CO-ED IS USED IN THIS ARTICLE JUST SOUND THE STRANGE WORDS OUT ALOUD you will hear the real words.  Some words are inverted with mixed letters like co-ed means code.

The Stealth War against humanity.  The slaughter of mankind without firing a shot.  Our air is compromised and many times when we think we have a sickness it’s likely that we have breathed too much carbon monoxide.  But this article is about sinister evil rulers who apparently hate us.

But first for new readers a –RECAP ON DEE ANNE AYE DESECRATION OF THE HOLY PLACE prophecy fulfilled.  THE MARK OF THE BEAST prophecy fulfilled.  Skip the recap in box if you already know about the back scene in greed i ants and Dee Anne a.

There are now biologically two categories of people on Earth. #1 GMO's and #2 Pure-bloods.  That's right.  The gmo's took beast Dee Ann a unto themselves & replicated it.  Their blud line is now tainted with Chimp and/or Antichrist Dee Ann a according to back scene in greed i ants researched at length. 

Technically there are more categories than two.  The variations pertain to what payload your brand was derived from.  Your body did copy and duplicate by rapid mitosis at can sir speed migration rates a foreign Dee Anne a.  The I'm meun system was deceived and adopted the foreign payload as its own.  Granted you still have the benefit of nature vs. nurture.  Your learned behaviors are primary as an adult and hard to override.  Don't give in to violence and rage lest ye take on a nasty brood of vipers unto yourself.  Simple repent and God will likely deliver you by purification of fire which is better than the lake of fire.  Your soul will live on if you can admit your mistake and repent of trusting the beast.

Chimp pro teens were the common listed in greed i ants payload in the back scenes.  Along with can sir sale lines that can be activated when coming into contact with other living sales..  But also I surmise Rat and pig were used (speculation).  The A.C. pro teens were not listed in in greed i ants that's something I can see and feel in people.

And then there is the sinister blud line of the antichrist which ended up to be a dead man's spirit.  This part is quite baffling.  Live humans walking around with a dead man's spirit seems impossible.  But if a line has ended the dead man's spirit is attached to that blud line to take it to the grave.  But now that natural process is amiss.  People walking around with dead man spirit in them yet they are not dying.  It's unnatural.

So the human spirit crown of life left when the dead man's spirit entered when they drank Esau's soup as I said before  (took the back scene).

Many have lost their own spirit (their crown of Life inheritance) and are now walking around with a literal spirit of death in them.

GMO Insects. GMO foods. GMO HUMANS made to order.


I walked through the grocery store.  A woman told me she took the back scene and missed the boo star.  She got the second or third CO VIDeo and it nearly killed her she said.  She swore this “I will never miss another boo star!”  Programming successful!  So the vaccines do work but the problem is that they work because they also created the by Russ they are preventing.

Two versions of by oh weep ons.  Ones for the back sin ate Ed and ones for the un back sin ate Ed.

Some say they have an “on going co-video”.  Here’s what I see about co video and the back sin a Shaun’s.  And if you did not take the back scene I have a helpful yet simple natural remedy for the people who did not take any back scenes (end of article).  It doesn’t prevent but it will fight it off so it doesn’t affect one’s heart.

As far as I can recall there have been at least 3 or 4 co video’s since the end of 2020.  As for puree bluds they have been trying to end us.  As for gmo’s they are putting you into financial bondage to the boo stars.  Oh sure it’s free at first just wait.

The un back sin ate Ed are not compliant.  But also there are natural factors confusing cause of illness.  The fake white sun is ravaging Earth’s oxygen.  Hence they have to block it with chemo trials.  Carbon monoxide and ozone gas levels are very high these days causing lung issues and complicating the issue of causes of illness.  Nature and bio weep ons working together to Dee Pop you late.  In comes the pollen making things even worse.  How are they dispersing the co videos?  It’s likely the wait for pollen season and flu season and use aerosol chemo trials to disperse their bio weep ons.

Hey I could be wrong.

Don’t eat the apple! All those around little Mary ate the apple of the beast to save their lives. They are wired up and on their cell phones do you see?

THE MICROSOFT I’m meun SYSTEM maintained by Expensive BOO STARS.

THE END GAME OF A DIABOLICAL GENOCIDAL GOD HATER who came to kill steal and destroy God’s humans is making vast progress..

Total control.   Soft micro given it’s way would have every life of every human being in it’s hand.  Stripping them of their original God given im meun I.Tees and making them drug dependent.  Their health would be in the hands of the beast.

Soft micro could give them an aggressive can sir ($$ big money) at any time in their life using boo stars being administered every six months.  And make no mistake all the back scenes had can sir sale lines in them which can be activated by other living sales.

Expensive back scenes insuring that only the rich will survive could have been their plan all along.  But it’s more likely they want us all dead.  Back scenes were a scam from the get go.  HISTORY IS FULL OF LIES about plagues and so forth. I already got at least two of the illnesses they claimed to immunize against as a child.

The Beast’s Time Is Short According to Prophecy

The most sinister scheme of greed and geno side ever fostered in the sick degradation the minds of evil men.  God WILL END THIS because many of His children are already gmo.  For the sake of the chosen few God will end this very soon.  God Almighty created both Earth and mankind.  The fallen Earth and humanity are not over until HE SAYS IT’S OVER.

By free will He allowed people to choose either the beast, the Dark Lord or Him.  And now it’s harvest time.  The separation of the sheep from goats, serpents from Lions, and wolves from lambs is finished.

ALL IS BEING REVEALED TO GOD’S CHILDREN IN THESE LAST DAYS.  Next article will address what’s in the many by oh weep ons labs abundant on Earth and why are they creating 100% fatality weep ons anyway.  Regarding viruses, human bacteria, animal and foreign bacteria, molds, and fungus, and lets not forget the rash of human cell sucking frequencies and electrical weaponry with D.E.W. etc.

Fear not they have gone far enough!  The beast’s time is short and will end very soon.   “if those days were not ended no flesh would survive.”




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