Mind Control & The Satan Claws Christ Mass Programming

Article Edited by Laura E. and Inspired by JeffSnyder2 on You Tube.

Santa and Emotional Trauma=Blind Obedience

PLEASE READ THIS ARTICLE as it EXPOSES THE MATRIX. The mind control is ominous and brilliantly diabolical.  Trauma and programming is aimed at children in their FORMATIVE years from birth forward.

“Give me your child till he is 8 and I WILL have him for life”.  Says the beast.

This article could potentially change your views of everything around you.

Sidenote:   The word “matrix” has replaced the word “womb” in all KJVB in Genesis.

For those who don’t want to read, watch the video on same topic.


The Santa Claus Programing

In the heart of the CIA office in Roswell’s deepest cavern cave facilities there are two files held under guard.  They are large and they are dark.  Top Secret HIGH clearance only says the label.  Only the most elite agent leaders/officers can look at these two files.   But we get a peek at the file labels…”Kool” & “Santa/Jesus” are the titles.  Why on earth would the CIA have files with such common names on them?  These files hold the information on how to control AN ENTIRE NATION of people without firing the first shot.  These files, my friend are holding “Truth in plain sight”.

The Santa Jesus Program Erected by The CIA Given by Dark Angels passed on by Satan Himself who they now call by many names.

“The old wise one” but he prefers  “The Ancient of Days”.  He who defies God Himself.  The progenitor of the Lie.  The artificial one.  The basket of rotten figs.  He who drinks the blood of the innocent.  The manipulator of the wealthy. The initiator of the Great Harlot.  The Harlots guide and leader.  Spider of the Web, Transmutator of the innocent, The screeching owl, The pecking vulture, The worm in the skin.  Vile are his names and vile are his deeds.  He is not comely to look upon nor is he the adaptation of “Lucifer” as the TV shows.

The Childhood Santa Story

Those you love and trust most tell you a happy tale of a pudgy white bearded jolly old St. Nick who rides magic reindeer and gives presents to all good little boys and girls.  You Love Santa and your so grateful for the presents he gives you year after year.

One Christmas season while attending school a boy named Johnny Feilbad announces to the whole 2nd grad class that “Santa Clause is a lie, he isn’t real!” Its suspect enough the stark similarities between the words Satan and Santa.  After all there is the tale of Jesus that goes hand in hand with Christmas.

You run home and tell Mommy about bad little Johnny Feilbad.  Mother, in a fit of guilt for lying to her little baby loved one just to go along with status quos of society confesses to you…”well little Sally it was just a happy story that WE ALL tell our children to bring them joy, and NO Santa is not real.  He is made up”

You scream and run to your room betrayed at such a tender age of development.  Formative years means your forming patterns of behavior and belief systems not just a one time event.  The Santa story is a prerequisite for a lifetime of behavior.  Your very emotional patterns are being programmed.  And you just learned what betrayal and a broken heart really is at the tender age of 5 years old.

If mommy lies and its okay then lying must be “okay” to do.  Furthermore if Mama lied about this, what else did she lie to me about?

Trust is those you trusted most is squashed.  To continue seeing mama in a sacred light you will need to self deceive.  And oh how do men and woman self deceive concerning mom & dad.

Trauma & Demoralization Always Precedes Storybook Programming

(my writing always eventually takes me back to the beginning and if a man wants to see truth unclouded by emotional self deception, he either requires a miracle or he must also go back to his beginnings.)  Just start writing your pen will guide you on what you need to cry out.

Predictive Programming

The Human mind is both predictable & programmable.  Once you see the patterns of programming of the mind its not rocket science but rather its common sense 101 to walk through your various programs, to deprogram takes emotional processes.  Each trauma must be revisited and cleared away.

The Child Reasons Out as Predicted

If Santa Clause is a lie…well then what about this same day Christmas story of baby Jesus? The God who will help little Sally move into her everlasting life. Surely they have also lied about that. Deep within your subconscious you now are provoked to doubt the very existence of God Himself celebrated ON THE SAME DAY AS THE FAKE SANTA.

Satan Has One Priority…to steal your soul

Perhaps the priority of the ancient of days is the reason the elite don’t slaughter us all henceforth but rather allow us 72 years of life by their count.   And yes “allow” is a true statement.  Make no mistake they know how to kill us all off many times over without us having a clue.

Long Life is Stolen from Us

*Absent the poisons we are exposed to and eat regularly (being food, water additives, clothing, toothpaste, creams, lotions, basically anything you bring home from the store is poisoned, radio frequency EMF, wifi, electrical EMF, research it you can minimize your exposure.) we humans would be living past 124 years I believe as a minimum age and healthy years at that.

