Showcasing Kimberly K. Ballard Author & Youtube Content Provider

Miss Kimberly Ballard. Expert on Jewish Traditions, Holy days, Prophecy, Literature, and more.

She has a channel on Youtube called “Elijah & Moses” channel.

Scroll past the videos for Kimbery’s Book ‘Aaron’s Rod The Messiah KING Of Israel’ by Kimberly K Ballard link & Credentials.


Bible prophecy update unconstitutional censorship

Kimberly, I want to personally thank you for your content videos on YouTube.  I value transparency and authenticity in people.  You are well studied in many topics and I believe you are motivated by a heart of truth.  Thank you Laura E. (Paradise for the Hellbound on youtube) My own book is at read free.

FUNDING FOR THIS CHANNEL IS PROVIDED BY YOU THE VIEWER THROUGH: KIMBERLY K BALLARD P.O. BOX 246, NIWOT, CO 80544 MY BOOKS OF THE LORD’S TESTIMONY AT: (The Almond Tree Aaron’s Rod The Messiah KING Of Israel). MUSIC BY KIMBERLY AVAILABLE ON iTunes… ARTICLE FAIR USE DOCTRINE IN USE TO SHOW BIBLE PROPHECY IN THE NEWS:… HARVARD UNIVERSITY LIBRARY ACQUIRED MY BOOK THROUGH A JUDAICA ENDOWMENT & THE HARVARD LINK TO SEE MY BOOK IS HERE:… ALMOND TREE AARON’S ROD THE MESSIAH KING OF ISRAEL BY KIMBERLY K BALLARD PUBLISHED BY was Acquired by the Leon I. and Louise S. Gubin Judaica Endowment HARVARD UNIVERSITY LIBRARY! MY BOOK INFORMATION FOR ORDERING IS LISTED BELOW HERE: Dr. Petrus Soons who created the Shroud of Turin Hologram in 3D gave my book a 5 star review! He is my wonderful friend from Panama and the Netherlands!My Book and videos are COPYRIGHTED 2007-2020 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. The MOSES book is e-book form only and is chapter 4 of the larger coffee table sized book… PURCHASE MY BOOK DIRECTLY FROM MY PUBLISHER IN UPSTATE NEW YORK. HERE IS THE LINK TO HER SITE-SHE HAS THE BEST PRICE! IT IS FULL OF SCRIPTURES SO IT IS A VERY LARGE BOOK!… “The Almond Tree Aaron’s Rod The Messiah KING Of Israel” by Kimberly K Ballard It is Printed in the USA & England UK (for delivery in Europe and worldwide)! (Film & Photography by Kimberly K Ballard) (AKA Kim Ballard) A true story of Divine Revelation & Miracles. This prophetic 858 page coffee table size book is large because it includes all Scriptures & is also available from the following sources:……… Exhibited on the Official Shroud of Turin web page of STERA Shroud Photographer Barrie M. Schwortz (click on year 2015, scroll down the page until you see my book cover) PS…I GAVE MY FIRST LIVE BROADCAST INTERVIEW ABOUT MY BOOK FROM PASTOR PAUL & HEIDI BEGLEY THE LAST WEEK OF AUGUST. GO TO THE 67 MINUTE MARK Prophecy: “Iran Threatens The Holy Land” via @YouTubeAS IT STARTS THERE FROM THE COMING APOCALYPSE SHOW! IT WAS AWESOME SPEAKING ABOUT THE REVELATIONS THE LORD GAVE ME. PRAY FOR MANY MORE DOORS TO OPEN FOR THE GLORY OF THE LORD!

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  1. I was listening to Bible prophecy update unconstitutional censorship. In this video she mentions something about the, “Govie Mastercard Web sight.”

    I certain I am not getting that right. Can you please clarify this for me so I can look it up?

    Thank you

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