Anthony Patch’s Most Vital Video

See my own God given confirmation 

Forgive me Anthony I thought you were a shill because you pushed the “patch” that is not.  And because your name matches the patch you promote.  I see now you & your life partner are one of the FEW who see the snark of the feast.

A Note to Anthony Patch

To Anthony.  I too have researched for years in depth of what the back scene is.  Have you not seen the “immortalized cell lines” in all the back scenes for the vid?  They are purified Cancer cells that, although they assure us that they are dormant and won’t become activated.  It’s been studied to show that these immortalized cell lines used in genetic therapy can and do become accidentally activated when coming into contact with other cells in the body?  The purification has been undone in studies shown both in vitro and in vivo.

I see the by Russ being spread by the back sin ate Ed.  I see the by Russ being a by-russ with the replication abilities of a malignant tumor.  With it’s protective shielding of a cancer cell.  I thought you might investigate that end of the research.  Furthermore If the ‘theys’ really did get Jesus’ blood off the Holy Shroad could they be targeting His bloodline?  You know when you receive the Holy Spirit you also receive the bloodline of Jesus.  Quite literally I believe.

THIS IS A PICTURE OF AN ARTIFICIAL CHILD.  Weather AI or just a prop it is not human.  Good thing too since depriving any baby it’s oxygen and making it breath it’s own waste products along with depriving plant life that needs our carbon dioxide is evil.   It’s a diabolical fear of death making the solution the actual problem.  Just like the fact that nobody was sick until they sent out their army of SARS-CoV-2 servants of the image of the beast (TV) to shed their particles on the whole world.  THEN people got sick.  Match this theory with your own first hand experience.

I spent a full year in 2020 asking people if they knew anybody first hand who was actually sick.  Back before the back scenes came out.  No no no no …was all I got.  Along with a few, “well there’s a guy in Sao Paulo who knows a guy in Australia who had it.  But he is fine now”.


A.I. Babe The eyes are the window to the soul or lack thereof.

Furthermore back then, before the BACK SCENE arrived a few people had colds and thought they had it but none were hospitalized.

This is my investigative reporting of research first hand info.

Is Covid 19 real?  Now it is.  Hell yes.

Are there varients? Fuc**ng A!

How do I know?  I seem to be targeted for every one of them.  If not for the gift of God the second witness (of the two witnesses) who came to me in a vision healing me, I may not have survived the first strain.  I could not breath right.

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