Coming Red Dawn Event? Maybe.

As the four Angels of God pour out their viles so too Venus, Mars, scatter dust by their tails.   And two other planets most likely have formed tails as well.  Their tails are red/orange Iron Oxide becoming flammable when it’s ionized by the Sun.

“Venus” (the new bright and morning star) Is Made Up of Iron Oxide.



How do I know this?  First you can see the viles being poured with binoculars.   And the Red Kachina appeared with his sister “Blue Kachina”.  She is more mild mannered and speaks openly to the chosen few.

Since the they’s are calling the Red Kachina “Venus”.  They are also revealing it’s surface content & tail emissions.  They say Venus is made up of Ferric Iron Oxide (Fe2O3) , and Hematite.  The tail of a comet/planet spewing it’s dust is the carnal way of looking at it.

Jazweeh gave a prediction a few years back of “Red Dust”. Egypt deserts suffered from lung issues with five thousand hospitalized (allegedly) because of it a couple years back. Furthermore we predicted and gave the words of the Angel testifying of pouring out red dust upon the Earth.  Long before we knew the contents of the tails of Venus and of Mars.

The Massive Life Sustaining Tunnel Systems Built Underground 

We believe since the chem trails have stopped they are no longer trying to save Earth from the Sun’s radiation.  This clearly means that the few who paid to go deep underground have taken their place in the Earth.  They are desperate for protection from the Sun which they are sure would have killed them.

We assume they have closed circuit TV hooked into our TV’s to monitor any home they choose which has a TV camera.  How convenient it would be for them to watch the outside world.  Those who they left behind die from the sun and the red dust.  So as the Earth burns from the ferrous Iron Oxide.  And as the sun ignites more and more devices causing explosions here and there in any factory working with fire/steam/heat.  They have quite a view if they know what to watch.


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