Who & What Are the Fig Tree Generation Intercessors?

She did not eat the apple nor did she drink Esau’s soup. She is not controlled by the towers of babble or wired to the book of lies. She is the Rev. 12 child/warrior.  She is the woman of Rev. 12.  Child/warrior.  Not man/child a contradiction of terms.

In the real bible, Jesus blessed and healed the Fig Tree.   Jesus was sure to say “bless and curse not!”   He was not a hater.  Nor did He command “slay them before me” to slaughter those who won’t serve Him.

The 144 are not who you expect.  They must know the depths of darkness just as well as they come to know the depths of God’s Light.  They are not superheroes.  Nor are they virgins.  But rather as the bible used to read …they are celibate as St. Paul once mentioned.

However free will is to choose one’s own God.  And harvest is inevitable.  For it is the purpose of our being to grow spiritually while in Acheron (the river that runs next to Hell itself.  Creation of mankind part #2.  The spiritual choices.

And those who have no God have no eternal home to go to.  The Lake of Fire isn’t a torture chamber.  What it is though is an eternal death of the soul.  Done, over, finished life no more awareness, no more body.

“Is it not the perogative of God Almighty to create some humans to be His children and others fashioned for destruction?”

The Lives of the Fig Tree Generation-The Rev. 12 Woman.

Now- who are the elect?  How are they the Fig Tree Generation? What do they do?  What have they done in their lives?  Where are they going?  How do they know that they are the elect of God?

I watched a 144 video and the author portrayed the 144,000 as being super-heroes.  Superheroes who go around doing random miracles of healing.  And when they walk into a room the energy changes and men follow them around drawn to them carnally.  The author has no idea who the 144 are and what they do.  He doesn’t realize that the road of a life of Faith and works of Faith is not an easy road to travel.

The elect started out just like everyone else, knowing nothing spiritually.  Yet they were born with a heart much different than others.  They went through an array of tests and trials to show that their heart is brave and true.  They showed with little concern for their own welfare a fire to protect the innocent. They despise bullies.

The River that Runs Next to Hell Itself.  Acheron

They were not sinless throughout life.  They were born with a heart wrenching hunger for God and the unknown.  Growing up they were not goody two shoes.  Oh no!  They were blindly searching for a relief to the yearning so intense.

In their teens they embarked on a search for relief from that yearning heart ache.  They hunger for Home unaware of why they feel loss.

They delved into the deepest darkest places of Earth searching for answers to unknown questions.  In their desperation for reason they engaged in much self destructive behavior.  They lived out deadly habits.

Many times barely escaping with their lives.  They suffered much trauma in their youth when they learned that the world is cruel, unfair, and sisters brutal and deceptive.

They had such extreme pain at some points it was literally enough pain to jerk them out of their bodies for a short time.  They had out of body experiences before the age of six.  And more would come later.

In their deadly prodigal walk they were under the sword for giving their testimony of Jesus in very dark places.  They struggled not to escape death by sword to the neck.  Yet the angel came and stopped the henchmen above their head.  He turned the axeman’s heart from hate to caring yet twisted love.

Until finally during the young teen-age to twenties years of pain they did meet their literal death. “They loved not their lives unto death”.  The scripture is literal.

Death however did not come by their own hand it could not.   One who they knew well administered the poison to them.  He knew what it would do.  And she just wanted to escape.

But they were all, after a time, resurrected from inside the strong and heavy rock of death which bound them.  They were aware of the rock and how that felt.  Nevertheless God is with them.  So surely there was an ems technician in that same house when death occurred.

“All things work together for the good to those who love God.”  All this trauma prior to the age of 24.  Some would just call them “stupid” or “suicidal”.  But I left out the part where they sought God in prayer by the age of about four years.  By 27 they were literally born again.  Angels came to them to anoint them before the age of five or six years.  They never forgot seeing the beautiful angel.  While their siblings saw terrifying visions at the same time for a week or two the Angel appeared to the child when lying in bed.  Spiders and snakes appeared to the sister in that same room.

And so goes the calling of the 144 whose hearts seek something better so strong that the spirits quiver and take notice.

Your heart has a voice that is more important than any word you could ever speak.  God listens to us by our hearts.  This is why the beast distracts mankind to be propagandized to shut down the voice of their own heart.


The elect/144/chosen few of God had to die to rip the vail between the seen and the unseen realms.  The silver cord was broken no longer connecting their spirit to their body.