Santa (Satan=spelling coincidence?) is Not Real therefore God Must Not Be Real Either.  Santa Programming Continued.

Now that your faith in Truth, in your parents, in the idol Santa, which by the way reflects greatly onto the parallel story of Jesus and the manger …your very faith in God has been jarred & rattled as a foundational deception.  What has happened to you will be relieved over and over and over with future events.(most likely

Its no mistake it took place in the formative years of neural-pathway process development resulting in doubt and disillusionment.  It will take some serious hard times or near death experiences to bother seeking your Creator again now that mama and them just made the intellectual part of your faith into a fairy tale by proxy to the Santa story.  Let your Faith be immovable for it IS eternal.

Do you see the matrix?  Have you swallowed the red pill?  Can you ever trust anyone again?  Will you heal from the trauma your mama just ensued upon you? Are you one of the people who believe if its in the past it has no part in you?  Or that going back is “morbid reflection” and a useless endeavor?

Violent Programming of the child to induce Blind Devotion to The Beast for “their own good.”

Most children into adult hood have little to no capacity to see the trauma their parents have put them through and would deny it if suggested to them.  They would defend and praise mom and dad to the very end.  And now they defend and praise the beast also to the very end.

Why, why are we blind to parental trauma?  Why do we say “We needed violent spankings”?  Or as children we think we deserve to be hit?

Newsflash!  Assault and battery by any other name is still assault and battery.  And “spanking” an innocent child who is unable to defend himself against it for ANY reason is violent and traumatic to the child’s delicate emotional condition with life long consequences.  “You spilt your milk?” says the parent, well the consequences are to hit the child until he screams and cries and label it “love, for your own good”.   Get angry at them, scream it out, write it out, cry it out and then forgive…but not on minute before you process the pain of betrayal by those you loved most.

Nevertheless 99% of adults who were spanked will defend their parents seeing no negative result from the beating.  By defending the parent they show their blind devotion to Mom & Dad who by status quo marred them emotionally and broke their heart more than even the beast himself could do.   You wonder why the sick relationships?  Look at your roadmap of original relationships.

The Spanking Programming

Furthermore this spanking program is the basis for the precise emotional and mind screwing trauma needed for the adult to follow the beast system into hell for “their own good” of course.  Safety and security.

But the few who do see the trauma induced by spankings rarely will address or even be aware of their parental resentments or broken heart associated with it.    Why? They have no idea how to process trauma so why even look.   If they did process it they could then get to the next trauma and he next and the next to see the matrix and the trauma ensued by the beast system, education, TV, etc.  Make no mistake emotional trauma when stuck in the gut and heart are BLINDING to the man or woman carrying it.  It mares all future meaningful interactions.

Most Adults are Carrying Around a Heavy Load of Emotional Baggage that’s Turning to Poison Inside Them

People get stuck at resentment for family and stay in hate for years on end.   OR they go straight to “it wasn’t their fault” and never address the pain and violent betrayal by those they loved and trusted most.  Minimize, minimize, minimize.

They just cannot go there because it is a threat to the comfort that having at least one person they can trust and believe in holds.  Hence they never grow up emotionally by invoking Truth that would set them free.

Only you have the keys to open up the truth in your own heart…why do you hate yourself?  Granted there are many demoralization programs that download self loathing to us.

Any and all self destructive behaviors are based in self hate and self punishment.  All self loathing is based in either trauma hence programming or true guilt by hurting others.  Often a child would rather punish himself than address the betrayal of one he loves and trusts so much.

To address parental trauma requires the breaking down of the matrix. It is the very key to opening the door of Truth and allowing the light to shine in dark places.

If you were spanked at a young age then this paragraph does apply to you.  “Oh that’s morbid reflection!” says the defense.  “Why go back there?  I can’t change any of it?”   The unaddressed pain one holds in his heart and body clouds the mind.

If a man wants to see Truth he simply must clear away the clouds by emotional outpouring of core issues.  Tears will do it and alot of them.  You have to spill to heal.   Along with “We must feel to heal”.

A man would have to be desperate to purposely feel emotional pain and then spill it in one of the various guttural methods of emotional regurgitation.  But regurgitate he must if he is to clear the mind of emotional fog.

See my https://recoveryfarmhouse.net & .com sites for processing emotional issues.  Basically the entire website is based in that remedy of emotional processing said in a hundred different ways.

Putting Truth As Priority Above our Emotional Condition

Emotional defenses must be identified as patterns and stripped.  12 step programs can do this for a person if they are sick & desperate enough to lay it all out.  However once the defenses are identified AA will download you with their own program which is just another beast system program that tells you your powerless and makes you walk lock step with its status quos accepting any heinous debauchery.

