Few Gentiles Take Heed to the Warnings of those Called “Israel”.

However it’s not a salvation issue that they must see the miracles all around us.
The watchmen seem to think the elites still fight wars with guns and soldiers.  It’s not 1950 anymore.  These serpents wage war in stealth by secret.

ROME is the beast. And the mark of the beast is the Eagle on their foreheads. Many of the marks have morphed into a brood of vipers.
With this they stoled the bloodlines of the masses. Their war against the prophecies that tell them Jacob’s lineage WILL BE guardian over the New Earth Paradise.

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The Gentile Harvest is Around April 2030

We think the date of 2030 for the Gentiles deliverance/rapture is accurate. April 2030 the 144 will return with Jesus.

The Son of God’s presence will fill the Earth by God’s New Sun.  His New Nature will grow vibrantly.  Fruit of the Earth for the children of the Sun/Son as God intends.  Not a nature that has to fight to survive by growing thorns and thistles due to mankind’s violent disrespect and negligence of plant life on Earth.

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Vision of the Black Storm Passover Event


Today I saw a vision of a black cloud storm.  An unstopable black haze that destroys most of mankind in its wake.  It will overtake all of the Earth with darkness.  Killing everyone in its path & still commit no crime.  How?  The Dark Angels are ordained of God for the harvest of souls.  Just as the Passover was depicted in the Bibles before the desecration of the holy place(God’s words changed on Earth but forever set in Heaven.

A few days later I heard this statement by one who prophesied unawares.  “They are awakening Azrael the Angel of Death.”
“Azrael is the angel of death in some Abrahamic religions, namely Islam and Christian popular culture. Relative to similar concepts of such beings, Azrael holds a benevolent role as God’s angel of death; he acts as a psychopomp, responsible for transporting the souls of the deceased after their death.” Wikipedia

Predicted to occur approximately April thru Junes’ end 2024

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CO-ED IS USED IN THIS ARTICLE JUST SOUND THE STRANGE WORDS OUT ALOUD you will hear the real words.  Some words are inverted with mixed letters like co-ed means code.

The Stealth War against humanity.  The slaughter of mankind without firing a shot.  Our air is compromised and many times when we think we have a sickness it’s likely that we have breathed too much carbon monoxide.  But this article is about sinister evil rulers who apparently hate us.

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The Sun/Son of God Returns As a Plasma Apocalypse!

Similar Article What will the Millenium be Like?

Fallen Earth’s Expiration Date Estimate Since 2018 has always been the same 04-08-2024 thru June 2024 there about.

Why?  Because I received a vision of the total eclipse of the Sun as my sign of the end.  Furthermore God has always used Easter-Passover-Good Friday in April to cause huge changes in my life time.

“Who shall be able to stand?” When Jesus returns in the Heavens on the Eastern Rise.  Remember?  Much truth has been lost from the books unawares unawares.


When Jesus returns in the Heavens on the Eastern Rise.  His glory will annihilate those who are not purified and made white.  The chosen are called to seed, chronicle, and clean up the New Earth (dispose of latent demonic presence due to the A.Christ. bloodline running through the bodies of so many who took the mark.) .  It makes sense given the evidence of generational curses running through families like a disease that blood is at the helm of spirit and visa versa.

The mystery of Jesus’ blood now more than ever is that His blood type & line now runs through the veins of His living breathren.

Rapture/Lake of Fire/Transfiguration of the chosen few, will ALL happen at the same time pretty much.  Some will see a terrifying explosion.  While others see Jesus The Sun/Son of God.

Three events during one event.  God is NOT predictable.  The predicted date of the apocalypse is 04-08-2024 thru June’s end.  It is the predicted estimate given to https://jazweeh.com in 2018.  It has not changed.

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Coherent Light Beam Equals Artificial Sunlight


Picture of coherent light beam.

Wire covered by lazer shows that it’s not a camera anomaly. Photo and video taken long before I realized that they prove artificial light.  Coherent Light.

The fake sun of man is a electrified plasma mass. Or electrified gas. But the scientist are not God. And they missed a few of creations most important factors…In doing so they created a very temporary light source that will quickly spiral into a Supernova as dwarf stars usually do after many many years. No not “billions”. Billion is the code word for pish posh.

A supernova ( pl. : supernovae or supernovas) is a powerful and luminous explosion of a star. A supernova occurs during the last evolutionary stages of a massive star or when a white dwarf is triggered into runaway nuclear fusion.

Theory-Mankind saved the Earth for a few years as prophesied. The green trees and grass saved life on Earth. But they also created a supernova dwarf star that’s likely soon to Ark. Causing the apocalypse. It was unavoidable of course. The Sun of God is coming and who will be able to stand?

