Do not follow the pack of Vipers or The Blind Sheep & Goats

To Be in Truth (a truther) is also to be alone.

To follow your own true heart is to have peace.  Many times we have become opposite of who our heart really is because of shame programming and the “I am bad and wrong” paradigm.

Don’t allow the TV, social status quo & the education system hand you a false identity after they have convinced you by generational demoralizing disciplines of crime and punishment that your true identity is just WRONG & BAD.  This is what happened to me I truly believed everything about me was wrong.  And this also is what I see happening to others around me.  But make no mistake, we blind ourselves from this hard truth because changing back into who we really are (and to become as little children emotionally and spiritually to inherit the kingdom of God) is just too painful and scary.

We simply MUST become clay in God’s hands.  “Unless ye become as little children you cannot inherit the kingdom of God.”

Programming is thick in our transition of becoming adults from innocent children.  “Give me your child till he is 8” says the beast, “and I will have him for life.”  Says the programmer of souls.

“Bless and curse not” says Jesus.  I heed this scripture of Truth lest I curse the controllers with my whole heart and mind and become that which I despise in them.

So instead I will go in peace and accept that God will sort them out.  But how can I watch those I love fall into the traps of the beast system and unknowingly consume the poisons thereof?  If I warn them of the snares at hand they will not like it or me, yea they dispute the scary Truth.

Today my husband-ish reprimanded me in front of His grandson for me telling the boy that most of what he will learn in school is useless information he will never use.  Why did that statement scare my partner?  Who knows, perhaps he thought the boy would rebel against school because of it. Or was my partner protecting the beast system?  If so I hope God takes him out of my life before the worst parts of the great tribulation hit because…I do not know if I can trust him in life or death situations.

If We are Truly Edging Toward The Great Tribulation what of those people around us?  Can  We Trust Them?

He has always been to me a peaceful man showing me great respect.  One whom I do not struggle with or fight.  I used to call him “One in ten thousand a righteous man” because of the scripture that has since changed to 1,000 showing Solomon could only find one righteous man in ten thousand and no righteous women so it read in Ecclesiastes.

Am I Unequally Yoked?

Mine and my partner’s days of sick relationships are long past.   We both learned alot about relationships in recovery.  But I don’t know what lies in the future if the days become very dark around us.  Or if in times when men can no longer find God…when God removes His Holy Spirt from the earth in grave times if my partner will be affected.   My future is in God’s hands.  I seriously do not want to move away and have to pay rent again…ekkk!  But that may be in my future.

I seems to me somehow my partner has been protected against demonic forces by some kind of faith in an un-named god or God I assumed.  But now he has finally disclosed to me that he only believes in that which he can see and prove with his carnal perceptions.  I don’t know how it is that he is protected and has been made righteous…without God.  Maybe I don’t know him at all.  Or maybe since God looks upon the heart my partner is saved by his own heart condition.

One thing sure after 15 years with this man surely he isn’t hiding some treacherous personality under a mask.   No, people are known by their actions.

Be sure God doesn’t go by men’s rules when it comes to salvation of a soul.  He will save whom He saves.  And actions speak much louder than words. Love is an action.  God is Love.

Humans defend against their own enlightenment.

Why are so many men lost in sin?  Because they prefer the comfort of the lie.  Humans defend against Truth by the comfort of their favorite lies.  Some will defend the beast system to the death.

Be Careful Who You Try to Wake

For example what if you were a doctor prescribing poisons upon poisons to your patients for years on end. Never… well, seldom giving any cures but rather masking the mind and the body by Pharmakia and witchcraft.  A doctor would lose everything he has worked so hard for if he were to see the truth about the drug companies. Truth being their true motives of sinister debauchery and death by blindness.

I once asked my own doctor if he trusted the drug companies lol….he said “yes”.  The drug companies are one of the most evil factions of strong holds on this earth and kill more people than any before them.  I surmise the drug companies have killed more people than wars for profit.  More even than Cancer itself which strikes at least 1/3 of mankind in the U.S. (2002 Statistics from their own AMS Cancer manual).

Nature Has Many Cures for Cancer

And you can find them if you allow the Holy Spirit to guide you to them.

Example-Apricot seeds.  Amygdalin the natural Cancer treatment.  Keep in mind any medicinal plant will be labeled “poison” by the mainstream or FDA.  So FDA calls apricot seeds poison while I eat them all the day.  Red Flag.  You can order fresh apricot seeds online at

The cures for sickness & Cancer are in nature, plants, when I asked God for wisdom he showed me many many edible and medicinal plants all around us.  No one should ever go hungry on earth when there are so many live edible plants around us.  But that knowledge is suppressed.  God’s wisdom showed me how to live without the beast system’s foods.

My People Perish for Lack of Knowledge

Might I recommend you yourself begin to study Botany and the plants all around you just in case of famine?  Next He taught me farming, planting, seeds, and so on.  You know the things that the Christians deem as “witchcraft”, herbal remedies and such practiced by Wiccan’s and alternative homeopathic medicines that we are programmed to see as inferior to the chemicals of mankind and science.

Yesterday my daughter told me how wrong I was for my actions that do not align with the norms of society.

“Serve God not men”. I told her once that I would never be “normal” according to status quos of U.S. paradigms.

We here on earth are relentlessly programmed to demoralize one another by movies and TV shows.  And in the name of “love” we criticize and demoralize.   BULLSHIT!  I say live and let live.

Be in the World but Not of the World

How can I spend much time with people whose priorities are the fear of how they appear socially, prioritizing how much money you have as how successful you are in life, and their romances?  Yes money is important too but not in the ways I thought.  God will always provide for his own.   This is my experience.  If a man lives on the street it is usually because he chooses to.  Meet a few homeless and you will find this out.

Once I slept on the dirt in the cold but it was by choice because of my prior bondage and addictions.  I learned alot as the prodigal daughter.

Do not underestimate the grace and Love of God that we learn by being in our deepest sin.

You Need Not Fear Hell

Salvation and hell are not about sin as much as they are about not knowing God.  All people sin but not all will see Hell.  When you arrive at the precipice of your next reality will Jesus know you?  The real you?  Or will you have treated Him as human showing Him your mask? Will you have shown Him only that which you wanted Him to see about you OR will you have shown Him your true heart.  Will you have presented your heart to Him courageously that you may become clay in His hands?

Become The Clay in God’s Hands

When you confess your shortcomings to Jesus and give Him permission to help you then and only then do you become CLAY in His hands.  Keep praying.

He WILL mold you into what your heart needs you to be.  Your heart knows what will bring you peace of mind IF you allow Jesus to wash you.

Why Are We Here?

We are all here for one big reason, to decide where we want to spend our eternity.  Make no mistake many people would not want to be in Heaven.  Hell is a place of debauchery where the debauched are at home.  The light of Love in Heaven would not jive with their dark secrets and their soul’s desire.

Some are Goat’s others are Sheep.  Some are Lions others are Wolves.  Some are Serpents others are Lambs.  Its not preordained what you shall be.  Its is by your choices that you step into what you choose to be.  You are free spiritually to make your choice of where you want to spend eternity.

Will you get to know Satan by siding with lies and evil.  Or will you side with Truth and Righteousness.  Perhaps you would be more at home in Hell where you could become the wielder of torcher and mayhem by working your way up the ladder of debauchery.

Father is Love He will not take you by force.

_________________________________________Laura Edgar

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