I Pet Goat 2 Decode 2020

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Jazweeh took a shot at watching & decoding the I Pet Goat prophecy video on You tube.   Granted, if it was given by those who planned and knew what was written in the video and soon coming to earth, then its a self fulfilling prediction by those in power. (Related articles at the end of the page.)

Update Links confirming Ozone Level threats and health affects that mock C.V. symptoms

“Interactive .gov air ozone map”  Hidden in plain sight.

This is a scary interpretation so be warned. The only ones who will fully resonate with this prophecy are the elect who see the dividing of time and the two realities, even the strong delusion and the Mandela effects.

I will not be posting the obvious interpretations that are already well documented.  The deep mysteries in the I Pet Goat II video that no one else has interpreted or seen (yet).

Jazweeh says______”to know the interpretation of a mystery one must have first seen or at least conceived of the events to be interpreted.  This is the key to her interpretation and why she sees what others do not in the popular prophecy video.  What happened to the I Pet God (1) video?  Its no where to be found online.

Jazweeh is the 144, the intercessor, the people of Revelation 12 are the elect, they are the woman who travailed & overcame.

Interpretation I Pet Goat II

Violet (Not magenta Matt!) Dunce cap on Bush.  Perhaps his brain was brutally fried by a corona discharge.

Corona Discharges. C.D. from high voltage electrical lines & other high voltage devices.  C.D. also is employed with Direct Energy Weapons.  DEW.

Notice the violet dress, violet map, violet chair, violet “D” on cap, lungs are also violet as is the heart.  The hangman mystery puzzle reads- N(in) V I O L E T S

Photo-Violet lungs, map, chair, dress, hangman letters, Obama’s cap tassel, “D” 4 dunce, and even the outer part of the heart, the owl & the aps, ALL VIOLET.  The letters on the right of the board u cannot see are a distraction I think.

Corona discharges are high voltage explosions that change oxygen at its molecular level splitting the atom.  Causing a violet outburst of energy. The electrical explosions that cause a VIOLET flash of light & then emit Bad OZONE emission which in turn if inhaled cause the same symptoms as alleged Corona Vye Russ.

evoL_T__N = IN VIOLETS  So S” & “I” “I  (9 Digits 3 not shown).  Sure its also a form of evolutions to create GMO humans.  But as Matt from Quantum of Conscience on You tube points out, The elites have announced 2023 to be the year of Magenta & biotech.  Or violet.

I pet goat video depiction widely interpreted by many. However Jazweeh has a private interpretation.

evoL_T__N = IN VIOLETS  So S” & “I” “I  (9 Digits 3 not shown).  And Yes evol = evil as well.

Corona discharge happens by D.E.W. or naturally by atmospheric changes and high voltage lines turning oxygen particles into Ozone (bad). This electrical discharge (corona discharge) splits oxygen molecules into two single oxygen atoms. … This combination forms the ozone molecules.

What is a Corona Electrical Discharge?

Corona is a stream of charged particles such as electrons and ions that is accelerated by an electric field. It is generated when a space gap filled with air or other gases is subjected to a sufficiently high voltage to set up a chain reaction of high-velocity particle collisions with neutral molecules resulting in the generation of more ions.  Are you seeing flashes of light rods in the air on a regular basis?  If you see violet flashes LEAVE THE AREA IMMEDIATELY TO AVOID OZONE INHALATION. (this is a theory with strong confirmation from God by dream & by logic).  The P.T.B. give hints and “corona” is a huge hint.

The discharge typically creates a hiss, purple light flash, and dangerous lung affecting ozone. Ozone causes the same symptoms as the corona vye russ.  The Hiss and sting of a Corona Discharge.  Could this be the real CV?

The Corona Discharge phenomena can happen by electrical energy either naturally such as in the sun or by atmosphere mixed with man made electrical devices.   Corona discharge by devices like industrial air washers, electrostatic precipitators, and more importantly electric power lines.

What is the Plasma Apocalypse?

The fake sun will most likely ark in 2023 to kill millions of people.  In-sin-er-ating them so no coffins are needed.  Raptured straight to God Almighty.  Just as prophesied in the Bible.  99% (more or less) of Earth’s people evaporated instantly.  The Bible reads that God will destroy the Earth by fire to create a new and better Earth for immortal beings who are incorruptible.   Then 1,000 years of sleep for most.  And 1,000 years of peace on the New Earth while it’s seeded, nurtured, and grows.

California fires likely caused by Corona Discharge weapons. DEW is used for land grabs by the elite.

2023  update.   Still most of the fires on Earth now are natural.  God is in charge not the Beast.  The New Earth comes.

SHARK.  The DEW C.D. weapons are perhaps under the ocean hidden.

Bush 2 Has been rejected by the royals.  He is being mocked for his insubordination.   They have sent him to the insane asylum.

The Snow.  The full on effects of Corona Discharge will come in winter.  Most likely 2020 (turned out it was 2021 cv phase one) & forward making victims of the ozone think they have a contagion.  The elite can’t risk a contagion because they could lose control of it.