Jazweeh has seen vision after vision of an explosion that many people will see with their own eyes.  People think it will be a nuke.  But it will be the Ark of the Covenant.  God’s Sun/Son returning to Earth in all His Glory and Love.  “And who will be able to stand?”  Ask God Almighty to make you ready to receive Him unto yourself.  The transfiguration of mankind into eternal beings of light.

Sorry but it appears you will have to upload this file video of the sunbeam showing as a ray lazer.  Until I figure out how to open it on this platform.  Photo below.  Video above.

Natural Light is not “COHERENT LIGHT” Lazor light in other words.

I just found out that on Directv there is a Sun show “NASA’s Unexplained Files” where they admit that the real Sun of God has gone dark partly.  The prophecy of the Sun of God going dim is fulfilled.  “The Sun rules the day”.  This scripture is why and how the beast system is ruling right now.

When the white hot plasma  ‘sun of man” was hoisted like a satellite up into the magnetic orbit of space all Bibles changed to “son of man” from “Son of God” depicting Jesus as Son of God no more.   Coincidence?  I think not. .  It’s magnetism holding it in orbit.  Everything changed including our bibles which now call Jesus “the son of man”.  Their white hot sun saved the Earth’s green grass and trees as prophesied.

“A supernova ( pl. : supernovae or supernovas) is a powerful and luminous explosion of a star. A supernova occurs during the last evolutionary stages of a massive star or when a white dwarf is triggered into runaway nuclear fusion.” NASA

But the Sun of God is coming to renew Earth with all the glory of the Son of God.  Again –as prophesied.   The Sun/Son of God will put down the sun/son of man.

I drew a picture of my dream revelation.

The exact magnetism and plasma lazer light strength were likely part of what the elite & scientists needed to save the green grass and trees as prophesied (bible tells the Angels of God to not let the vegetation on Earth die).  Along with mankind I also surmise.

I Just Realized I Have Picture Proof of the Fake Sun!

By Laura of Thrones the Scribe of God Almighty for end of days revelation.

Proof that the Sun is Unnatural Coherent Light!

Edits pending please excuse the mess.

Coping skills for end of days stress.

Jazweeh & Laura photo taken a very long time ago.

Whether you are A believer or an unbeliever.  Truthers will likely share this article.  Jesus handed the Scribe of God a scroll this morning and IT’S A DOOZIE!  Please read on.  Title is not click bait.  This article is probably the most profound revelation of Truth I have received for our times.

I took this photo about 6 years ago. See the wire & trees covered by the laser a “coherent strictly un-natural light source”. This proves it’s not a camera anomaly and that our new white hot Sun of man is not a natural sun.

Video of lazer like sun beams displaying the coherent light from the “sun of man”.  No wonder the term “Son of God” changed to “sun of man” in all bibles in many instances. For “the sun rules the day”as it was & is written.



Bottom line Science. The natural Sun of God was never “coherent lazor light”. It’s particles, photons are natural, ambient, and varied in structure. That way there are no harmful lasers or coherent adams grouping together as a lazor blasting from God’s warm Sun. That’s why we were able to stay out in the once warm and inviting (now dimmed sun of God) for hours and not burn.  Way back in the day.

When Did the Real Sun Go Dim?

The real God’s Sun went dim as prophesied some time before 2006 when I found out that the Lion left the lamb to the wolves in Isaiah 11:6.

That’s when I wrote Paradiseforthehellbound.com/read-free.  It’s a good book to read if your a new believer seeking God.  I also wrote a Daily Meditation book.

Then the white sun was hoisted like a satellite up into the magnetic orbit of space.  It’s magnetism holding it in orbit.

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Earth Reveals Itself by Itself


IN THE FIGHT FOR TRUTH we may be wrong from time to time.

As Above So Below.  One meaning of this phrase is that we can do experiments researching Earth’s nature and its Godly engineering.  If the experiments work on the ground then they work above.  In most cases.  The only thing not accounted for in my cosmology theory is the inertia that keeps the planets moving around Earth.  The rest is magnetics.

Earth and all Planets are Magnetic

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Bob Dylan “Slow Train Coming”

When He returns

Truth is an arrow and the gate is narrow—-let it pass us through!

Video “When He Returns.”  On album “Slow Train Coming”

The woman said Dana has “gone dark”. Perhaps. The Truth be told is now very dark.

“When He Returns” lyrics

“The iron hand it ain’t no match for the iron rod (Golden Scepter)
The strongest wall will crumble and fall to Mighty God…

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Fallen Angel Million Dollar Club $$.

Tales by Angry Jane.

DISCLAIMER: Mike from around the world does not co-sign this particular article it’s an alternative viewpoint by Angry Jane.  We believe our readers are mature enough to allow free thought and free ideas online.

