The Elites Have Gone too Far and Outed Themselves by their Dialogue

Truth in Plain Sight by Dorothy R. Stirrum

Know them by who they show you they are not by who they tell you they are.

Dana’s video today see here was very enlightening.  By it I realized the following.

Dana showed a clip of an Australian officer of some sort, stating that people should get their daily exercise and then go straight home!  Because, he said “YOU COULD BE SPREADING THE VIRUS WHILE YOU HAVE NO SYMPTOMS”.  God forbid!

Think about that statement …

and what we know about illness by our experience with it.  Experience is the best teacher.   First hand facts are the only facts.

What ailments are there that have no symptoms?  Even sneaky silent Cancer has symptoms, Syphilis has symptoms in men and eventually has symptoms in woman.  What is an ailment if it has NO SYMPTOMS?  Look at what they are trying to make us believe!

Warning Next paragraph not for sensitive minds. (possible gross-out warning)

It reminds me of when I was a teenager and me and my friend thought we may have contracted V.D because of a statement that my friends disgruntled and rejected boyfriend said to her back in early 70s.

We went to the free health clinic that made us take the alleged penicillin shot before the results came back.  Why would they do that in the early 70s?  Supposedly to stop the spread of V.D. in case we did not return to the clinic?  No!   If we cared enough about ourselves initially of course we would have taken the supposed cure if we were diagnosed infected.  Nobody wants a relentless Gonorrhea symptom not to mention the immorality of spreading a sexual disease that makes other people ill, that’s ill with symptoms.  And the spreading requires intimate contact.

What is the first thing the doctor asks at your visit?  WHAT ARE YOUR SYMPTOMS.  IF YOU DON’T HAVE FRIGGING SYMPTOMS YOUR NOT SICK!

The Venereal disease called “the clap” or Gonorrhea would have had horrible symptoms in men initially and worse symptoms if it were allowed to progress.  But turns out neither of us had it and both took a shot of only God knows what.  The disgruntled boyfriend certainly made her/us pay by using a lie.

‘No symptoms’ means only two things-either the illness is one that is so mild that it doesn’t even have enough kick to get people sick OR there is no illness at all.  Illness requires symptoms that is WHY WE CALL THEM ILLNESSES.

We know by experience that the only people who are threatened by mild nearly symptom-less colds for instance are those who have NO IMMUNE SYSTEM.   So basically what is happening is the controllers are treating us all as if we have no immune system by announcing to us over and over that even though THERE ARE NO SYMPTOMS (WHICH DEFINE ILLNESS) YOUR A THREAT TO THOSE WHO WOULD ALLEGEDLY HAVE DIRE SYMPTOMS.

All this garbage is not only blatantly untrue its also an insult to our intelligence.

So why would they want us to believe in an illness that makes some people die and others don’t even know they have it?  Time to think out of the box here.  If people do begin to die around us and say 2/3 of the people never even get a sneeze what does that situation say?  Without the hipe it says that only 1/3 of people contracted it and the rest did not have it at all whatever “it” is.  I don’t buy this “carrier” bullshit.

Not anymore.   If agenda 21 people haters were using directed energy weapons on the population killing approximately 1/3 of humanity they would have to explain why the other 2/3 were not getting sick and dying and still have a way of protection themselves and their own people.  Pandemics are messy and unpredictable.  DEW is precise and targeted and keeps the elite and their loved one’s safe.  Hence the longer this goes on the more people will get targeted and killed.  This is just a theory.

But i would stay away from cell phones and cell towers.  I would try to make myself invisible to AI and I surely would not turn on wifi in my home.  Buy an ethernet cord and put the router in the laundry closet, turn off the wifi at the system control page of the router.

See Solutions Below to Make you Home EMF Safe

The rest of this information is alot, I know but if you want to understand wifi and emf in laymen’s terms read it.  What I have written here to the best of my ability and understanding took years of research to finally understand emf without the mass confusion.

