Iron Born?

Game of Power.  “Game of Thrones”

Have you seen the disturbing Hulu TV series called “Game of Thrones”?  There are two ways of watching it.  One for entertainment & the other for an education.  That’s right.  However without deprogramming from the Beast system one cannot likely watch TV for education.  Only God can change hearts.

More on that below.

Deprogram from the TV and Cell Phones.

The TV is definitely Thee Image of the Beast.  Cell phones are also the beast’s image.  How can that be? You may say.  To know one’s own patterns of behavior is to know one’s self.  To know one’s self is to know others.  Why?  We are all programmed by the same Image.  First by it’s alluring comfort as Mother sets us in front of the picture shows as babies.  Do you know yourself well enough to know and see the mind control you have endured?  Do you understand the importance of a relationship with God? His refinement as spilling, burning out the dross from precious gold He will tear the programing out of our minds & our heart root by root if we can rely on Him.

He will show us the Beast and how it betrayed us using it’s image.

The one who believes they were never programmed will not likely be deprogrammed while still human.  The process is heart wrenching.  And without Love’s tempering in the process the man will become bitter and angry for what he is shown.  For what the Beast did to him, to us all.  See and .com for deprogramming helps.

So far we think Israel the people are the only ones whom God has lifted the veil from.  To see clearly the Beast and the prophecy fulfillments.  The amazing miracles at hand.

With the sour comes the sweet.  With the scrolls of Revelation opening came also the black scroll.  The Black Scroll prompted bitter workings of God for His children which strips the character flaws from our hearts and minds.

The Black scroll was sweet to open but very very bitter in the body.

False pride, vanity, control issues, realizing powerlessness, peer pressure and status quo social programming problems, trust issues, subconscious attempts at usurping God Almighty by manipulation, (telling Him what we think He want to hear).  And finally, issues of presuming that knowledge is more valuable than Love itself.   Becoming puffed up.  Realizing that without God’s Love in us, we are wretched & power hungary.  Yet we are worthy of His Love as children of God.  Humans lack Love’s temperance.   Therefore great knowledge can destroy humans and has.

Love’s value is greatly misunderstood.

What Do We Learn From “Game of Thrones” TV Programming?

A. Humans cannot rule Earth in righteousness it is impossible.  Why?

Reason one is because of what men do not have.  Reason two is because of what men do have-corrupt flesh.  The seven deadly sins.

Only God is equipped to know the hearts of men.

“In the twinkling of the eye the mortal puts on immortality.  The corrupt puts on incorruption.”

To be a guardian over Earth to guard all God’s chosen from evil is no task for humans.   To protect with righteous order the human would need insight into the future.  He would need to know all Truth from Lies when confronted by them.   He would need the ability to never be deceived by anyone.  Hence never making the wrong choices. He would have to put God’s Love as primary over all his choices.  He would need to know the hearts of men as God does.  And he would need to know himself thoroughly in absolute Truth.  He would also need to be immortal retaining his great knowledge.

The man would have to be made perfect without flaws, as a god.  Until then no man, woman, or child is FIT to be guardian over Earth as protectors.

Once incorrupt and immortal His Love, and knowledge of the Truth and by his insight into the future behavior of all humans he could rule righteously.  If God was first in his life.

He would also need a place like an island or Hell, which no man can escape.  No human guards.  No anointed rulers. He could separate and send all evil men who mean harm to others into their own world.  Giving the evil men what they want.   Power over their own world and power over others.  To claw, stab, and fight with each other like animals that they are.  And to “RULE” by oppression as they see fit.

The righteous sons of God would never ask to “rule” over anybody.  The sons of God know that “rulership” is oppression.  Nothing good ever comes from human “authority” of any kind.

But without a harvest which separates the evil from the good there can be no peace on Earth ever.


Not God’s towers.  The rule of the iron rods over Earth is The Dark Lord’s power.  Make no mistake.  The Dark Lord is rewriting all bibles daily, old and new print and code all the way back to the first bibles on Earth. This is one of the strong delusions.  As Christians read they see good in evil words.  They remember no changes to The royal and stately words that were Old English.  The vile bibles on Earth now are full of lies and great truth, both.  They are both revelation and blasphemy, both vulgar and eloquent.

The iron rods tell the Gentiles what to remember and what to forget.

You don’t believe me of course.  How could you?  Unless you are a son of God Almighty.

Without God’s Love and deliverance no iron born child’s mind can be protected from the changes to it.  The rewrites to our very thought and memory.  The Towers of Babble are long erected.

AGAIN MAKE NO MISTAKE.  GOD WILL NOT ALLOW THIS BLASPHEMY TO CONTINUE.  He will deliver His sons from this wretched beast control system.  And He will bring the gentiles home as well.

Does the man Love Truth?  Did they really fall under the power of the towers and of the Locust that flew because “they loved not His Truth”?  That’s what the books said prior to the desecration.  We cannot say.

All we know is that we remember the real Holy Bibles and the many do not.


Does the mark of the beast have something to do with the mind control?  Most likely if you took the genetic therapy shot it means you drank Esau’s soup.  And handed your inheritance over to the beast to erase it.  They deleted your very bloodline within.

Some say those who drank the soup are incapable of repenting.  We are taught righteously to Hope that is not so.

After all everybody makes mistakes.

“But the bible says Jesus will rule by an iron rod.”  Ya it does.  But if you had your memory you would know that Jesus hold A SCEPTER OF GOLD not some “rod of iron”.    You would also know that we do call Jesus a “son of man” EVER.  He is THE SON OF GOD.  You would also understand that the vile erroneous bibles full of grammar errors and vile stories is not the voice of The Good Shepard.

“His sheep know His voice.”

What kind of scribe of God would I be if I only said “they made their choices and they will NEVER believe they are walking under the strong delusion.”  Want proof?  See

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