Most Christians who follow rapture channels on youtube won’t like this article much.  It contradicts popular beliefs about fallen angels.


That demons below and Angels above have equal names and mirrored existences.

Where there is an Azazel below.  There is an Azazeliel above.  God made three realms of Earth in perfect balance.  However middle Earth where we are is completely out of balance with evil dominating.

Demon Azazel/Azazeliel

Demons bad, Angels good.  Angels cannot be tempted by flesh since they are Spirit.


Angels are not flesh to be tempted of demons.  They are spirit. They are not in a position where they need to choose between evil and good.  Holy Angels always do exactly what God Almighty made them to do.  They are good ministering Spirits.  And have many helps for mankind.  Every person has an Angel to get to know.  There are NO EVIL DARK ANGELS.  It is a contradiction of terms and blasphemy toward God’s Deity to say they are evil.


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Coming Red Dawn Event? Maybe.

As the four Angels of God pour out their viles so too Venus, Mars, scatter dust by their tails.   And two other planets most likely have formed tails as well.  Their tails are red/orange Iron Oxide becoming flammable when it’s ionized by the Sun.

“Venus” (the new bright and morning star) Is Made Up of Iron Oxide.



How do I know this?  First you can see the viles being poured with binoculars.   And the Red Kachina appeared with his sister “Blue Kachina”.  She is more mild mannered and speaks openly to the chosen few.

Since the they’s are calling the Red Kachina “Venus”.  They are also revealing it’s surface content & tail emissions.  They say Venus is made up of Ferric Iron Oxide (Fe2O3) , and Hematite.  The tail of a comet/planet spewing it’s dust is the carnal way of looking at it.

Jazweeh gave a prediction a few years back of “Red Dust”. Egypt deserts suffered from lung issues with five thousand hospitalized (allegedly) because of it a couple years back. Furthermore we predicted and gave the words of the Angel testifying of pouring out red dust upon the Earth.  Long before we knew the contents of the tails of Venus and of Mars.

The Massive Life Sustaining Tunnel Systems Built Underground 

We believe since the chem trails have stopped they are no longer trying to save Earth from the Sun’s radiation.  This clearly means that the few who paid to go deep underground have taken their place in the Earth.  They are desperate for protection from the Sun which they are sure would have killed them.

We assume they have closed circuit TV hooked into our TV’s to monitor any home they choose which has a TV camera.  How convenient it would be for them to watch the outside world.  Those who they left behind die from the sun and the red dust.  So as the Earth burns from the ferrous Iron Oxide.  And as the sun ignites more and more devices causing explosions here and there in any factory working with fire/steam/heat.  They have quite a view if they know what to watch.


Iron Born?

Game of Power.  “Game of Thrones”

Have you seen the disturbing Hulu TV series called “Game of Thrones”?  There are two ways of watching it.  One for entertainment & the other for an education.  That’s right.  However without deprogramming from the Beast system one cannot likely watch TV for education.  Only God can change hearts.

More on that below.

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C.V. [Back Sin A Shaun] [In Greed I Ants] Decode

What Was Really In the Back Scene?

You cannot unread this.  If you took the final solution think twice before reading this decode of the in greed I ants.

Another mystery of the bible’s script to be decoded by “the wise”.

Sidenote:  Is it a sin to call one’s self “wise”?  And what if it’s Truth.  In this realm of Earth the code of status quo says this.

“Never say anything good about yourself.  And demoralize your self regularly to show humility. (Yet an insulting lie is FALSE humility).

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Propaganda Techniques Practiced by Beast Media

What are Some of the Techniques the Beast Uses to Pollute the Hearts & Minds of the Masses?  

Scroll to the bottom for my latest theory on a recent & huge propaganda campaign agenda by the Image of the Beast (TV/Phone).

    1. Fear is for pus*ies.  Early brainwashing of the youth with words like “chicken shit, pussy, panzy, (from chimpanzee) woosey, worm, spineless, yellow belly & so on.
    2.  The action of condemning all human emotion.  Since after all emotion is exactly the element which makes us human.  And fear saves lives.  In some cases we should be afraid.  So we hide our fear away and it gains power over us.  Since we are as sick as our secrets.  Fear expressed (to an empathic listener) is fear relieved.

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Answers-California & Canada Fires

How to Prevent Burning Down The House

How do we prevent the coming house super fires like in California.  Fires that burned every inch of the homes it consumed.  What’s with all the new type fires?  What’s with the new internal tree fires?  What’s with the new super-hot ceramic & porcelain bathtub burning stove melting FIRES????

