Prevent Corona Virus (possible cure)

PLEASE NOTE I Need to be clear on this: Clove is an ancient remedy that has withstood the test of time.

Read the First Paragraph for the recipe.

I wrote this in January 2020.  I now know I have been fighting off approximately 6-10 various new cold & flu strains by using Clove.  The Holy Spirit gave me this instinctive information.  As soon as you feel the scratchy throat or a tickle in your lungs take a shot of good strong clove extract.  Make it yourself.  Don’t buy the extracts.  Buy dried cloves.  Make the extract like you would tea.  Then refrigerate it.  Take it as often as symptoms come up.  Also take it regularly in shots.  Use 3-4 tablespoons of cloves with about 2 cups of water for the extract.

WARNING-DRINK PLENTY OF WATER.  Don’t over do your intake of clove.  Keep it under amount recommended by physicians.  For me  shots a day is plenty with lots of water.

Why?  My theory is this.  The back sin aided people are spreading their germs of 6-10 type flus.

Learn as I go vital updates.

Weather you feel shaky or don’t use following sea salt elixir.  When trying to fight off the by russ.

Vital-Supplement with natural MAGNESIUM SALT or an elixir of one tablespoon sea salt/1 tbs honey/lemon 1/2 squeezed/ in warm water & chug.

VITAL-Grind in coffee grinder 1/4 cup raw Apricot seeds.  Mix with cup & half water in pan bring to steam.   Breath it.  Also pour and refrigerate.  It should turn white like milk.  Drink small amt hot to test that your not allergic or can’t tolerate.  Mix 1/8 cut with water (its strong) it should test bitter.  These are approximations.   Drink it 2 times daily to treat what seems to be a by russ equipped with the replication abilities of a cancer.  (immortalized cell lines in back scene shedding to the un back sin ate Ed.)

The elite want to kill off the population apparently.  They figure you can fight off one or two colds due to flu but 3 or more they figure they can break you down.  Then you will either take their poison or you will end up beholden to some indoctrinated physician who gives you a cure that’s worse than the ailment.  Like hi drocksi clor a quinn for instant that (for us who remember & knew the men who took it) Vietnam vets know HDRXYCLRAQN is akin to chemotherapy with the same chronic/deadly side effects.  Its poison.  I saw what that chemical war did to the Americans who thought they were fighting for freedom.  The agent orange poisoned the land, the enemy with Cancers, and the friendlies, our men with just as much Cancer & sickness, sores, and impurities with life long suffering.  The Government did not give a shit about human life then and they sure as hell have no moral compass for compassion & respect for human life now.

We at are not physicians.  (not that allopathic meds have much to offer over God given cures in nature.  Occasionally big pharma does get some things right).

The vision Jazweeh had about a cure for a pandemic in the future was an un-named pandemic.  Therefore this cure or prevention might work on Corona or another future sickness we don’t know for sure which outbreak the cure will work on according to the dream/vision.  Just that we believe this ancient remedy will work to prevent a serious pandemic of end times plague.

I have been using clove tea and noticed it is a great expectorant and I know its a natural antibiotic.  It really seems to be keeping my own lungs clear by loosening any phlegm/phlem.

This is another “” article.

Prevent Coronavirus
Prevent Coronavirus naturally. (we are not doctors this is a Spirit Led Prevention given by Spiritual vision) Jesus is Lord.  Add cleaned orange peel for better flavor and orange oil.

We at Jazweeh call our God Father & Jesus FYI.

Sorry for the redundancy but this part is important-

This is a Spirit of God led PREVENTION for Coronavirus we at believe.  However if you have the by Russ already, try some herb tea. Skip to bottom to see how to make Clove tea, organic, hot with dried cloves!

Corona Means “Crown” in Spanish.

So, this Coronavirus is sponsored by “The Crown”.   And inspired by the disobedient god Kronos.   Your guess is as good as mine just who the crown really is   DO NOT GO TO HOSPITAL IF YOUR NOT SICK!  Please stay away from sick people.


