How Propaganda Attacks Our Emotional Health

How do you fool a truther???

How do you fool a truther who knows they have been lied to by organized beast system societal institutions (media, signs, traditions, all schools, deceived parents, deceived friends & family etc.) all their lives and are on the lookout for deception?

The Lure

By taking one of the new truths that the truther already is aware of and presenting it in a way that lures the truther into trust.   Such as when a truther or alleged truth says, “those bastards lied about the strain (by Russ) & all viruses!  Viruses are not contagious”.   This one we pretty much can believe.  It probably true given the evidence we do know.

A Ridiculous Lie to Make the Truther Look A fool

Then for posterity the elite attach the new truth to some ridiculous lie that will pretty much make a fool of the truther if he shares it…such as “there is no such thing as a bacteria that causes colds”.

Really?  So the cold I caught from my neighbor who sneezed on me….how did that happen over and over again throughout my life.  COLDS ARE CONTAGEOUS WE KNOW THIS BY OUR EXPERIENCE, hence their is most likely bacteria or something like it in the sneeze.  Contagious IF the person is actually sick WITH SYMPTOMS.

So then what’s the horrid propaganda in this whole truther scam scenario?

THE ABSOLUTE WORST PROPIGANDA OF ALL!!! The one they slip in over and over and over and over without the truther being aware of it even from the moment you were able to learn.

The Propaganda- Your Emotions (that are part of the human condition) are bad & wrong!

“YOUR FEAR IS THE ENEMY”, says the fake truther article.  “Its not the bacteria you should worry about or protect from but rather its FEAR ITSELF”.

What better way to condemn the entire mass of pesky humans than to tell them that FEAR, the very fear that has saved the lives of people for eons is a contagion.  The very fear that is necessary for human survival THAT’S WHAT THEY LABEL “BAD & WRONG” and now truthers call fear a contagion.

May I remind you all that fear has no voice.  Fear has no arms or legs, it doesn’t carry a gun and its not comprised of cold germs & attack viruses.  FEAR IS HARMLESS & silent.

FEAR IS PART OF THE HUMAN CONDITION FOLKS.  WITHOUT IT HUMANS AS A RACE WOULD NOT SURVIVE. So they not only use your fear as a weapon against you by shaming you for having it. But also they play on your human emotional condition by torturously setting you into predicaments that are beyond the control of any human to change.  Predicaments that are meant to cause a reaction in you.  Fear is silent but reactions to fear are another matter.  Only our actions can in truth be labeled wrong or right.

TRUTH–IT IS NOT THE FEAR THAT IS EVIL.  FEAR IS PART OF THE HUMAN CONDITION.  Its the responses to fear that dictate the good or the bad, not the fear itself.


We learn these terms to program us into the ‘good/bad’ paradigm of self, at a very early age.   (please excuse the distasteful words.)

Chicken shit, pu*sy, woosy, panzy, yellow belly, worm, scaredy cat and so on. WHY so much rampant fear programming?  SO YOU WILL REPRESS & hide your God given FEARS and put on one of their masks mimicking TV characters.

REPRESSING FEAR or TRAUMA WILL MAKE YOU SICK.  DO NOT PUT ON THE MASK OF “It’s all good” when its not.  Negative emotions are just as important as positive emotions and every bit as valid.


More than anything the heart needs to be expressed.  We should always share when we are afraid to get it out.  Share feelings when hurt, when happy, when sad.  Crying IS A HEALTHY EMOTION.  Never shut down a child who is afraid.  Always validate their feelings by empathy by understanding mirroring.

Show Understanding by Empathy

“Yes that is scary I have felt afraid also, but it will not hurt you.  This thing you fear cannot hurt you.  I also feel fear from time to time.”

Fear of the dark is fear of the unknown and very valid.  Validate you child and the fear will leave them.  They just need to express it not hide it where it will grow and cause anxiety.

Never ever criticize a child for being afraid.  I worked with a woman in AA working the 12 steps.  We got to the “fear list” part where she was supposed to write all her most pressing fears and share them, then ask God t remove them (step four).

Programmed People Can be Dangerous

She swore she feared nothing.  She had nothing to write.  She wasn’t lying.  She was detached from her own hearts voice. She had no clue that she was afraid.  Yet knowing the symptoms of fear such as defensiveness, rage, criticism, and so on she clearly had the run of the mill human fears just as we all do.  She was programmed against knowing her own heart.  She had no idea who she was or what her core fears were.  Neither could she search them out.  This kind of denial in a human being can justify any action they choose to take toward other people.  Blindness to one’s own heart is the kind of denial that can justify a slaughter like the holocaust.

Hide your emotions=make your self sick.