ANSWERS by Spiritual Insight & intelectual surmise.  Yes theory but don’t stop reading now.  Study the matter then take it or leave it.

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Strobe Lightening The New Normal

To Jeff.  With search terms “ball lightning” and “St. Elmos fire” you will find more verification of the internal tree fires being plasma fires.  Here are links to scienceamerica.com articles that state St. Elmos fire is PLASMA.

On link above search the terms plasma, and corona discharge on that page article is long.

The new strobe lightning in FL is producing the coronal discharges of plasma.

This wikipedia article confirms the plasma in a naturally occuring corona discharge.  St elmo’s fire is coronal discharges.  The new fire made of plasma.

Bottom line the corona discharges are plasma based.  So very likely so too are the internal tree fires (now the new fire is being called St. Elmos fire or witches fire) are also plasma based. C.Discharges are happening in the air with no metal involved.

Sorry for the redundancy.

Strobe Lightning Is Caused by Radiation Overload on Earth’s Surface.

I walked outside of my house during a light sprinkle of rain.  Thunder was about over.  Yet I was startled by an eye shock of “strobe lightning”.  This is the lightning that doesn’t strike as a rod high in the sky.  But rather it travels close to Earth exploding like a tiny bomb.  And then producing a flash of strobe with a violet to blue corona discharge.

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What Are Dreams For?

The Beast Is A Bully Who Uses Fear. Overcoming Fear Strengthens Us.

Use the God Box.

Fear crushing mantras.

  1. Out of the problem into the solution.
  2. Greater is the Holy Spirit & Jesus in me than the beast in the world.
  3. Walk through the fear.  Not allowing it to paralyze me emotionally.
  4. God grant me the wisdom and courage to overcome fear & change the things I can & should.

Dreams are for overcoming self deception and for understanding our hidden emotional being.  Dreams are for understanding ourselves and helping us through difficult times.

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What’s All This Talk of a “Hybrid Workforce”?

Do not read this if you took the final solution.  What will become of those who do not comply?  Rapture we Hope and soon.  God is Love and He still forgives those who repent.

The Day of the Crow is Here.  The towers of babble are effectively skewing all language and dialects.  The strong delusion is here.

The new popular narrative says the hybrid workforce means to work online and from home or online from coffee shops.  But sometimes the ‘theys’ say what they mean and mean what they say.  The masses are a hybrid workforce.

It’s Likely the Security Companies Who are Breaching Our Privacy.

A world of surveillance.  The beast who runs things cannot let one text, one email, one article, one statement one word or one sound mankind makes go unrecorded, undocumented, unanalyzed, or uncensored.

The new race of hybrids will be lockstep with the beast now that they are no longer God Almighties Human Beings.  They are creatures according to the new Dark Lord’s rewritten babbles.

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White Sun. We Finally Have a Solid Theory

For What Is Happening On Earth

Look at the wire.  That is a Sun Lazor literally a lazor. I took this picture myself and caught the lazor on film. And the sun is changing daily. Now we have not only glowing clouds in the East at sunset. But we have glowing clouds throughout the eastern, northern, and southern skies at sunset. This glowing clouds effect denotes the continuing intensity of the brightness of the White Dwarf Neutron Sun.

And yet oddly in Florida the nights normally would be hot.  It’s nearly June 2023. We are having cool downs at night of temperatures that range in the low to high 90’s during the day and plummet down as far as 59 degrees at night. This is not normal for Florida.  Today 5-26-23 I awoke and looked at the thermometer.  It was again 59 degrees at around noon.  Extremely strange because normally (the new normal) it would of heated up by then from the night low.  Granted we are glad we don’t need air conditioners at night.  But if it gets much colder we will be using heaters in Florida in the summer at night.

I live with a man who continually denies the changes of weather.  He sings “same as it ever was….same as it ever was….” Don’t click this link unless you are prepared to look into the supernatural miracles called “signs and wonders”.

By the strong delusion many people don’t remember what was normal six years hence. And will say “same as it ever was, same as it ever was” due to the towers of babble which steal their memories and upload new fake memories.

It’s no wonder the elite are keeping the people blind and ignorant to their quickly impending doom.   When people become very afraid they act like homicidal maniacs.  Including the elite with their genocidal remedies.  They form packs and follow leaders who are the blind leading the blind.  Inevitably after all the Earth side winding murderous experiments on men facing disasters we humans have failed our tests of compassion and patience miserably.  Leaving compassion to the wind and embracing drastic & violent measures we hurt ourselves and others when put in bad situations.  It’s shown in truth drops from many a tv series about the end of the world scenarios.

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Plasma Apocalypse or Rapture? True Gospel No Parroting.

