The True Gospel. The 144. Truth Undefiled.

First I Shall Share With You The True Gospel of Jesus

The true gospel of Jesus is not exactly written clearly in the books (bible) anymore.  Granted the story of Jesus coming to Earth, 1/2 man 1/2 God born of a virgin we have all heard over and over even unto redundancy on Youtube.  People share this by compulsion & by fear feeling obligation.




Ah the two moons show the dividing of time is upon the Earth. Those in one timeline and many in the other. Two times. Mean 2 realities. One of the wolf and One of The Son of God.  The Hopi prophesied of the split of time in so many words.

The Gospel of Jesus Are the Shoes that One Walks In

Jesus is The Son of God I believe these stories as Truth.  But I was not there was I?  No.  Neither has God shown me beyond a shadow of a doubt that the stories are His.

The True gospel of Jesus comes from THE HEART by experience of those who know Him first hand.  It comes from the hearts of His children who are/were changed drastically as a result of seeking Jesus diligently.  One on one.  By seeking Jesus He reveals Himself to us.

By receiving prayer at alter call The Holy Spirit is given unto men.

By praise and worship we meet God in Spirit.  For He dwells in the praises of His people.

By ongoing and heart felt prayer we get to know Jesus by the eternal gift of Hope.  We wait for His deliverance with magical Hope. We wait for His coming with eternal Faith.

Hope & Faith are eternal spiritual gifts.  Without them we have no armor.  The many are already leaving the “Hope” out of their Helmet of the Hope of Salvation”.  They trade Hope eternal for a book that they see as a certificate of salvation.  They say the bible is their god and their authority.  They see the bible as their ticket into eternity.  So God put the books in the hands of the wolf to see who these are—“His sheep know His voice and will not follow another”.

The 144 Share What they See with Those Who Believe

Not all have been believers long enough to have been trained as 144.  This is a life long molding of the clay.  Be not dismayed if you are not trained in warfare.  It was a very tumultuous road that few have walked down.  It included death, deep deep falls into sin, trauma, abuse, deliverance, healing, lessons of Grace and teachings that only come by PAIN.  Eventually they were shown the beast close up.  Not all are those who go before the throne.  Not all are the woman of Rev. 12 who became the warrior/child.

Those who know the voice of Jesus in this way, know the wolf speaks blasphemy from the Holy place NOW.  The desecration & abomination are upon us times-2.  When we see the abomination of desecration that causes desolation standing in the holy place x2 know that the time of the end is upon us.

Why do they see when others don’t?

When the locust from the pit came upon them in the night (some time in 2020-2021) they were already trained by God’s Grace and by practice to slaughter it.  They see into the dark realms.  The locust is vile but it is also better to think of it as a seemingly painless vail over the minds of the many Christians.  We think in some ways it may be protecting the many from seeing what they may not be able to emotionally handle.  Those who think they are 144 who have not already been seasoned in warfare may be deceived.  Christians often speak on YT of things to come that are already upon them unknowingly.  Its very hard for the 144 to watch blind men.  But this too is our training we must let it go.  Not all are the eyes.

Not all see the spiritual signs. We think they may have to endure unto the end. We know Christians see the carnal end times signs.  Yet those, the direct breathren of Jesus (133, 144) are watching His prophecy come to pass in technicolor.  

I will share with you what Jesus showed me.  By my Testimony in short.

I was a total mess all my young life.  In every way I was disconnected from both God and from myself.  I was lost to follow any wind that blew.  The winds took me to very dark places.  I died.   I had no self worth.  I was in bondage to drug addiction.  My pain was ongoing.  MY sins were many.

I prayed and prayed and prayed.  God delivered me and filled me with His Holy Spirit by the laying on of hands and prayer.  I spent a year in joy unspeakable.  Until I again fell into addiction.   My shame was great.  I prayed and prayed.  I sought out God nevertheless in my prodigal walk.  He taught me what Grace really is.  He pulled me out and cleaned me up.  I had lessons to be learned by my fall from God’s will.

The Man Child

For seven years God taught me who I am.  He also taught me why I was the way I was.  Every debauchery every searching by sin was to dull the pain of my separation from God.  Even in sin I sought out God.  When I met Jesus He empowered me to take authority over demonic darkness.  He showed me also I must rely rely rely on Him.  And still take authority by Him.

Revelation 12

This is the key.  To be a child and a warrior in one.  And that these two personalities don’t contradict one from another.

We are both the woman who the beast tried to destroy and we are the man-child.  The woman is the intercessors who pray by The Holy Spirit.  They were burdened with travail of lamentation and supplication.  For years they prayed not even knowing at times what they were asking God for.  Such is the burden of the intercessor.  Not all are the mouth piece.  They do not seek glory nor do other see their work.  If they share their calling they are mocked by those who are incapable of understanding the gifts of the Holy Spirt.  They are called “witches” because they do see into the realm of The Spirit.  These are the woman of Revelation 12.

The Good News of The Gospel of Peace

Feet shod with the Good news of the Gospel of Peace.  Why is this Gospel of Truth called shoes?

The Pearl Inside the Clay Pot is The Spirit of God

Because until one has walked the walk of Faith and found Jesus and walked by the Way of Jesus one cannot share the true gospel…expect by the copy paste version in the bibles.  If the only gospel we have is from a book we are not seeking God wholeheartedly.  Truth and transparency sometimes must come by desperation.  This is my experience.  Without pain I would have not sought God out with my whole heart.  Hence–the reason for the Great Tribulation is so men will seek God in Truth and finally be saved.  By showing  God our whole heart He in turn heals our whole heart.  He washes it clean.  He made us imperfect for a reason.  We need Him.  Without Him & without Jesus mankind is barren.  The pearl inside the clay pot is the Spirit of God.

The 33.33% Soul, 33.33% Body, & 33.3% Spirit.  Without the Spirit we are only 66.6%.  When the Holy Spirit comes we are 99.999999%.

Being born again starts the transformation by God’s leading.  All men have the divine presence of God given in the womb.  It is The Spirit of Life itself.  In my experience receiving The Holy Spirit Baptism is no small thing.  It is not a non event written in the text of the book that nobody notices when it happens.  It isn’t the born again experience either. Though being born again must I think precede the Baptism of The Holy Spirit.   Being born again is to be washed in God’s words and to finally start to seek Jesus.  The Spirit of God that brings spiritual gifts unto men including tongues & prophecy varies from man to man.  I cannot judge to whom or how it comes.  Perhaps to some it is a non event.  Except I do see that some are sealed on the forehead, others have the mark of the beast and some have both.  For they  must decide between the two.  The man cannot serve two God’s.


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    On my journeys looking for prodigals to invite to the wedding supper. I met a woman who was homeless and doing what she could to get by and she told me she can see the Nephelium spirits in Knoxville, TENN.

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