There’s more.  The angels are pouring out ferrous iron oxide flammable fuel to burn all of they Earth.  It will be a painless death for the many.  For some its a purification of the body by fire.



Temptation.  She is the women (the elect) of Revelation 12 who unlike Eve, overcame the temptation of the apple.

The elect have come out of great tribulation already.

(not THE great tribulation coming to your town soon.)

She has already overcame and come out of great tribulation.  She contemplates eating the delicious apple of vanity and status quo to join her blind friends and family around her who believe in the beast system.

Why is she sad?

She knows the apocalypse is coming

She is now safe & protected, being nourished.(not by the apple)

She is one with nature & vegetarian (the walls images)

She is the 144 sealed of God.  #07=God’s number.

She sees those around her enslaved in wires of wifi and downloaded by sin(e) waves of programs from cell towers.  Her friends have dropped their belt of Truth and most of their spiritual armor that would have protected them from the mind changing false memories uploaded continually from the beast.(more on the uploads later)  They are blind and deaf and cannot hear her.  They are mostly Christians who will not wake until the Great Tribulation grants them the gift of desperation.

Most Christians are 1/2 Blind some fully blind.

All people are targeted for mind control.

If Christians do not see at least some of the end times signs and wonders then they are sleeping & fully blind.

Even though these Christians around the woman see the end times upon them, they are still blind to their mind enslavement of false memories.  They do not see the dividing of time and the two realities at play.  (Mandela effect, strong delusion).  They prefer the lie.

She cannot wake them up or convince them of Truth.  They believe they are right with God.  They proclaim Jesus openly.

How are they deceived?

However they are self deceived first by dropping their spiritual armor.   Then they hide dark parts of their heart from God in fear.  A fear that is so deep and subconscious they know it not.  This IS their programming.

Many others who are blind see nothing of Truth.  These Christians at least do see the age of judgement approaching and some end times signs.

The Revelation 12 woman is experiencing the sufferings of Christ by being alone in her great knowledge of Truth & authenticity toward God.  To know the truth yet to be alone in that truth and watch people suffering by their own choices is her great burden to bear.

Finally she drops the apple knowing its a poisonous lie just as the snow white apple it would render her asleep and blind like those around her that she wants so badly to arouse and wake.  She is frustrated and seen as crazy or delusional by those she loves.


The root of bitterness.  The Flower is “Animon Hybrida”

Flower called the Prinz Heinrich.  A hybrid flower representing the mix of clay with metal.   Tech with flesh.

The Dane Prince Heinrich died shamed & degraded by the elite royalty. ….wait for it..he died of lung infection.

Had she not released the apple and let it go the root would have grown in her and blinded her as the others.

The masons who rule will create a hybrid race. (this already took place 2022 and is coming to fruition by the gene therapy.)


Perhaps the violet Corona Discharge was Obama’s Idea by the think cap suggestion.

Obama & Bush know of the C.D. exterminations plan.  Bush can’t handle it he has a conscience apparently.

More snow falling after the Obama scene.  The plan is set for winter most likely 2020.

Arctic Bases Image

Churches, schools, U.S., will fall.

Time is short.  Building under the ocean.

Giants in caves hiding.

You may want to look at the video to see better this dark photo of underwater buildings.

New York under water


God’s of Egypt return & ruling

Jesus Mockery.

Mockery of Jesus is Satan’s M.O. So why haven’t any of the mainstream decoders caught the mockery? And the “golden girdle” they show Him wearing is also a new supernaturally changed scripture insulting Jesus, transgender agenda etc.

Scripture of Jesus wearing a golden girdle in Revelation 1:13 is new changed corrupt along with the term “son of man” an insult to The Son of God.  “Golden girdle about the paps”.  The elite are either changing the book by magic on the shelves or know the bible is changing to insult Jesus, God and man by Satan.  Further more if Christians keep embracing the wolf’s new writings like “he over came the saints or they were overcome (paraphrased).” and this blasphemy-“Even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders,” The abomination of desolation of the Holy place IS the destruction of God’s words on Earth.  Amos 8:11 &12. (sorry redundant looks like I posted this blasphemy below too.)

HELLO! GIVING SATAN???? Never! “ALL POWER” NO!   The sheep follow The Good Sheppard wherever He goes”.  And right now He is leaving the pages of the books to the wolf. All the books new, old, versions upon versions.  Yet Christians lift up the blasphemy as if it were God Himself calling it “The Word of God”.

End times prophecy the security seal off the books in Daniel.

Jesus with a third eye is mockery.

Jesus asleep is mockery.


Most disturbing part is the downloads straight to the brain from cell towers & wifi.

The spiritual protection is the armor of God

Strong Delusion

False memories are what is downloaded to the mind to those not protected by the shield of faith and belt of truth etc.  The pirate tech guy is relentless with his downloads to the brain of this poor kid.  He is being both put to sleep and downloaded with a false history false memories telling him lies of what is by what was.  So that which was not now to him, was.