Written by Angry Jane

Plasma Apocalypse or Rapture?  How about BOTH!  After all “flesh and blood cannot inherit the Kingdom of God”.  And without death of the body the Spirit doesn’t leave the body.  Unless a man is translated/transfigured which would be nice if it’s done by God, that is.

Usually the spirit doesn’t leave the body except during rare out of body experiences or near death events.  This is why people who die and are revived usually are never the same.  When you feel your spirit leave your body you know that you know that you know that the body you inhabit is not your home.  Nor is the body who you are.  So “It is appointed once for each man to die and then the judgement.”

But if your already in God and have an on-going relationship with your Creator then He knows you.  And if He knows your whole heart (hiding nothing from Him) you most likely already passed through judgement per-say.

“Some will be cleansed and made white, their garments already purified.”

JayDreamerz on Youtube says that the plasma apocalypse is some kind of scientific phenomena that will bring a red sky.  And that during the red sky all gravity on Earth will cease!  Then people will weightlessly float up like helium balloons and be sucked out into the nothingness of space through the coming hole in the waters above. The capped fish bowl of Earth.  If I got it right.  I have only watched a couple of his videos on the coming Plasma Event called…

EMPCOE which stands for the  “Electromagnetic Plasma Changeover Event”.  Ya, good luck remembering that acronym.

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What Are the Towers of Babble Doing to Humans?

Confounding Humans.

“If God did not shorten those days no flesh would survive.” (this verse has changed (magically in all bibles) to “no flesh would be saved”.  But that was not what was meant by it.  The verse was not about salvation.  God is doing something to cause the children of God to survive the tower of babble attacks.  Even a rapture may take place at some point for His children.

Eat real food fruits, vegetables, grains, live food that has not been processed.  While it’s still available.

There is only one solution to end of days annihilation of the human’s soul.  Seek and find God Almighty now before its too late.  He will NOT allow His creation to be rewritten like a book edit.  God created mankind and His creations are the children of God who WILL live safely on His New Earth.  If you took the rewrite to your body structure you simply must repent if possible.

God’s Divine Presence, His Spirit will return unto Him if mankind doesn’t seek to know Him.  Without His Spirit there is not eternal life.  Without eternal life there is no spiritual progress for humans.  The Lamb’s Book of Life is real.

The Problems

Can you hear the frequencies?  Many people can.

We have several devices working against us and our true reality. The cell changing towers. The cell phones, The LHC, and the Quantum computers.  All these devices are for mind control. Every one of them.  Cell phone use is secondary. Why do you think they call the phones “cell”?  They are human cell disruptors.  And the towers work in con junction with genome rewrites.

Genome Engineering Is Well Underway

“Optogenetic and chemogenetic approaches can provide a precise temporal and spatial regulation of gene expression, and the recent introduction of genome-editing technologies allows the direct manipulation of the genome.”

Tower of Babble Is a Prophecy

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Killed In The Street While The Whole World Watches

Fullerton Informer Youtube Channel

March 1st.  Four cops carelessly let out 19 gun shots at the post office in Farmington Utah.  Because Chase Allan had the wrong type of tag on his car.  Cops actions resulted in the slaughter of what appears to me from the video to be an unarmed young man. Shots rang out in a public place the panicked street cops didn’t even seems to care if innocent bystanders were killed.

It appears that all they knew was the boy defied their authority so he had to DIE fast. 

See video of shoot out below.  Another prophecy fulfilled.


Police shot and killed 25-year-old Chase Allan at the Farmington Post Office parking lot Wednesday.

More psychotic actions by cops. Clearly cops with emotional if not psychotic mental illness.  They are likely, driven by their low self worth.

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Two Witnesses Killed in the Streets While the Whole World Watched

Don’t read this if you’re back sin ate Ed.  sorry for the bad news.  Angry Jane.  “I could be wrong” says Jane.


Seldom if ever does mainstream beast news expose large $$ corporate entities as being corrupt.  So there must be another motive here.  A cover up that’s ever more important than covering up the corruption of the railroad companies in every country.  How much did they pay this bastard cop to slaughter the chosen born again Christian while the whole world watched with no care or empathy?

Murder of George Floyd - Wikipedia
DARK RITUAL showing the shift of power from Harlot to Beast. Loss of restrainer.

Paramedic Says George Floyd Was "Deceased" When He Arrived

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Hazardous Waste =Sell more Water to the Sleeping Masses.

Who Benefits from the recent Toxic disasters?

If the Beast can pollute all of Ohio, Michigan’s water supply with toxins and get the numbers of tests to read what they want “polluted”.  Then they can write heinous laws to sell you water which God in Heaven provided to His children FOR FREE.  And in abundance.

The Bastards are already trying to outlaw wells.  They will answer for their crimes against mankind, Earth, and humanity.

