The Holy Spirit.  The war in The Spirit they do not war against men.  They war against demons by prayer.  They, through the years have grown spiritually and their prayers have become very big affecting all of mankind.

For instance they have prompted by prayer the dreams and visions that go out in the night.

There are other gifts of powerful Love and a heart toward God that make up the elect.  The elect are those who go before the throne of God now, while on Earth.  They have always had a great desire to know God and have sought Him above all things.  They have escaped Satan and were attacked much of their lives.  Now they are being nourished.  But soon they will be taken up.  Their supernatural gifts are varied.  The elect

Those True Believers Under The Strong Delusion  “The Sheep”

Category 2-Are also professing Christians.  They are those who say “the bibles are the same as they have always been, it always said the wolf shall lye with the lamb!” These are believers who know & knew the books well.  They are Christians who profess Jesus as their Savior.  Yet, apparently they don’t recognize blasphemy from blessing when it comes to the bible.  And we believe they are under the strong delusion.  When they read the book they do not use the English language dictionary as a guide.  But rather their guide is their preconceived notions.  They remember what it used to mean and “hate” doesn’t mean “hate” to them.  “slay them before me” doesn’t mean “slay them”.

Do you understand?  God help me I hope some can understand this for it is not easy to endure the sufferings of Christ alone.  My brothers are blinded under the strong delusion and I cannot make them see.  They call me Satan for seeing the book as now a vile idol.

The Goats

Category 3-Those who knew much of the popular scripture and remember the KJVB as it really was before the supernatural bible changes. These people may say they are Christians and have attended dry churches many times but they do not know Jesus.  They have never experienced an alter call or the laying on of hands by prayer.  They never talk about Jesus.  They do ot lift their hands in praise toward Heaven.

They do not use His Holy name as powerful and mighty. They never got the Holy Spirit baptism that is not automatic.  And they do not believe in the miracles of God like healing, tongues, prophecies, etc.  So Satan feels no threat from them and has not put them under the strong delusion. So, children, ironically they remember the bible in its original form as only the 144,000 or the elect do remember it.  If you tell them of the changes they will likely say “wow” but there will be no connection of mind, heart, spirit, and emotion.  They won’t get the gravity of what’s happening.  It basically goes in one ear and out the other them being unaffected by such an amazing phenomena.

The Goats do not have God’s Holy Spirit in them.

However know this, the divine presence of God is in all, all, of mankind.  And when that is gone you will wish you were dead.  I have felt it, God showed me the difference between His divine presence called by the Hindu “The Bimbah” and His Holy Spirit.

Do not be quick to label others such as Muslim or Hindu as being Satan because of their beliefs.  God looks upon the heart, labels are labels.  God, when diligently and earnestly sought will lead men to Jesus.  That’s what He does.  The Father says, “Meet My Son Jesus “.  Seek and you will find.  Knock and it shall be opened unto you.

Its as if the goats could go to sleep at night in a house of blue then they wake up and their house has magically turned to RED, stark RED and they know that the day before the house was blue. Intellectually they understand the house changed color over night.  But the gravity of it eludes them.  They forget about it as soon as they turn their head from it.  They are lost.  Their emotions are not touched by it what so ever.  Why?  Is it drugs, wifi, vaxes or all of the above.  They are asleep still. Even after God poured out His Spirit on ALL FLESH these unbelievers have neither woke up or seen anything worth getting excited about. They are distracted by the Presidential soap opera.  And that is what is important to them.


We, I have long underestimated the power of prayer.  Not just one prayer but a entire group of earth filled prayers that go out on a regular basis by Spirit filled Christians.  Furthermore “God dwells in the praises of His people”.  Praise is one of our most powerful tools to bring down to Earth the righteousness of God.  Not by might nor by power but by My Spirit sayeth The Lord.

Most of the mighty works of God done on Earth come by prayer in The Spirit.  Spirit lead prayer is how God manifests goodness and miracles on the Earth.

So when God says He will take His Spirit from the Earth it means He will take Spirit filled children from the earth…and pretty much all at one time I am guessing.  So then all the Spirit lead miracles STOP.  All the Holy Spirit prayers STOP.  All the gifts of the Spirit that are implemented and used continually by both the people of the revelation 12 woman prophecy and the 144,000 will STOP.

We have no clue of how much the prayers of Faith have changed the course of history and men’s lives.  The prayer of Faith is mighty.  Invoking Faith is magic.  And the prayers of Faith change daily the actions of men far and wide.  Men always have free will – yes but they are both inspired and affected by the hidden and unrewarded prayers of the saints.  The very armor of God according to Apostle Paul included “praying always in The Spirit & to pray without ceasing” was included by Paul as part of the armor of God.