Mandela Effect

Yet as I said there are those of us who see both realities.  The lie & the truth. He is under the strong delusion.  But he will wake up come the great tribulation and come Jesus’ return.  There is hope for those being downloaded.  But if you tell them they are believing a false history they will get angry.  They are not the Mandela affected.  But rather they are those who do not see the Mandela effects.

What Does The Beast Say about the Mandela Affected People?

And what will the beast tell you about the Mandela effect especially those seeing the KJVB changes?  Who say the book has changed and not in a good way.  Then there are those who say “same as it ever was” regarding the book.

The beast says that those who see the two realities are the one’s who are under the strong delusion of false memories.  Even though we know the beast lies.  We know that those who see are the minority of Christians.  And many are non Christians who are newly seeking god because of what they see.

Regardless the downloaded minds will wake up if the seek God with their whole heart and stop hiding parts of themselves from Him.  Jesus is Truth.

Those who worship God worship Him in Spirit and in Truth.

Cell towers and wifi are the method of frequencies entering the frontal cortex of the brain depositing new false memories.  The I pet goat shows the serpent in the boys brain.

The dividing of time has occurred by two realities in effect now.  The real one.  And the false downloads.

There are also authentic signs and wonders coming into play here as opposed to “deceptive signs and wonders” now called “lying signs & wonders”.

The 1/2 sleeping church awakens AT SOME POINT. Since the bible changed to now say the saints are overcome by evil for a time…those who believe the book are subject to its new words it seems.

Whereas those who see the bible changes will say we are overcomers already.  And that there will be NO deceiving even the elect, that it is NOT possible if we stay in Truth keeping the belt of Truth on.

Nor is the antichrist EVER given “all power” as 2 Thessalonians 2 now grants him.  We see the blasphemy of the book and we know the voice of Jesus The Good Shepperd and that book isn’t it.  His sheep know His voice.  The wolf speaks in the holy place.  Relentless downloads are constant especially while sleeping.

I, Pet Goat II FAAF - Collection Online

I, Pet Goat II 09/13 by Tin Foil Hat Club | Spirituality
Code by sin(e) wave straight to the frontal cortex and memory/history.

All the Jesus depictions are insults showing him in a golden girdle as the bible now says (new corrupt transgender agenda) showing Him asleep, unresponsive, irresponsible, etc.  Except the depiction of when He rises as destroys the AI army lined up in suits.

Obvious Depiction of the Violet Corona Discharges that will make people sick by lung problems that look just like the C.V. alleged symptoms.

THE VIOLET LUNGS BURNED BY THE OZONE OF CORONA DISCHARGE THAT WHICH THEY CAN’T CONTROL. Not like a unpredictable hard to rein in virus that could kill their own.  Plug also violet.  Hang mans word N (in) V I O L E T S.
Will You Succumb to the Coming Great Deception? I Pet Goat, II ...
NOTICE THE VIOLET STATES ON THE MAP. SNOW. WINTER WILL SHOW THE TARGETED STATES. Why are Texas & Florida yellow? Heat? Its very very hot in Florida right now.
Pin on End times
The bible story of the fish filling the nets. Now the fish are piranha flesh eating & destructive the controllers want to burn Jesus from existence and have made the bible destructive.  They show Jesus sleeping as His lost sheep are 1/2 asleep at best.

Significance of the Zebra fish.  Of course its the iron and clay-bio-tech flesh mixed with metal.  But there is more!  I received a word from God.  “How will I know what the mark of the beast is?”  He gave me one word.

UPDATE 2021-“ZEBRA” see article of prophecy 2018 fulfilled recently relating to back scene.

The long short of it, Zebra tech is tagging every and all Pfizer back scene’s to check the temperature within the packages.   As I show in the article I got the word years ago.  I have watched and waited and then the news article praising Zebra tech for the huge part they play in the distribution of the back scene.  And the coming Johnson and Johnson backs scene will have the needle array bio markers w/luciferase.  That’s what I see.

Jesus rises.  The rapture.  The boy is freed from the mind control meaning Jesus’ sheep are freed.  The New Earth is shown.

Violet Flower represents the corona discharges that cause the symptoms of C.V. as it makes its way to the man sinking in green bile.


The Corona Discharge shown as the purple flower gave him the symptoms of the C.V.


Chicken eggs are used in genome therapy.  Making GMO humans is what the boy represents.  Hackable, controllable mindless humans.  The egg head boy in the I Pet Goat video is referring to the genome therapy that is making mankind either dead or if they survive into GMO humans.  Astral Zen had chimp DNA in it.  The elite have been telling for years the end from the beginning.  From men to monkeys.  The frozen pfizer is the one that works to change mankind into controllable programmable humans.  It’s likely those who took non frozen brands will have other results.  But all of them block the Divine presence of God in humans.  God is a God of miracles.  Repent and be healed.

Targeted states for Corona discharge attack or phenomena. Violet colored states.  Why can’t we see the west?







“Low Spark of High Heeled Boys” Traffic Song Decoded

Update on Corona Discharge Theory & Prediction Premonition

Corona discharge Creates Ozone & w/Exposure Same Symptoms as “Vye Russ”

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