The love of money is the root of most evil on Earth.

Looking Into the Face of the Beast

It’s not pretty to watch or to think similar to the most evil greediest money driven bastards on the face of the Earth.  They compete by numbers with their fellows.  They compete by numbers on a screen that say “I won”.  Collateral damage is their handiwork.  They have no care for human life or morality.  They know nothing of poverty except spiritual poverty.

Born with a golden spoon up their snout they have no compassion for those in need.  Those who do not have enough money to buy the next meal.  Those who are poisoned by their collateral damage are a bonus.  “Too many cattle on this Earth anyway, the more we kill the better off we are!” says the Beast with no empathy.

The Earth Itself Is the Most Efficient Water Purifier Known to Man.

So….water is free and it is in abundance.  Of course don’t try to convince a millennial about primary under earth water and wells which provide it free to us.  They will say water is in short supply.  Even if they have a well in their back yard they will still say “water is in short supply”.

Why?  Because the programming is very efficient emotionally.  It goes as deep as their heart.

Make a God Box and put your fears in it. If the man says he has no fear the Truth is not in him. We should be afraid. Don’t let them shame you to repress fear. REpressed fear gains power over us. Expressed fear loses power by Truth.
Goats who have no God go to the Lake of soul destruction. Those who serve the The Dark Lord shall have their place in Hell. God owns the Earth and He is taking it BACK RIGHT NOW.

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Weather Spins Out of Hand & Prophetic Writings…

Prophecies Never Before Read Online.

The end of days weather is annoying at best and deadly at the worst.  We do not know what’s happening where you are.  But in N. Central Florida extreme weather is the norm.

What is extreme weather?  Two night passed it was in the 20s.  For a week we have been running heaters trying to head a house that does not hold it’s air well.

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The Image of The Beast Resides In Your Homes

“We are Keeping the People Safe!”  (article is coaded)

Screams the Home land high clearance secure I.T.y worker a D.H.S!  As he walks toward the new T.V. his wife just brought home and applies bandaids to three outgoing cameras on the device.   Oh wait.  They use the screen.  They don’t need a camera eye because it’s behind the screen.  If you want privacy unplug it and put a sheet or blanket over the entire spy device.

Mind control is the primary purpose of the image of the beast.  But it’s not the only purpose.  Mind control may very well be the worst use of Beast technology.

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Fake Sun News


New Theory Updated at this link.  

“The Sun will go dim and the moon not give it’s light”.  Luminaries will not keep their places.  Perhaps God sent us the Red and Blue Kachina’s because the sun went dim.  Of course he would foresee man making a fake replacement sun to save the trees and stuff.  The four angels are here.  The media calls them “Mars, Venus” and who knows what else.

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They Want you in their Cancer Wards & Dead

Dearest Readers

It’s not easy to see that you have an enemy who you cannot see or understand.  There are solutions to the attack on humans.  But without God & prayer none of them are worth fighting for.

People who cannot see the great trib. is here, likely have no coping skills to handle what they would see.  These end of days topics are not for the faint of heart.  A workable mature Faith is required to see what is.

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Todays You Just Read that a Man Was Shot Dead- By a Gun that Didn’t Make any Noise…

…But it wasn’t the BULLET that laid him to rest…
Was the Low Spark of High Heeled Boys….high heeled boys!


Directed Energy Weapons Prophecy-

If you like this song decode you may want to see my ground breaking EMF CV article here.


For those who were not alive in the 70s “Traffic” is the band who preformed the song.  “Low Spark of High Heeled Boys“.  Its Low spark of high heeled boys is the title song on the that album.  Very good music came out of the 70s.  We were blessed with prophecy in music for ten years continuous.  1972 to 1975 mainly.

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Dee Anne A Mark of the Beast.

What is a beast?

(Let the reader understand- some words are coated wearing a coat).

An animal.  “You came from Monkeys” says the teacher to the little children.

But we live in the up side down.  It is Monkey’s that they are turning mankind into.  Not the other way around.  Programmable Monkeys.

Eat Not Their Dainties While Sitting at the King’s Dinner Table eat not their delectables.

mundo diobolico

Diabolical World

lume diobolică

عالم ديوبوليكال

диоболический мир

diobolicheskiy mir

diobolský svet

saoghal dioblach

dibolisk värld

A Frankenstein Story of Re-Creating Mankind In the Image of the Beast.

What is the game which those who are in power are playing?  What if you could listen to their darkest secrets and know what plans they have for the human race?  Plans that those of the highest standing in society have no knowledge of.  Only the few most powerful elite, a hand full of people know the plan for human kind. The plan that is laid out in plain sight if one can only decode the particulars.  The plan already implemented nearly complete.

