To All Christians Salvation 101

Just to Clarify My Recent Jazweeh End of Days Article.

“Hand” is not G1188 As in the script “a mark on thy right hand or forehead”  G1188 “the right side”.   Nevertheless the bible is unreliable.  We must follow our heart.  By becoming the clay in God’s hands our heart will lead us in to all goodness & Truth by The Holy Spirit He gives us.

The revealing of abomination of desolation the locust from the pit as being a dark spirit perched on the heads of many Christians is scary.  But we are all if saved, it is by Faith.  And we are forgiven by Grace.  God Himself has assured me that He did not create us to be perfect. Nor could we emotionally handle perfection as humans.  We would, if perfect, sinless, become vain, judgmental, and feel no need for God.  We would fall into perdition if we were sinless perfection as Jesus was when human.

Those with the blinding vail on their heads and faces (the locust) don’t know its there.  Their salvation can come only one way now.  That is to refuse the mark of the beast to the right arm.  The forehead mark is invisible and spiritually applied.  You won’t see it or the locust.  When you refuse the mark God counts that Faith unto you as righteousness.  Its a way out for those who never embraced a full walk with God.  It’s a way out for those who have been angry at God and were resentful to approach Him.  Refusing the mark is a one time choice that brings the soul into eternity.  It’s the easy way out.

Death is inevitable either way (unless your the 144,133).  Refusing the mark will put you into the category of sainthood, those in Revelation with white robes.  You see the buy and sell limits are coming.  Ask Him what the mark is.  He will not refuse you His answer.  It would be unfair.  For how will they refuse the mark if they do not find out from God what the mark really is.

Then the putrid vail will be lifted and what was once a curse becomes a blessing that protect God’s children from the fear of consequences of refusing the mark.

All things work together for the good for those who Love God.

How to Be Saved

So, the only task for us spiritually is to seek God with our whole heart diligently at some point in our lives.  The rest is doctrine.  Doctrine is man’s way of turning salvation into a score card with a certificate of salvation that says “just say these magic words and your saved because the book says so and the book is the authority”.  Yet the book has fallen into the hands of the wolf for rewrites.    The book is not God and it can’t save anybody who doesn’t seek God themselves laying aside the doctrines and rules.

The heart speaks its own language.  Fear speaks another.  Hope and Faith are the ETERNAL gifts.  Without them there is no salvation.  Hope is yet unfulfilled.  Faith is invisible.  That my friend is why the YT Christians are so desperate to make the Bible their God, & authority.  Why?  Because they have had no spiritual experiences with God.  They cannot relate to feeling the healing power and deliverance of Jesus.  They cannot identify with the testimonies of the people who were brought out of the jaws of the beast by God Himself.  The Creator who shows us His Love first hand if we seek Him.

But to seek Him means to expose our heart to Him.  This means we must risk the chance of Him rejecting us, and even worse, spanking us and taking away our toys.  The solution?  Offer Him your heart to do with it as He sees fit.  Pray the “thy will be done in my life” prayer of letting go.  And mean it.

Then shall He give you the desires of your heart and the desires of your heart.  He will put desires in, and fulfill desires already there if they are good for you.

Self destruction is off the table of God’s will for us.  That includes spiritual self annihilation.

Whoops I just told you how to save your soul.

The mistake humans make and I made is to think I can clean myself up then approach God.  Big mistake.    I must approach God as is and allow Him to change me.  He will not invade my life without an invitation.  Or I can just site back and call on Him when I need a “porter” as the new corrupt Bible call’s Him now.  Among other choice and hateful labels.

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