Has Trump handed over all power to FEMA?  Is he the antichrist?  Is he the man to “make America great again?”  Your call. Watch this “Logic Before Authority” video.  Also L.B.A. has another video in the works that will show us the roll-outs of each historic pandemic in the timelines of emf rollout.  All the way from Radio & the Spanish flu to wifi’s 1,2,3,4, and allegedly 5th generation technology with wi-gig frequencies.

Please don’t ignore the elephant in the room because they claim Godzilla is yet on the way.  2.4ghz wifi in your home now is on the same frequency band as microwave ovens that speaks volumes.

Hence the water molecule oscillation that cooks food and dehydrates meat not to mention destroys nutrients.   DO NOT STAND NEXT TO THE MICROWAVE WHEN ON.  Why?  Mine leaked and I read they ALL leak.  Buy a $39 microwave leakage meter and test it for yourself.

Furthermore 5.0ghz wifi I believe is the one that oscillates the oxygen molecule and shares its frequency range.  I do not think that there is no danger at hand, the deflection of the new emf ghz range info is for you to look at what is coming instead of what is already in your home thats already disruptive even lethal to the human body.  2.4ghz and 5.0ghz.


Solution: Buy an ethernet wire.  Stick it into your router and run it to your main computer/laptop device.  (Sorry but only Android and Apple #8 have ethernet capabilities.)  Now log into your router system control page on that wired device by looking up the address(special link or http://192.168.01 or only those connected to your router by ethernet will be able to pull up the router login page sidenote this is not the same as your wifi login but you can set the password for your wifi login on the router's system control page.  You are logging into your router itself not the same as logging into wifi to get connected wirelessly.)  and default password and username by your brand of router.  Login, go to "wifi" and to wireless both and unclick all of them.  You will most likely need to unclick 8-10 channels of wifi.  YOU WILL STILL HAVE INTERNET ACCESS by wired connection to the router.

More on 5ghz frequencies in laymen’s terms

About 3 weeks ago several truthers on YT started talking about wi-gig 60ghz.  And hoards of new articles showed up online about 24-60ghz frequencies labeling IT "5g" ignoring and now suddenly dismissing the 5ghz 5th generation tech that is already in our homes.  Suddenly overnight I cannot find one article showing the range of the oxygen molecule in ghz measurements.  They use every other measurement except ghz to confuse again.

Like the magician who makes your eyes move away from his hand movements so the author of confusion deflects us from the truth by the same occult methods of confusion, disinformation, flooding the internet with contradicting articles or requiring that we read an entire book just to find out one fact.

Was this change of definition of 5g a Mandela Effect?  Or was it a bombardment of disinformation?  Either way, 5g was getting a bad rap, therefore the tech companies had to do something so they made 5g a thing of the future 60ghz in the U.S.

But I do know this, 5g has previously been defined as 5th generation technology wifi that runs on the 5ghz (that's 5 BILLION hertz) frequency band.  Orlando is full blown with it.  God only knows what they are pumping into the atmosphere in Wuhan.  

They suddenly decided to label 6th generation 5g.   They are doing what they do best by the author of confusion.  Confusing the people.  Fullerton informer blasting out info that we don't have 5g in the U.S. because 5g is now said to be 60ghz.  Well guess what ITS ALL BAD.
The tech companies couple 5ghz wifi with the 2.4ghz wifi while my phone DOESN'T EVEN USE the blaring 5.0ghz that they would have soak my home day in and day out.  Check it, most likely your phone will not even connect to 5.ghz so why blast it into the atmosphere when my phone is running on 2.4wifi or a cell signal from a tower?  This s what your phone is pushing out and connects with and this is what your router functions on both 2.4ghz and 5.0ghz however I am pretty sure most phones (except very new one's) are NOT even 5ghz capable.  The 5.0ghz frequency may be for your brain not for your phone and it could be one of the reasons there is a dividing of time that has occurred.  People are seeing two contradiction realities.  The Mandela effect.  How is it the goat's and the sheep are now in separate realities with different apparent histories. (mandela effect)  Those who do not see our previous & correct/true history may be getting downloaded with the lies.If "they preferred the lie" 2Thes.2  Keep your belt of Truth ON it is vital.


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