CLOVE……CLOVE…CLOVE.   We buy dried clove at the holistic food store.  This means where they sell herbs and dried organic products.

HOW TO MAKE REAL CLOVE TEA (or also chew on a couple dried cloves)

Put about 10 or 15 cloves in a 2 cup GLASS measuring cup (or something similar/stainless or glass).  Boil water.  Add boiled water (hot) to the clove measuring cup.  Let steep (sit to steam with a glass saucer cover

    not plastic

for 12-14 minutes.  Pour into cup filtering out the cloves in whatever way works. I use little screen metal strainer filters.  You can just pour and let cloves fall to bottom of cup allowing it to get stronger.  Stronger the better. Don’t make yourself nauseous by making it too strong.

How to tell if an herb is too strong.  When you smell it makes you wheezy.  Like I said 15 cloves in a two cup (full) measuring cup of boiled hot water.  This is the dose I use.  When done with first cup I add ore water and keep tea in fridge with cloves for an extract or to heat up a second dose later.

You may say, “this flavor sucks! ” What can I do to make it taste better?  Add honey and orange peels to improve flavor peels should be washed and clean before you shave them from your orange.

Cut up peels in small pieces dried or fresh, for flavor.  Or add a squeeze of lemon and honey.    Personally I prefer the orange oil from peel over the juice and it has more nutrients and less sugar.(I am surmising here)

DRINK HOT.  DO THIS 2-3 TIMES A DAY.  Add more water to your cloves for second use and keep them on low heat on burner.  Glass measuring cups can withstand medium heat from burner like a pan.

WE DO NOT RECOMMEND THAT YOU WEAR ANY OF THE CHLORIDE MASKS PEOPLE ARE FLOCKING TO.  Why?  Because they are being pushed hard on propaganda box.

We do not trust the beast system and the upside down hides their backwards information.  Often the cure is the disease.  Go figure.


We believe this virus is downloading the CRISPR DNA edit gene edit technology to the world as we speak.  The viruses they are using are many.  Some will not be able to physically handle it.  Furthermore if you see the bible changes you have not gotten the downloads of lies so you do not have the precursor tech code for the CRISPR follow up.  Fear not. Father is more powerful than any tech or virus.

Zombie Apocalypse and CRISPR Gene Editing


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    1. Hi Rosemary. The seeds are not for me. I am the writer of the site. I have taken up gardening but am in Florida. Have done well with some seed and others not so much. Thank you for your kindness! I am hopeful Dana put the seed to good use. Her email is on the YT channel about page.

    2. I wonder if you had three wishes from a Gennie what would the wisest wishes be? Reason I am asking is I am mulling around this very (odd) question. I found that the English language is one of uncertainty & variables. And therefore protection from the wishes so they don’t back fire is one of the problems. Then there’s the butterfly effect. No action is without a reaction. OF course karma is another matter. Since we reap what we sow.

  1. Hello – Please send me a reminder when your new website is up. Thank you for the work you are doing. You make the world a better place. God Bless!

  2. Here’s an article from Dr Fauci at The New England Journal of Medicine. He admits that covid19 is not that devastating. Read the whole article or this paragraph… This suggests that the overall clinical consequences of Covid-19 may ultimately be more akin to those of a severe seasonal influenza (which has a case fatality rate of approximately 0.1%) or a pandemic influenza (similar to those in 1957 and 1968) rather than a disease similar to SARS or MERS, which have had case fatality rates of 9 to 10% and 36%, respectively.2


    1. Great Lewis! Thanks. Since Dana won’t likely respond here I am Jazweeh administrator of the site. All of your feedback is welcome and will be read here by writer and administrator. Strange times.

  3. You look like you could be my daughter! My husband can’t get over the resemblance! He says I even sound like you! Keep it going as long as you can…..I will continue praying for you……

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