John Denver sang of them.  Many many prophecies in music also sang and wrote many words about their lives.

They had out of body dreams.  They climbed Jacob’s Ladder quite literally in one out of body dream.  They saw the skeleton on the ladder that would bring them Jacob’s troubles in their sixties.  Though at the time they knew not what the out of body prophecy dreams meant.   Or even that they had ascended upon Jacob’s Ladder in an out of body dream.

The skeleton hanging on the ladder represents Jacob’s painful years of coming Troubles.  A bible quote that we never heard of until the Dark Lord’s bible emerged.

It feels like the troubles will never end.  But still we are grateful it’s not worse.  We are tried like gold and fired in the flames of adversity.  All the while seeking God unlike the many who have no care for the unseen realms of Truth.


At the age of 27 they began their new life as born again.  They found truth in the old bibles BY PRAYER.  And used the book for prophecy, wisdom, knowledge, and to know God’s Truth when it was available to men of Earth.  Though the books were always somewhat SKEWED.

Without the belt of Truth we could not see all of what the book offered.  Now God’s Truth is in their hearts and also His words are forever set in Heaven.  But still being born again was not enough to change the bio-neural-pathways of emotional injury habits.  Nor did it erase a life of self destructive behavior patterns.  Now they would have to learn to fight and become overcomers.  Now they would go from spiritual infancy to childhood.  But help was coming at age 30.

Father, they say doesn’t ever take all character flaws from the human.  He does give us the ability however, to work them out by truth and expression of truth.  But he did deliver the 144 from immorality in one fell swoop of His Spirit.

“Confess your faults one to another and pray one for another so you shall be healed.”

They seek God above all things most of their livers.  They wanted the best He had to offer.  Because their heart knows He is there and hungers & thirsts for His righteousness.

“Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for God’s righteousness for they shall be filled.”

At the age of thirty they were drawn to a little church in the meadow where they commenced to receive prayer from four people.   A mother and her son who spoke in higher languages, a two pastors another spoke in higher dialects.  A Pastor preacher, and an elder woman preacher/pastor.  For a years hence the 144 became a student of the elder woman who was at that church.

There in that meadow the 144 received the coveted gift of The Holy Spirit.  They received gifts of Love, Faith, Hope, tongues/intercession, insight, discernment, and Truth.    And much later when end of days began, they met the Lion of Judah in a cave and received the gift of prophecy from that Loving Lion.

At the age of thirty, receiving the Holy Spirit was the best experience of their life and still is.  Typically they wanted more of that feeling of God’s Love and supernatural power of Light.  Like children the 144 didn’t know what lay ahead.  There was much much learning to be had.  Lessons of pain and lessons of Love, passion, Truth, healing, deliverance, preachers with gifts there to lay hands on them.  Lessons of patience the hardest for them it seems.  They ejected many dark spirits from their bodies.  Lust & sloth left them.  Other dark spirits in them had to be prayed over by the gifted preachers to eject.  Addiction hovering over her head was cast away by the preacher.

The 144 ran from church to church seeking Truth and Life.  They relapsed into old behavior for a time when crack was introduced.  And they suffered a treacherous & long prodigal walk of debauchery.

The Holy Spirit never left them.

The Woman of Revelation 12

By the gift of The Holy Spirit they spent years in intercession by deep heartfelt heart wrenching burdens.  Prayers  for unknown reasons and many prayers for themselves.  By travail and spiritual burdens they did pray with great power and by lamentations, supplications, by The Spirit they learned the circumference of prayer itself.

Yet they ran from church to church seeking more of God’s joy.  For the year a full year after their Holy Spirit experience they had joy unspeakable.  Then they relapsed into old behavior.  And they suffered a treacherous prodigal walk of debauchery.

By their dark prodigal walk they learned the depths of God’s Love for them and His blessed forgiveness.  They met Grace first hand.

Delivered and re-delivered against all odd and contrary to human power.  Healings were given to them.  They experienced more sin & more dangerous and near death experiences.

The Wilderness

And finally at the age of around 46, as prophesied they were rescued.  They were carried without their own knowledge of what was happening, into the wilderness and kept safe for many years.  They were both nurtured and healed.  They recovered and learned many things from God.  They walked the Way taught by Jesus Himself.  They gave their testimony of deliverance on stages in front of hundreds at a time sometimes.  They gave testimony on the Image of the beast when they were born again as well.

They carried on.  They drank the pure water from Jesus at the well.  They road the Sacred Donkey to realms unseen.  They travelled unto secret places of beauty and Light.  In Spirit.