What if…those plans were far, far, more diabolical than you thought possible for one race of men to unknowingly impart upon another?  What if those in charge of many things that are powerful & controlling were deep into evil sorceries and witchcraft?  What if magic is real?  What if your caught under a spell called…  “Snow White Do not eat the poison apple even if you already ate the worm.

Alone. Being one of few who didn’t eat the poison apple. The woman of Rev. 12 is alone for a time.

Its a fairly important pre-requisite to know and see through the strong delusion.  In order to get the big picture of the spiritual condition of our world now.  See link if you have not read my strong delusion articles.


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Why The Elite Invented Christmas. The Most Effective Predictive Program of All Time

Decoding of The Christmas Program.  (please read at minimum the final paragraph).

Predictive Programming- To put a movie, ad campaign, show, media, on TV (image of the beast) radio or any large public platform.  The narrative of the TV campaign is to invite a specifically geared common subconscious reaction.   They anticipate by knowledge & experience how a majority will react to the TV program of the mind.

Example- The news advertises a run on the banks and the crashing of the financial system.  The common reaction is to move our money somewhere safe.


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The Suns Will Explode

The New Earth is Coming

Then what is coming in the Future?

A man once told me, as I spoke of God to him, he said, “its not so much what you can get from God that matters (such as Heaven and a new body/paradise etc.) as much as what you bring to God of yourself that makes the grade.”

A light went off when he said those words to me.  What do I have to bring to the Kingdom of God?  Can I be trusted to do God’s work?  Will I hurt His children?  Will I deceive them with lies?

I share my heart with you.  I hope to God I am not mistaken.

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My Donations Link a Plea.




I am the writer of the websites.  I request help if at all possible.  Any little amount to put food on the counter.  Hosting fees that used to be easily paid are now looming over my nearly empty bank acct. $20.

I do have a job of sewing special apparel.  But sales have plummeted during these hard times.  These sites will only stay up by God’s Grace if its His will.    Perhaps its time to end the scribe of God’s posts to the many.  We shall see.  We think perhaps free thinkers and independent writers are being pushed from the internet.

Thank you for reading along.







Jazweeh’s Most Profound Revelation/Prediction

Article is at the link.

LOVE children LOVE covers a multitude of sin. Watchman these days don’t speak much of Love. But rather they apply the bible as some certificate of salvation. Those who don’t know Jesus often speak of how to get saved. They denote the bible scripture referencing blood, blood, and more blood. Rarely do they speak of God’s Love and Forgiveness toward mankind. Rather than “remission of sin” and “blood” opposed to Love and Forgiveness. See the difference?

Nobody needs the bible to know God.  By Jesus name the Holy Spirit comes unto men by the laying on of hands and prayer.  SEEK & YE SHALL FIND.  KNOCK & IT SHALL BE OPENED.

The Tower of Babel Is a Prophecy. Most Stunning Article by Jazweeh

How can we really be saved?  HOPE.  HOPE AND FAITH my friend.  Start a prayer toward God straight from your heart.  Get real with God.  It is by Hope and Faith that mankind can be saved from death and hell.  By getting to know God in TRUTH wearing the armor of God we are protected and delivered from the snares of the evil.

The American Dream

You Must Be Asleep to Attain It!

How to get saved

waL=Law  Be sure to read the prediction warning at the bottom of the page before clicking out.

All About The Walton's | Popular 1970's TV Show

Dear Readers,

This link is to a terrifying article with revelations on The Tower of Babel, The Covenant with many, and what is blasphemy of the Holy Spirit.

Mart= Mart-ial=Martial Law.

Oh that was the name of the sweet old man Sam Walton. Who benevolently clawed his way up the hill of money from nothing.  Rags to riches the American DREAM.

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Dangers of Laser Pointer Type Temperature Thermo-meters

Jeff refuses the bodily invasive laser to his head in thermometer form by corporate not-sees.  “Pyrometers” (laser thermal meters) are dangerous.  The name alone tells it all.   Stand by for the study on these laser wielding firearm devices.  Jeff’s video is at the end of this article.

UT305R | UNI T Handheld Body Infrared Thermometer Portable Digital Non contact Infrared Thermometer Laser Temperature Gun Do not point a laser at your child’s eyes that can permanently blind or cause severe retina injury.

Bottom Line Safety from Harvard.edu

Laser Safety – Avoid Causing Accidents
Even low power lasers can cause glare, flash-blindness, and afterimage problems when used
improperly. Accidents caused by intentionally or unintentionally pointing a laser into the eyes
of others are well documented. To minimize the risk of accidental laser pointer related events,
follow these guidelines:
• Do not aim laser pointers towards your eyes or the eyes of others.
• Do not aim laser pointers at aircraft, buses or automobiles.
• Do not aim laser pointers within offices or at other buildings.
• Never aim at law enforcement officers or someone who may interpret the pointer as a laser aimed weapon

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Rumors of Wars

Angry Jane Screams!  PISH POSH!

