Florida is Having Geo Magnetic Storms Nearly Every Day

The Storms Include a New Weird Super Bright Camera Flash Type of Lightening that set off my Microwave Leakage Detector.

Sidenote-(Get rid of your microwave or go in another room when destroying the nutrients in your food by microwaving.  As for the new lightening and my meter tests, I only did one test so I need to do more experiments with the detector meter to confirm the statement of lightening putting out microwaves according to the meter.  The readings were low by the way and did not exceed safe limits.  There are variables to consider more on that later.


Update “Interactive .gov air ozone map”  Hidden in plain sight.

Health effects of ground level air ozone

The new lightening is similar to the old “heat lightening” we used to get but VERY different still.  Much harsher, brighter, and we are losing electronics because of the hard and fast strikes.   Its gotten so bad that I unplug everything thats delicate like TV’s computers, router, dvr’s, charge controllers solar and so on because I am NOT replacing them all YET AGAIN.

The Last Strike Earlier This Month.

Last time we had a hard strike I lost 2 dvr’s, Direct tv swim, 1 charge controller(solar), 1 TV, and TV 2 no longer can connect to internet which means the electricity travelled not only through the electric cords but also through the ethernet.  The whole house is hard wired.  What IF I had been running wifi?

If electric lightening can flow through ethernet cords that don’t drive amperage via 120 but simply plug into the router for signal.  Then how are these common geomagnetic storms affecting wifi?  Good question L. Edgr.

The lightning I am seeing often DOES NOT LOOK like lightening used to look or how you see it depicted on TV or photos as a jagged rod of bright light.

Normal Old Lightening Below

This is somewhat like the new lightening.  Heat lightening in the past was not white. It always had a nice soft yellow hue to it and was never threatening.  Big difference in what we are seeing lightening do in central Florida.  Its white, its loud unbelievably LOUD (thunder like never before cracking thunder) and it likes to knock out electronics.

If you see it in purple get the heck away before the ozone hits and you end up with CV symptoms due to ozone.  (my theory is that this will happen I do not know how long till the geomagnetic storms morph into corona discharge and maybe they never will)

Granted this is not the first time I have lost electronics due to lightening.   It has happened before about 3 years ago.  It used to strike on the left side of the house.  And it looked like lightening is supposed to look.  But now the storms have changed.  They are so loud and cracking that I would not go outside during one for fear of what the electricity will do.

This USGS article lets us know there are severe changes happening to our atmosphere…

At the emf levels.  Electromagnetic.  The Magnetosphere.

“Geomagnetic storms are caused by the dynamic action of the Sun and solar wind on the space environment surrounding the Earth. Magnetic disturbance during such a storm generates electric fields in the Earth’s crust and mantle. These electric fields can interfere with the operation of grounded electric power-grid systems.”

The .gov article talks about geomagnetic storms and our history with those.  It mentions “The Great Magnetic Storm of 1921” and “Carrington Storm of 1859″.  I call BULLSH*T!

Never ever has the U.S. experienced magnetic storms.  (I believe).  I suspect the reason the powers who be or A.I. adds history is so we can calmly say…”see it happened back in the the 18 and 19 hundreds, its nothing new and they survived it!”


Is it so we can cordially green aliens when they arrive?  Dream on.  The real reason is not so pretty when you check out the .gov links below.

I think we have now discovered that the reason for the new “Space farce” is GEO-MAGNETIC-STORMS that are going to very likely and very soon affect earth and health of humans.

I say the state of our atmosphere’s electrical situation is an all new event.  Okay okay I hear you “there is nothing new under the sun” says Solomon the wise.  Solomon was not speaking of technology when he made that statement nor was he speaking of end times state of the earth.  If he was then we clearly have another biblical contradiction…but these two scripts are pre KJVB corruption/mandela effects.  “Such as has never been before and will never be again” said Jesus in regard to the condition of the Earth during the end of the age…oh now it’s called “the last time”…ridiculous changes.

Off topic Mandela Effect paragraph below.
Never the less this article isn't about biblical corruption and su
pernatural changes to scripture (see EYA on YT).  But I say this, I proclaim myself an expert on the KJV and have 30+ year old actual books of Strong's Exhaustive Concordance and Lexicons, Greek Interlinear, Hebrew Dictionaries and so on well studied to boot...and I wrote my book "Paradise for the Hellbound" at that .com back in 2007 thereabout I know a little something about these books.  For starters, Strong's reference numbers DID NOT OVERLAP before Greek/Hebrew.  Meaning the Greek numbers started where Hebrew numbers left off something like H1-H4999 to G5001-G8000.  This I clearly remember. No more.  All the books that are relevant are changed. KJV change dramatically and very corrupt.  The "author of confusion" (if the book still calls Satan that) is rewriting EVERYTHING it seems by his most disgusting & illiterate demons.  Not to mention spelling the words that still exist is quite challenging with the new patterns of word spelling.

Already a priority in the National Space Weather plans, this work highlights the need to complete a national-scale magnetotelluric survey and for additional magnetic observatories so that geoelectric hazards can be mapped across all parts of the U.S.,” said Reilly. “The recently passed omnibus appropriations legislation for fiscal year 2020 includes funding for the USGS to continue the magnetotelluric survey across the southern tier of the country.”

The new voltage map is a critical step forward in our ability to assess the Nation’s risk to geoelectric hazards,” said Jim Reilly, USGS director. “This information will allow utility companies to evaluate the vulnerability of their power-grid systems to magnetic storms and take important steps to improve grid resilience.”_______USGS dogma statement

Gov. Link Conirmation of Geo-Magnetic Storm Dangers



That USGS guy is one evil looking bloke. Nevertheless he is probably just a clueless actor like the rest of the NAZA and .gov bio-bots.  Ya I need to work on my resentment list toward those who enjoy destroying the earth as we knew it.  If it all heinous purposeful debauchery by the powers that shouldn’t be that have destroyed our atmosphere?  Not wholly but obviously corporations enjoy destroying God’s beautiful nature.  After all if food grows naturally they can’t control us by poisoning our food.  The geo storms we are experiencing in Florida are likely unavoidable in line with end times disasters.





VIOLET is the key word. A violet flash of energy corona discharge from high voltage wires or other devices affect by atmospheric changes to the magnetosphere. A hiss and then the ozone that causes same symptoms as cV.

I am connecting the new geostorms that we ARE SEEING IN FLORIDA PRETTY MUCH DAILY NOW with the Corona Bye Russ since corona discharge puts out dangerous ozone that causes the same symptons as V.Russ.

WARNING:  If you hear a hiss and see a flash of violet get the heck out of the area fast and hold your breath till you do.  The flashes are coming more often but the colors started with gold and silver and clear white.  Some people can see them and most people cannot.  I asked Father to be able to see the emf and I started seeing rods of flash energy.  Its ongoing.  Rarely is it purple…YET.  Red is getting close.  They know this geo magnetic situation is going to happen that’s why they invented the bye russ.  Yes this is a theory and I could be wrong but…

We have strange new lightening in Florida that looks like a billion flashes of a camera.  Its nothing like regular lightening.  It happens when there’s no rain. It happens in rain.  It happens very often, very often.  Nearly daily now.

Just like we used to have the spring flowers when it rained on a sunny day with NO lightening and few storm clouds.  Now in Florida we have daily geostorms.  They are not normal and they are new.

Be sure to see my corona discharge articles and the I Pet Goat II decode.  You can find them all by scrolling the homepage https://danaashlie.com.  


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