Check Out this Very Cryptic & Interesting Website

The Site is “

Interesting because there are cryptic messages labelled “automatic writing” and prophecy and other poetry regarding end times.  Also there are some decoded famous songs that are extremely enlightening.


People do not have to agree with our doctrines or us to learn from them.  As a matter of fact I learn much from those I disagree with spiritually.

We are Programmed into Narrow Mindedness by demoralization and multiple choice testing.

Demoralization prompts defense mode.  Then once we are there we are controlled by fear and we shut the door to learning.

If I label ideas/people satanic/evil and then shut down my learning I am programmed by school days of multiple choice that programs in us “ONLY ONE right answer”.  Ya they did this to funnel our brains into closed-mindedness.

Not to say there are no evil people with corrupt ideas.  There are.  But once I understand how they programmed me into low self worth I can then protect from its knee jerk reactions.

Not to mention they first demoralized us with the “I am bad & wrong” programming.  So we would constantly be in defense mode.  We cannot learn while defending ourselves.

People can seldom go to the vulnerable places of their heart.  Fear is part of the human condition. Do not let them label you “bad & wrong” because of your human emotions and human condition.  Because THAT MY FRIEND is what the beast uses against us…that which cannot be changed in us as long as we are in the flesh.   Do NOT allow your own heart’s voice to be shut down.  “How to deprogram from the beast system 1 &2” part one.    Part Two.

I have noticed on FB that people commonly when confronted with Truth defend against their own enlightenment.  And often against their own progress.

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