Angry Janey. “Be angry and sin not”.

The agenda of the (TV) now days is a fear porn gala.  War war war!  Nuclear War! They scream.

Off topic-Suspicious0bservers Excellent Solar Weather Channel

Jazweeh Says No War Will Happen & Angry Jane Concurs

Butt!  They may televise a very elaborate FAKE WAR on the image of the beast. (TV).   Expect it.   They will likely show a nuclear explosion.  And speak of fallout that doesn’t exist the way the movies portray nuke fallout.  THEY LIE ABOUT EVERYTHING.   Some say they have seen workers at certain off ramps planting explosives.  Imagine being stuck on the interstate unable to get your car off by the ramp.  This is all guess work and projection.  We could be totally wrong about everything.

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Financial Assist Post

Well.  The Lord does provide.  This post has been up for 20 days for financial assist.  I have thousands of readers.  But nobody cares if the developer is struggling for lack of sales.  The seamstress will survive God always provides one way or another so…nevermind.  Sorry I asked.

Never asked before but I do have a paypal link here.  I am the writer of Jazweeh.com and Danaashlie.com.  Laura E.

Fact is my hosting payment to Godaddy is due in less than a week and I may have to let it go along with all my websites if I don’t get my vital bills paid like food, gas, insurance, medical & so on.

I have a small business making clothes on Etsy.  Lately sales have crashed somewhat and I have not been this financially stressed in many years.  Some people have given before.  Thank you.  I had under five donations all in all.  I think because readers can’t see my face.

Here I am! Just kidding.
Web design, writer, author, spiritual teacher, end times prophecy, believer. This is me about 15 years ago.
Six years ago.

RAPTURE 2024 April 8 thru 18th.

What is The Image of The Beast that Men Obey and Serve?

Preachers of Today Get All their Prophecy & End times Info off the Image of the Beast.  I find that ironic at best.  Of course Christians cannot say that the TV & cellphones ARE the image of the beast.  Why?  Because then they would have to let go of their comforter….

Make no mistake we were all set in front of this TV at a very young age.

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Move Over CERN “Electromagnetic Flux Takes the Cake…


“God created men upright, but they have sought out many vices.”  Original scripture was in Proverbs.

Record Breaking Magnetic Field 50 Million Times Stronger Than Earth’s Created by Scientists who never ask “should we” but only ask “can we” and then do.  Source1

Source 2


The Japanese invented the most powerful emf plasma field known to man.  A magnetic field generated  using the new “electromagnetic flux-compression (EMFC) technique.”

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Tales From The Crypt-$-O

Tales From the Crypt of Crypto$currency and its Violators of Mankind

Angry Jane tells the Tale.  

I was violated by the crypt-master to the tune of $1,000.  My partner was not so lucky, he lost $10,000 to the Crypt-master.  Angry Jane would not be so devastated if bread wasn’t $7 a loaf.  That is if you don’t want to be poisoned.  The poison non-organic bread is much cheaper.

$7 a Loaf.


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The Pale Horse Identified

The Pale Horse Rides On.  But Now It Has Ramped Up Its Pace.

This article is scary as hell.  You may not want to read it at all.  It pertains to present day threats to humanity. It pertains to death, destruction, and exposes the pale horse.

“We can’t be in the great tribulation” says the Christian.   “Not enough people have died”.  He states ignorantly as he has no clue of what the pale horse is.  Nor does the Christian recognize the plagues & death listed in the prophecies.

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The Foundational Human Program is Demoralization

Hi.  I am Laura of Akron (some terms are coded for obvious reasons)

Most people I have talked to during ministry believe in their heart that they must clean up their act THEN approach God in Truth.  As if God cannot Love the sinner.  Deliverance works the other way around.  Approach Him in Truth while still active in sin, and in time He will deliver you.


Jazweeh & Laura

Today what’s on my mind is programming of humans by the TV.  I believe the TV is the dreaded, and renowned “Image of the Beast”.  Most (I surmise) will not consider this possibility due to sin/punishment programming.  After all Sin and punishment programming among believers is common.  It is a core, foundational beast system program of our demoralization at youth.  If we are not demoralized at the start which gives us the subconscious solution of becoming someone else and hiding our own heart.  Then the beast cannot control us by providing the many optional variations of the “I am Kool” masks. The mask by which we become willing parrots of the system.

Beast system programming is subliminal. 

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