What Is Really Going On!….?

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Why have they shut down the WORLD?

If you know what’s really going on behind the C.V. shutdown please email Jazweeh at info@danaashlie.com with your information or theory.

See List of Possible Scenarios (corporate motives) Below.

Many people in the YT community are saying the Corona Virus illness/death statistics are fudged.   Everyone I talk to in Florida and family know no-one first hand who is sick.  I even talked to a man from China whose family is still in China and neither he or his family know anyone personally who is sick with pneumonia symptoms or Cv type illness.  I talked to a man at the store whose wife is a trauma nurse at Shands Hospital in Gainesville she said there are zero cases at Shands.

So why would our federal controllers want us at home paralyzed with fear,

isolated and separated from our neighbors?  Why would they want the U.S…rather the worlds financial structure debouched?  And why are so many you tube videos showing empty hospitals that are setting up tents and make shift trauma centers randomly as if they are expecting a plethora of incoming wounded?

All these questions are very disturbing when you consider possible answers.


Possibilities List of What is Really Going on

  1. A meteor is about to hit earth and they need us in place for the disaster.
  2. They are crashing the dollar and need to stop financial activities to implement a one world government.
  3. They are simply creating the largest scam of all time to hand out supplemental and stimulus check income to corporate greed-masters and other greed hounds who don’t need it.  Hence the rich get richer.
  4. Trump is taking over the world therefore stretching his control arms to see just how much the American people will take before they start screaming.
  5. We have already been invaded by China who now owns our government and they are fixing to take what belongs to them.
  6. The corona virus is cover for the new genocidal “5g” kill grid that is emf 60ghz frequencies.  Perhaps they are going to kill a third of the earths population by microwave millimeter wave attacks.  Putting to use cell towers and high wattage wi-gig routers.  Some say they (the controllers) are putting wi-gig routers into all the schools with 60ghz beam forming capabilities as we speak.  Note right now most homes have 5th Generation 2.4 and 5ghz wifi running which isn’t good either.  2.4 ghz is the same frequency as your microwave oven but without the wattage and box.  The natural frequency of earth is around 8 hertz.  1 ghz= One billion hertz.
  7. Or maybe since they love us so much the fed are giving us a holiday.
  8. Maybe there really is a lethal virus that is coming but has a slow start and they know soon millions will die and that’s why they are making tent hospitals around the country.
  9. Destroy all small businesses so corporate rulers can take over everything.
  10. Starve out 1/3 of humanity to accomplish Georgia guidestones and Agenda 21 depop.
  11. Perhaps the controllers are trying to move EVERY purchase to online status that they can.  Amazon is a snake who shut down the ability to cancel prime during this crisis.  Furthermore I have sold for Amazon and they encrypt every email so you have no direct access to your own customers.  He squashes the small business and is a fearful desperate grasper of the $$$$.
  12. Democratic, pre enterprise capitalistic experiement that we are is finally getting its results and there is only one OUTCOME RESULT-RICH OR POOR NO MIDDLE CLASS.
  13. To cause shortages making the prices GO UP.
  14. LAND GRAB people can’t pay their mortgages.

16 Replies to “What Is Really Going On!….?”

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  2. A bunch of us are worried about you…please at least let us know you are okay. Thank you for all you’ve done and do….love you muchly!!!

  3. Well, to “justify” their tyrannical edicts, they need a real cause, not something totally made up. I work in healthcare, and also have many family members who live in “hot spot” areas in the East who have been caring for the patients who are infected with the very real SARS CoV-2 virus and the patients are very sick.

    It is not that there are no real cases, but yes, the numbers are fake. There are many more out there who were infected but have no symptoms, while fewer get sick. So the “case fatality rate” is much lower than originally stated and the shut-downs totally unjustified for the most part. (Yes, some hospitals were overrun with patients and my family members have cared for these patients!)

    But to “Divide and Conquer” us — the people of the Earth — they need a real pandemic (bio-engineered with “gain of function” that not only attacks the lungs, but the blood depriving patients of oxygen to their cells/tissues/organs), and the male testes possibly resulting in male infertility which goes along with the Depopulation agenda. (there are studies that show many “ACE2” receptors in heart, but also testes).