Without Faith it is impossible to please God.  The bible was a book of faith not a book of certification of salvation.  Hope comes with no certificate of salvation and Hope is eternal, Faith is eternal, Love as defined by kindness, encouragement, blessings, giving actions toward one another is eternal.  These are our assurance of salvation NOT the certificate of legal document that the book is turning into.  Why do you call it "the book" instead of The Holy Bible?  1. Its no longer Holy.  2. Its no longer The Holy Bible.
The new gospel is this "saved by grace".  So they have turned the one aspect of repentance "grace" into the proclamation of salvation by a blood sacrifice.  That is the new gospel.  There is no greater feat a man can do on earth than to give his life for another.  This is why Jesus died so He could proclaim to us the Truth of God's salvation through Faith.  When Jesus went to the grave for 3 days (and by the way he was not buried as the book now says nor was he hung on a tree!.)   He TOOK not stoled HE TOOK the keys to death and Hell from Satan so we too can overcome death and Hell by our Faith, Hope, and by Love for God and in God.  We do not "believe on" we "believe IN".  Do you not remember the wording of salvation has changed?  "Christ" is a title not a sir name.  They have made "Jesus Christ" into a curse word in every movie and tv show you will watch. Look for it.  That's why in the Bible they changed the name of Jesus to "Jesus Christ".  If anything He is Jesus the Christ. He is THE SON OF GOD not the son of man.  Do you not remember?
2nd Thess.  "Let the reader understand.  let the reader understand, let the reader understand" what is the abomination of desolation except the desecration of God's inspired words given to men.  The hint is that the abomination of desolation has to do with reading.

Therefore when God removes His children from Earth men of earth will no longer be protected by the relentless and continual prayers of the saints.

Who are the Lambs?  And WHAT is The True Gospel?

They will become lambs who are now sheep who are latent under the strong delusion.  Those who are under the strong delusion now are believers.  They will be left behind.  They will wake up.  They will lose their lives and many lambs here in the U.S. and in other countries have already lost their lives for the testimony of Jesus and what He has done for them in their lives.

This is the TRUE GOSPEL, the testimony of what it was like before Jesus, what happened when you sought Jesus, and what its like now to live in Jesus The Christ.  The statements of deliverance/healing stated in the “I” context of what Jesus has done for me is the gospel of Christ.  It is the born again testimony of the saints who were lost and are now found.  THAT MY FRIEND IS THE TRUE -FROM THE HEART GOSPEL that gives life to the lost and hope to the suffering.

Please spar us all your copy and paste gospel of doctrine that is a certificate of salvation taken from the status quo criteria of the corrupt bible.  It does not draw men to Jesus.  Love & Truth from the heart, this draws men to Jesus. 

When a broken man hears that you or I were set free and delivered from the oppression of addictions and sufferings of sin that gives the oppressed hope to pray to Jesus also.  Deliverance, healing, enlightening revelation these are what Jesus does when you seek Him diligently.  He changes the minds and hearts of men.  He will literally take out your heart and wash it. The washing of the words of God.

Since God’s Words are being removed from the Bibles you can bet so too He will soon removed His Holy Spirit filled children from Earth also.

The restrainer will be gone.  Checked out on the first train to Heaven.  Then you will see the worst abominations ever committed on the earth since the beginning and will never be again.  Jesus’ words not mine.

When Jazweeh?  When will Jesus take His people from Earth?

Oh my brothers count yourself very blessed if you are to become a Lamb of God.  It will not be so bad to be caught under the strong delusion as long as you are delivered from it and counted worthy to lose your life for the testimony of what Jesus has done for you.  I promise you, you WILL NOT SUFFER FROM THE SECOND DEATH.   Your first death being when you died to the flesh and were born again.  The second death is the death the slaughter of the lambs of God.  Oh they will be just a valuable to God as the 144 and the elect.  They will be just as valuable to God as the woman of Revelation 12.

Please if your left behind after the first rapture do not lose hope because it could mean that you are to become A VALUED LAMB OF GOD.  In line with what Jesus did for us by dying for His testimony of God.  Do you see?


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  1. I’m glad I got back to this page & read it. It makes so much sense. I keep losing scriptures & they change. When did Noah bring 7 pairs of animals vs 1 of each pair and way beyond. I have always believed in the rapture.

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