C.V. [Back Sin A Shaun] [In Greed I Ants] Decode

What Was Really In the Back Scene?

You cannot unread this.  If you took the final solution think twice before reading this decode of the in greed I ants.

Another mystery of the bible’s script to be decoded by “the wise”.

Sidenote:  Is it a sin to call one’s self “wise”?  And what if it’s Truth.  In this realm of Earth the code of status quo says this.

“Never say anything good about yourself.  And demoralize your self regularly to show humility. (Yet an insulting lie is FALSE humility).

Tell lies to make yourself appear humble.” Is the creed of the many.

“I am just a piece of dirt” says the Christian.  “Don’t believe what I say! Rather do your own research.”   Parrot parrot parrot.

What?  Do you tell lies?  Is that why they parrot “don’t believe me”?

The mind control of the beast rests on repeated lies which give the evil one’s more deceptive power.  The more lies the more deception.  The more deception in the world the more the evil elite sorcerers feed on it and the stronger their own project illusion.  Projects of blindness & of grandeur and goodness.  The towers of babble rely on your lies for the ricochet effect. The reap sow law of karma is real.  Now then.

If your to read to gain knowledge should you not learn from the wise?  Or do you prefer to learn from those who parrot “what do I know, I am nothing good”?  If I say thus it insults my Maker. I am a child of God. I did become the clay in His hands and so I learn at the very feet of Jesus Himself.  I follow the leading of The Holy Spirit.  And I know exactly when and how I received His Spirit.

The Hard Truth

I could be wrong of course.  There is always that possibility.

All of mankind were given the Spirit of Life.  The Light of Life is The Spirit of God.  One cannot live to receive the gift of Life without God’s Spirit of Life in them.  I call this Spirit “The Divine Presence of God.”  How do you know writer?  How did you learn this?

HOPE & Pandora’s Box

The gifts of Hope and of Faith are both eternal and supernatural gifts.  In 2018 God Almighty allowed a Sacred White Train (much like the scene in the mummy when Imotap lost his immortality) to crash through my chest.  It never stopped.  The White Train came from the East and fled to the West.

For about a half hour I lost the eternal gift of Hope.  Was that the silence of Heaven for a 1/2 hour?  Perhaps.   Its a new script but not all the new script are lies.

That half hour was one of the worst if not the worst feeling I have ever felt.  The Divine Presence of God was gone from me.  ALL HOPE GONE.  Yet I still had the Holy Spirit of God which brings with it the supernatural gifts.  Yes.  By God I know why he showed me the difference between The Holy Spirit for gifts, Truth, & learning.  And the Divine Presence of God, Hope.  Hope is a precious gift given to every child born on Earth.

Before this loss of Hope I had no idea just how important Hope really is.

Do those born again receive a portion of God’s Holy Spirit?  It’s very likely “yes”.  However of this I am not certain.  Because when I was born again by hearing God’s sacred words of Truth.  Which agreed with my heart.  I never had a strong spiritual experience. But it did change my morality instantly-overnight.  So yes I believe being born again gives another portion of the Spirit automatically.

Pandora’s Box

Hope is lost by Pandora’s box.  Pandora’s box is the shot.  The beast sent out the shot as soon as it got the two golden keys to the cell’s nuke.  With it came beast DNA.  Proteins of chimp to be replicated and set up in humans.  Much of my own family is now not of my bloodline.  Furthermore we take on the bloodline of Jesus by supernatural means.  By becoming the clay in God’s hands he carries out our spiritual creation.  Creation of mankind part two. This is why we are on Earth. By our choices we become Sons of God.

I asked God “How will I know the mark of the beast”.  In 2018 I immediately got the audible answer.  He said “Zebra”.  He knew I would know what that meant.  #1 Zebra Tech is the company which packaged & distributed the shot in cold packs. Sealed temperature monitoring high tech boxes for their special potion.  The temp boxes to keep the vile potion viable and alive.

#2 Zebra-After all to put beast dna in humans is a little tricky.  And makes man a Zebra being human/animal.  It’s mRNA blatant genetic therapy.  Reaching into your command center.  By passing by bodily deception your immune system which thinks the commands come from you.

What is the command? Set up the new Zebra system.  Man/beast.

Furthermore generational curses are carried in the blood.  No telling whose DNA curses of health & dysfunction they pumped into the masses of humans now GMO.   No telling what other beast DNA they used besides Chimp in the Astra Zen solution.

The basic nature/nurture component is part of this bitter transition. “Marah-meta” bitter transformation.   So the first generation of gmo are not as affected as would be the second.  If people can even have children after the potion does it’s work for 3 1/2 years approximately.

“But genetic therapy changes take years on end!” Says the google bot.  Yes but the cancer is fast growing.  Cancer with a mission engineered and programmable.  Programmable matter.

Whoops! Did you ask God what the mark of the beast would be? Simply repent if you were tricked into taking it.

The corporation made no bones about the beast proteins & cancer cell lines being in their solution. They called it “immortalized cell lines.  But its already been renamed again.

My guess is that rat, and pig were the other two beast ingredients.  All the chots had to have beast for the viral vector delivery system.  Otherwise it wouldn’t work.  Ya they should have stuck to aborted fetuses.  As least those were human cells.

Beast DNA.  Hence the mark of the beast.  “Oh the animal pro teens were just the delivery system” says the google team.  Right sure it is….the beast dna and the can sir sale lines were the payload of the viral vector chot.  Booted up with engineered cancer for quick replication in the human.  Babies will soon be a thing of the past most likely.

CANCER.  Cancer by another name was in it for fast replication.  Think of it this way…Cancer with a purpose. Programmed Cancer.  Oh sure it’s brilliant alright and diabolical. And those in the know say “but the cancer is purified so it can’t become malignant in it’s host”.  Really?   And what about the studies that say “when purified cancer cell lines come into contact with living human cells they have been known to activate.”  So replicating animal proteins by using Cancer growth patterns is one thing.  But also at some point those cell lines activate.  And the beast gets more money…moe money $$!

After all can sir is one of their best assets with a two fold purpose.  Killing humans and making money while doing it. Cancer is a plague and it is man made.  The cures are in nature.  Live food means uncooked raw.

The masses had their Hope taken away from them.  But since they never nurtured it anyway they are not nearly as affected by Pandora’s box as the believers would have been if they lost Hope.  To me it was devastating.  I would not have lived long in that condition.  This is why Father made certain that I knew what it would feel like to take the mark. He doesn’t leave us in the dark. All we had to do is ask Him.

Repent.  If you took it, repent.  God is a miracle worker who can restore your Hope.  But the scriptures said that “they would not repent even in the great trib. they would not repent”.


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