Using Alcoholics Anonymous With Therapy

If a man gets therapy with the 12 step incursion that shows the pitfalls of the program he may become whom he really is rather than becoming an AA drone follow the leader copy cat.  They are easy to recognize in AA…they don’t speak in their own words. If they are threatened they quote mantras given to them by their AA cohorts.  They believe all mantras and all things AA without question.  Just as their mama is above reproach they worship AA as their higher power and will tell you so.  “Make AA your higher power if you don’t have one” says the consensus.  I owe I owe so off to AA I go.  But wait! its a free program!…sure it is.

Crying out the trauma to heal by sharing writing, screaming moaning, loosing guttural sounds from the bowels of your being can literally change your life and your perceptions and ability to process information.  It will give you a willingness to accept Truth no matter how emotionally painful it may be.

Processing core issues can wake up the mind from years of twisted resentments that cause projecting blame onto others and cause physical disease as well.

Why does AA and NA work so well? Sharing pain with those who related and validate your experience is absolutely the most effective emotional healer I have ever experienced in my 61 years on Earth.  And repressing pain is one of the most destructive emotional hold ups you can commit.


Because we are taught to suppress our BAD and OFFENCIVE VULNERABLE-ISH emotions and that being hurt means being weak we learn at a very early age that our feelings and crying is WRONG.  Unless your a child of one of the wise parents who teaches their children otherwise.

Even though AA learned the secret of sharing pain STILL The Beast has his hand in that pot.  With terms such as “morbid reflection” “that’s an outside issue” and “self pity” you will be quickly shut down emotionally IF you try to process core issues with the wrong people at the wrong meetings.

Personally I waged war in AA on the phrases “outside issue and morbid reflection” by stating “My past trauma is THE ISSUE not an OUTSIDE ISSUE!”

I must admit my Truther skills of writing and exposing began at recoveryfarmhouse.com and .net where you will find the information on how to heal emotionally at those websites.

I warred against the “Disease Concept” and “life-long need for meetings” when I learned personally that it was trauma and repressing, along with beast system brain washing that formed my addiction in me.  Oh yes, that isn’t blame that is the REASONS.  Here we go…being a victim….BAD.  Where there are victims there are assailants and exposure of beast system trauma is the last thing the beast wants outed.

Oh well it doesn’t make much difference to the beast I suppose, as most adults CANNOT WILLNOT allow themselves the vulnerability that is required to get real and heal.  They just will not go there.

Problem is getting real with one’s own heart and re-aligning the intellect with the heart is exactly what is needed to approach God in Truth to be saved from one’s own self deception and lies of the beast.

First we must learn how to cry out our core issues then we will see clearly the beast system that crushes mankind and pulverizes Truth.  When we are emotionally clear, then we will see all the various programs we have been downloaded with.  And by reaching our own singularity we will then recognize the programming in those around us.

But don’t judge those who prefer the lie too harshly…they are victims in spite of the word “victim” being bad and wrong.  Being a victim will very quickly and abruptly dash your social credit score to smithereens.

Next to the Santa program is the “kool” program.  One of the most brilliant ways of controlling humans ever devised.   EVERYONE WANTS TO BE KOOL AND WILL ACT ACCORDINGLY TO ACHIEVE THE KOOL PERSONA.

However now the beast has frequencies that can deceive our memories. Without the belt of Truth and the armor of God, all would be deceived and downloaded.

Hollywood Trashes Jesus

While Hollywood trashes Jesus and lifts up Satan himself the masses follow lock step in a behavioral modification surpassing any other in time.  Why? Why now?  The time is short friends.  The Spirit does not lie and it is The Holy Spirit HIMSELF who has shown Jazweeh the coming of Jesus.  And then came the signs and wonders galore.  And then all things were revealed as prophesied.

I am commissioned to write inspirational words of Truth.

I am the scribe who gets to write about all things being revealed.  It is no wonder Father has shown me the supernatural Mandela effects especially of the bibles that so many do see and yet so many do not see.  Who but a scribe would be ordained to see the supernatural.  Who but a scribe of God would be burdened no blessed with the mission of informing God’s children of that which Father has already shown them.

This page is not for the doubting and mocking of all things God.  This page is for believers.  Unbelievers cannot see much less comprehend God’s end times plan.  By my writing you are shown that your are NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO SEES WHAT IS.

Your a child of God and very likely 144.  Or your are The Bride.  But one thing sure, if you see the supernatural changes to our reality and the dividing of time (two times) then you will make the first rapture.  You will be blessed “to escape those days” of Great Tribulation.


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