I am not saying walk around expressing your heart to every man on the street.   Choose well those you confide in.  Yes people use what they see as vulnerabilities against people.  Only because they themselves are afraid inside and do not know how to shed the shame attached to their fear.   Blame is the go-to solution to all their self condemnation.

Truth Can Change A World

I am saying if we all shared our true feelings, the truth sets us free.  Then others would realize that they are not so different and that if we share our fears they diminish.

So the elite have learned to shame us for our natural fear and other emotions.  And now THE BIG PROPAGANDA GOING AROUND YOUTUBE IS THAT YOUR FEAR IS MAKING YOU SICK -LITERALLY.

Sure why not label “BAD” the one thing we cannot control- our human emotions.

Make that bad and wrong and by doing so you make the person    “bad & wrong” by their very human nature.


Why is it that two men go to war..they both experience the exact same trauma.  One shares, talks about his fear and his dismay the other holds it all in and pretends he is a bad ass because he is programmed that if you express your heart your a pussy.

They both serve their time and go home in one piece.

The one man sleeps at night and returns an emotionally healthy man.  The other one who held the trauma in his gut and heart is having recurring nightmares, panic attacks, anxiety attacks, he turns red in the face when he mentions anything aspect of his experience.  He is angry all the time.  And he has recurring tapes playing in his head of the trauma and death he saw.


If they can make you believe you are a woosy, and are bad and not only that your making yourself sick because your afraid then they have done their due diligence of ruining you by programming.  Once you see yourself as bad & wrong you will pick up one of their offered masks from TV.

So with this truth in mind— Fear is a healthy emotion and saves lives as we well know.  And that the elite in their cunning are now programming truthers to think that fear itself is making YOU/THEM SICK PHYSICALLY why then is “High Impact Flix” sending me to a video that says the following?  Allow me to show you the steps of propaganda.  Below are the intricate steps of mind control.

Statements below by False Truthers or Those who are Parroting Propaganda Unknowingly.

  1. The corona virus and viruses are a scam (THE BIG NEW TRUTH TO GAIN TRUST)
  2. Bacteria doesn’t exist.  (the big lie we know this by our experience with colds and catching them from others.  Not to mention staff infections, and bacterial wound infections that we keep clean so they do not get infected.  So its the big lie to make a fool of Truthers.)
  3. Its not bacteria that makes you sick but rather its your own FEAR that is making you SICK PHYSICALLY.  (Really?  THIS IS THE PROPAGANDA OF THE WHOLE PRESENTATION.  YOUR FEARS ARE BAD & WRONG AND ARE MAKING YOU LITERALLY SICK.  That is the poison apple friends that many people are unknowingly co-signing.  I know its a lie and I know the consequences of believing that lie by my own experience of holding in fear and labelling myself bad because of my feelings.
  4. Its not true. I have been scared sh**less many times.  For instance, speaking in front of hundreds of people as a public speaker and not once did that fear make me sick.  Had the programming not convinced me that I was bad and wrong to begin with I would not fear public speaking.  (we simply must lose the shame they have imputed on us for being afraid, for being human.  ALL PEOPLE ARE AFRAID IT IS THE HUMAN CONDITION for a reason of survival of the human race itself.
  5. Expression of fears is vital to emotional health.  IF YOU HOLD FEAR IN AND HIDE IT, IT WILL INCREASE.  FEAR WILL COME OUT SIDEWAYS IF YOU DO NOT LEARN TO EXPRESS IT.     Start with writing fears on paper, then ask God to remove them.  DON’T LET THESE BASTARDS CONDEMN YOU AND THEN YOU CONDEMN YOURSELF FOR YOUR OWN HUMAN CONDITION that you can do nothing about….FEELINGS.
  7. To feel fear, hurt, loneliness, joy, pain, etc are all part of the human condition and are not bad.  Again how we respond to our feelings is what could be labelled bad or wrong, good or right.

HIGH IMPACT FLIX VIDEO BELOW Helps define propaganda.

Euphemisms are words that don’t actually mean the implied definition of the word.
Like calling someone “dumb as a box of rocks”. “box of rocks” is not a person or dumb. On TV euphemisms are used for propaganda sake.  To make an offense seem okay. They pretty it up.

The media uses euphemisms as if they were dressing up a dead decomposing body with blush, perfume, eye shadow & pretty clothes.  Then they announce to the world that the person (the dead body) is just taking a rest and that what you see before you is not a rotting corpse at all but rather the body is “at rest”.

The media lies stink like a decomposing body.  And their euphemisms are cheap toxic makeup that is both carcinogenic and directly poisonous.

As for the truth, the spirit who once inhabited the dead body is long gone, transformed.  He shed his flesh like a butterfly sheds its cocoon.

Sidenote-See the desecration of the human body article.  What the elite have taught families to do to loved one’s old bodies after they leave instead of a quick burial is blasphemous and an insult with desecration to humans in mind no doubt.

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