Few Gentiles Take Heed to the Warnings of those Called “Israel”.

However it’s not a salvation issue that they must see the miracles all around us.
The watchmen seem to think the elites still fight wars with guns and soldiers.  It’s not 1950 anymore.  These serpents wage war in stealth by secret.

ROME is the beast. And the mark of the beast is the Eagle on their foreheads. Many of the marks have morphed into a brood of vipers.
With this they stoled the bloodlines of the masses. Their war against the prophecies that tell them Jacob’s lineage WILL BE guardian over the New Earth Paradise.

Their soldiers have no conscience. No rebellions. They are servants of the Locust creed which is infested in their face and hair.


DO you really believe that government’s hold the real power over what happen on this Earth?  While they wield a mighty array of deadly weapons invisible to the masses.  Resulting is a cause of death that will be deemed “medical health problems”.  Their weapons level neighborhoods without a scent of blame on them or suspicion.

And the Christians are still calling “Gog” Russia expecting a nuke to go off in a world governed by a few tyrannical, genocidal bastards with way too much power and money.

These table pounders think they own God’s Earth.  They say He won’t avenge us.  They say He’s not coming.  They say they are God!  Hold Hope in God so your not left out in the cold.  Pray for God’s will on this Earth.  Pray for His vengeance.

It would be better if a millstone were tied around your neck and you were thrown into the river Styx, than to do harm to just one of God’s Sons.

TECHNOLOGY IS THE ULTIMATE WEAPON.  AND THE TECH WARS WERE CARRIED OUT IN STEALTH.  GOG WON OBVIOUSLY.  So who is the loser?  Perhaps Microsoft had to bow down to Gog (google).

Do you not know that whoever controls the internet also controls the masses?

Whoever asks their quantum computer the most beneficial questions…they are the winners of the tech wars.

If you want to know who is ruling this Earth by towers of babble & mind control.  Ask the question “who had the quantum computers”?  They hold all the cards.

If the elite start a standardized mortal war by soldiers with army uniforms it’s likely to slaughter the soldiers themselves for depopulation.

When they took over all the governments on Earth they did it quietly.  And they own the news stations.  They simply take the leaders out while they sleep.  The only safe place on Earth is inside a lead lined box.  And no one wants to live in a lead box.

RANT! Gog is goo goo. And the antichrist already did his worst. 
1/3 of mankind already died at the hands of the stealth 
warfare. These times are the worst ever! Nearly anything 
you walk out of the store with is a web of literal poison.  
He is called the Oracle of Omaha.  And he put the Gates of 
Hell into power.  Wake up it's all in prophecy just not like 
the preachers said it would be.  The Watchmen are waiting 
for a Hollywood movie to happen.  And maybe it will.  
We SEE the miracles all around us.  Yet this wicked 
generation cannot see except the sign of Jonah the watchmen.   The many watchmen proclaim His coming.  Nobody listens to Jacob.  Nor do the Gentiles realize they are under the strong delusion as were we for a time.  As Gentiles politely trample the once holy places.  Their holy places are desecrated.


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