They travelled into the grave of purgatory as Jesus did.  And they carried out the self condemned men(mankind) taking them to their righteous judgement of God.  They slaughtered demons. All is done in the Spirit realm and of the works are works of Faith.

For it is only here only now that we can engage in great works of Faith by Faith with the Hope that all things are as Jesus explains.  They have Spirit guides.  They know crystal healing.  Evil is as evil does.

And then one day in late 2016 most all of the intercession STOPPED COLD.  No more burdens for lost souls.  No more prayers for the lost and confused.

Their prayers in Spirit changed dramatically.  End of days gifts kicked in swiftly.   They read abstract shapes as if reading a book.  The mark came.  The seals came.  The Locust flew on the back of the winger abomination and they see it all.  New supernatural gifts were realized in 2017 when the vail was lifted.   Jesus showed them who they are and what their life’s lessons were all about.  A deep spiritual reason for every event of their life.  Every pain every near death every joy, every great peace every horror show event was for a great purpose.

The 144 are the clay in God’s hands and He formed us from birth to be strong resilient warriors of God.  And we are.  The 144 will not forget their life on Earth because of their lessons.

If the man doesn’t learn anything worth taking to the next realm he won’t keep his memories.  This is what God’s judgement is all about.

Did we acquire any wisdom that’s worth taking to the Kingdom of God?  Is there Love in our heart.  Did we seek a higher purpose than just having a $valuable$ bucket list.  Did we give to the poor man begging on the street?

Were our words encouraging to others giving them validation and sharing Hope & Faith.  Did we gain a testimony to share with others?

Spiritual Gifts and Intercessory Prayer

The preachers who heal get validation by their gifts result.  The pastors who start the churches, they also see the fruit of the Spirit.  Travail, and burdens of intercession is another calling of gift entirely.   And yet the extensive gift of tongues is likely the most powerful of gifts.  The gift carried out by Hope & Faith, by Love God’s True Spirit within.

The gift of tongues is not the gift of utterances.  Tongues has two variations.  One extensive and deep which grows in time.  And the other often temporary and left articulate in it’s dialect.

The reason tongues are mocked is because the extensive tongues are so powerful.  God paying through us.  Think about that.  His own language.  To be sure there are many false tongues.  And there are tongues of the Dark Lord.  God created the Earth and mankind by His words.

God’s army war in Spirit by His Words.  And by Faith and Hope.  The 144 seldom see any results of their own lifelong gift of warfare.  If those wiht the gift were studied by carnal eyes, in conclusion the gift would be called worthless.

Until the end of days came into be.  Continual works of Faith with no validation and no results seen with the eye, this gift is no easy task. Intercessors who pray the long end of the big picture prayers know what travail in Spirit really is.  God Almighty will show us eventually results of our works of Faith.

Nor do they see us.  But soon we will know as well as we are known and then these three are shown Love, Faith, and Hope eternal.  The greatest is Love the works of giving.

What we see now is in front of our eyes and in our hearts.  The mark of the beast went out.  The foreheads are all marked or sealed.  The first love is often showing on the forehead.  We read foreheads as if they were a book.  We read abstract shapes as prophecy in a book.  And seldom does anyone believe what we write.

We are the scribes of God and we will seed the soon coming New Earth. We are tempered as gold.  We know the depths of darkness and the height of light.  And to be sure!  Without God Our Father lifting us up and getting us through we would be worse than dead.

Passover is coming we have seen the seals on the door.  Passover is coming.  We have encountered most everything Jesus taught.  Nearly all prophecy is already fulfilled as we watched.  We are in the waiting room.  We are on the road away from Egypt.  We see the Gentiles and they are many.

We are mocked.  We are called crazy/wacky and despised for what we see.  There is a vail that dropped in 2017 it is yet upon the Gentiles.  Bibles and the gospel of Jesus is now inverted.  This is a fallen Earth and the new jesus is here.  The Dark Lord’s time is very short. He is already defeated.

ALL the scrolls are open we believe.  And time is very short to know Jesus.

Make haste Gentile don’t hide your heart from God.  You are programmed to hide parts of your heart from God.  And the O.S.A.S. agenda is proclaimed so you won’t repent and get real with God.

There are only seven deadly sins you won’t shock Him by confessing.  He knows the hearts of His Sons.  And most likely your sin pales in comparison to the sins of the elect His chosen few.

God is a God of Irony.  He is  not predictable whatsoever.





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