    Divide and conquer is how they operate so no uniform resistance to the global power grab is allowed to take place.

    The vaccines already pushed onto the public have often been very harmful and immorally produced, with DNA from aborted fetal human beings in them. No wonder people acquire auto-immune diseases in increasing numbers.

    The sheer evil of this global elitist cabal is unfathomable and must be resisted. Non-cooperation with the tyranny must continue

  4. Clearing the streets and calling up 1 million reservists for possible active duty combined with Trump’s hostilities towards China in referencing this matter as the “Chinese virus” indicates to me that we are prepared now more than ever for an escalation of the Chinese trade war into a hot military conflict. If there were ever a time to invade China and its satellite state North Korea and vice versa it would be now. The problem with that is this would, in my opinion, result in at the very least a limited nuclear exchange which would make the need arise for a number of field hospitals due to injuries from the shockwave and to treat radiation poisoning. It’s unlikely any army could get a physical foothold in the US due to our Naval power and the sheer size and geographical constraints of the continental US, but nuclear weapons, EMP attacks, and destruction or interruption of critical infrastructure (such as power, water, natural gas, transportation, financial sector, etc.) would cause extremely damaging results far more lethal than an invading army or COVID 19. If any one could pull that off it’d probably be China. If you read the relevant publications and studies marketed for public consumption that have been conducted by DHS (which oversees critical infrastructure protection) you will see a one year period of interruption for electric alone would prove fatal with a 90% mortality rate. This would be a staggering 300,000,000 American fatalities. The new US population would be approximately 30,000,000 after such a time. I think we’re quite possibly looking at 5th generation (5G) warfare, a new kind of warfare that targets the modern technologies we have built up around us that we have come to rely upon for our everyday survival. The republic would never look the same way again, and we are admittedly (that is the government openly discloses this) quite vulnerable to such attacks.

    1. Thanks John for the educated insight. Definitely gives something to think about. From what I understand China has massive ships that could carry hundreds of thousands of soldiers.

  5. I agree with Kenny on the spiritual side. As for the reasons behind the insanity we are now living in, I think it is a combination of all of the above. I was trying to figure out why there really are people dying here, yet so few so far. We live on the outskirts of Baltimore, where 5 G was rolled out as of summer 2019. Our ICUs are packed with people on ventilators, just like they are seeing in NYC. I know this is true because I am an NP, and some of my friends are doctors and nurses on the front line. In general, the hospitals are dead, but I have it from the head of pulmonology at Johns Hopkins Hospital that they not only have their entire ICU full as of weeks ago (10th floor) but they have opened at least 3 other makeshift ICUs to accomodate all of the patients. And they are not alone. At least 3 other major area hospitals are overflowing with vented patients. So I believe that in the big cities in USA (Just as in China – Wuhan) they are turning it on as a rollout across the US. They are also using this time to throw up as many small cells as possible since they have almost every locked down. The times we are living in are truly frightening, but I keep praying and telling myself fear is not of God, but that God gives us a sound mind instead.

  6. The Footsteps of the Messiah can clearly be heard.
    Yahushuah is knocking at the door and HaSatan knows that his time grows short. The implementation of his “Mark of the Beast System” has suddenly become a top priority.

    Biblically speaking, we are witnessing the total subjugation of the ten kings / kingdoms (Power Structures) that will turn their power over to the Beast.

    Revelation 17:12-13 12 “The ten horns you saw are ten kings who have not yet received a kingdom, but who for one hour will receive authority as kings along with the beast. 13 They have one purpose and will give their power and authority to the beast.

    May Yah remember and extend His mercy
    to those that love Him…
    In the precious name of Jesus…

  7. I have a question re: coronavirus & 5g video.
    The video suggests that viruses are not transmitted outside of the body. ( by touch or air transmisdion.) That they can only be spread by injection. Talks about a Terrian Therory? Do you have any documentation on this, or more information supporting this therory?

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