Just Want to Throw this Topic Out there in the Spirit of “Test all things” According to Scripture

After all we cannot put anything past the beast, furthermore the security seal mentioned in the book of Daniel is removed in the end of days which are at hand.  God gave warning about changing the book and He even said it would happen.

Why is it that so many are so abruptly dis-tempered when approached and confronted to test this proclamation of KJVB SUPERNATURAL bible changes that so many of our brothers and sisters are witnessing today?  Should we not also test and see the matter?  Let us research the matter with an open mind as we KNOW by holy and unchanged scripture that JESUS NOT THE BIBLE IS “THE WORD OF GOD” according to John 1.

Or did the book say “In the beginning was the Bible and the bible was with God and the bible was God”?  John 1:1

Thank you EYA for allow us to post your hard work here.

Are We worshippers of The Truth, The LIfe, and The Way or are we worshippers of The Book? If we put the book on a High place and worship it as “The Word of God” we err. After all I can now put Ten translations in front of me that say ten contradicting terms.   Therefore I can burn the book, rip it to shreds, or retype the entire thing in my own words THUS obviously to those who are sane the book can easily be changed in the flesh.

Readers say the KJV Bible is being changed supernaturally and on-going.  They say its changing every week.  WHY OH WHY THEN DO SCHOLARS NOT SEE THIS?  Why do these few hundred thousand readers who are born again and claim to be filled with the Holy Spirit say the changes are blasphemous?

Please seek out this matter for yourselves with a sober and open mind.

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  1. Dann, You may very likely be correct on your observations and I am grateful for your response. As I said this is for “Prove/test all things” as we are instructed to do before the bible changes. Yes its seems contradictory to use the scripture in a (allegedly) corrupt book to prove it is corrupt- UNLESS those who are doing so know the difference between changed scripture and original true scripture in KJV. Also those who see supernatural bible changes claim their heart gets a warning when they read the new/changed verses. Not to mention those who claim corrupt bible changes say they knew every term/word in the book front to back and now they have to include a dictionary in the reading as there are so many new words and terms.
    Remember-Hate your family lest He have no part in you (one of the alleged new changes) hate means “hate”.______Comment is from Jazweeh author of this article https://jazweeh.com.

  2. Dana, i did not write this TO you, i copy and pasted from i comment i left on the video you have here from the youtube channel. also, i see some typos so no need to approve my comment here. thank you, i pray you are well. God Bless you my little sister.

  3. Please forgive me, but to believe someone trying to prove that there are supernatural changes being made to The Holy Bible while quoting Scripture is counter productive and proves the devil is behind the deception because he is that ignorant and will deceive ignorant beings. If it is OK to quote Scripture to prove the Scriptures are being changed makes absolutely no sense at all. Read Psalm 12 in the KJV, then compare to blasphemous fake bibles that change The Word of God. If we believe that Jesus Christ IS The Word of God, how did we come to that conclusion if we don”t believe that God reveals Himself to us By His Word, and how are we to have faith in Him by diligently seeking Him if He keeps playing hide and seek as you would have us to believe. Only Satan would corrupt our minds to believe we can not trust God to be true to His Word.

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