Fake Sun? Did you know Grow Lights Also Charge Solar Panels?

How to See the Bulbs in the Sun


I am merely presenting facts here, the conclusion of course, is yours and yours alone.

Just The Facts Ma’am

Fact 1-Use the outer part of your sunglasses as a mirror.  If you look with your back toward the sun at a time when the sun is not covered in clouds by the reflection of the outer surface of your sunglasses you will see a number of clearly identifiable bulbs in the sun.

Fact 1 continued-As I have many times using multiple pairs of different sunglasses.  Every pair shows the same bulbs.  My theory-The sun is too bright for the naked eye to see the bulbs.  The sun glasses dim down the sun making the bulbs visible.  (Alert see diagram.  The glasses should not be on your face for this experiment.)

Fact 2-I thought to myself “if the sun were fake or man made it wouldn’t charge my solar panels…would it?”  Wrong (sound gong bell).

Fact 3-I knew that people grow plants inside using LED grow lights but surely solar panels cannot be charged by LED grow lights!  I asked Google AI brain if solar panels can in fact, be charged via LED grow lights.  Low and behold the answer is “Yes”. (Gong sound! I was wrong again and got the gong.)

Fact 4-This means you can both tan and charge solar with a hypothetical L.E.D. sun simulator.  This probably isn’t new information for truthers but since I have not been led to watch fake sun videos/yet these are my own experiments & findings.

Fact 5-The sun used to be yellow now its bright white too bright to look at.  And on some mornings its so bright I fear it would blind me if I starred at it.

Fact 6-I was demoralized as a child and programmed into drug abuse & cigarette smoking.  I had low self worth, self loathing, and thought my feelings and original thoughts were bad and wrong.  Later I realized that was no accident for a teen of the 70s and a child of the 60s.

My questions-I know we are programmed on a whole to not believe what our own eyes see & are telling us.  I was programmed to no trust myself or my intuition.   I have been DEPROGRAMMED from the beast system.  But where is the real yellow sun if this one is a mass of LED lights?

End of Sun Simulator Article.  Begin Programming & Deprogramming Article.

“And Although my eyes were open they might just as well been closed.” Song-“A Whiter Shade of Pale” by Procol Harum.


Signs in the Skies & My Vision

Result of Programming- the sun and moon are billions of miles away (B.S.) and those stars your watching with binoculars that have wings and appear as a great firebird flying west is just your imagination, rather its an illusion.(I have seen these myself)

I believe these two brightest stars are the red & blue Kachinas prophesied by the Hopi and Mayans.  About 7 years ago I had a vision of a blue star.  God had me seek out the term “blue star” and I found the prophecies given by ancient Indian tribes.

The Mayan & Hopi Prophecies of the Blue Kachina and her brother The Red Kachina to appear at the end of days.   “There will be signs in the skies.”

I assure you these two stars have wings that can be seen with binoculars.  One is clearly bright reddish orange and the other shows blue.  When they first appeared their colors were not so easily identified.  First the Blue Kachina looked red, white, and blue.  And the Red Kachina was just very very bright white.  But in the last year their colors have become clear and morphed.  The blue Kachina shows as a bright and morning star, but for that matter the red kachina shows in the morning as well.  They are bright enough to show during the morning hours as small moons.  If you have binoculars you will see their flight and their wings.  (I heard somebody call Blue Kachina Venus, more B.S. & I think they are calling the Red Kachina mercury or mars.)

More Lies


And your body is 98% water too….really?  The earth is a spinning ball that is made of Velcro and those chem trails you see….well they are all con trails from various planes.  Ignore the man behind the curtain and ignore that massive airplane with 6 cloud jets coming out of its rear.  Get the picture?  How about this grading system?

The Grading System that Programs the Minds of the Masses

Multiple choice questions with ONLY ONE ANSWER train your mind to be closed.  Learning math that you will never use and is so ridiculously hard that 99% of children cannot grasp it is to make YOU FEEL STUPID so you adhere to  authority.

Don’t ask the teacher questions or she will make a fool of you in front of your peers.  Therefore you don’t learn or ask questions in life.

All children are programmed to demoralize one another by comparison they relish their false self worth.

Self worth really comes from estimable actions. (self esteem).

Apparently now  47% of all students in the U.S are getting straight A’s.  Wtf are the programmers doing now?  I get the 1% who were getting straight A’s back when I was in school.  A straight A student was a rarity then.  So the rest of us all felt inadequate.  I get that program.

They Call the “TV Programs” for a reason.

And I get their self destructive “Death by Cigarettes” programming. “YOU’ve come a long way baby, to get where you got to today…….you got your own cigarette now baby, you’ve come along long way”______

After all, how would a generation of demoralized little girls turned women respond to the relentless Virginia Slims song that they heard over and over and over and over?

Once a child thinks they are bad and wrong and their heart is broken they pick up the mask they are handed by various “programs”.

Do you want to be beautiful and KOOL? Slim and sexy?  Tear up your lungs with these Cancer causing inventions of chemical blasphemy and you will be beautiful good and right instead of “bad and wrong” like your heart tells you that you are.

Granted most woman are unable to listen to their heart’s voice.  They would never admit that they think and believe they are wrong and bad.  But the actions of humans tells the tale of low self worth.  Any knowledgeable psychologist can diagnose low self worth by behaviors.

When your heart is broken at an early age because of the epiphany of realization that everything about you is WRONG & BAD you simply become someone other that yourself.  Someone who the beast system presents to you as Kool, right, good, etc.

Due to programming…you learn to shut out our own heart invalidating it is false.  You put emotional band aids all over the truth and you learn to prefer the lies that you tell yourself.  Change all those “you’s” to “I”.  I am talking about myself and what I have learned about my own programming.

To break free of programming see my recoveryfarmhouse.com & .net websites for addicts and work the 12 steps.  The deprogramming process works for addicts and non addicts alike. Work the 12 steps but do not become indoctrinated into yet another program so as to call god “the program” as many AAers do making AA their god.  They share in meetings “If you can’t find a higher power just make the program your higher power”.  That my friend is idolatry and blasphemy.

If you put Jesus first in every working of every step of the 12 steps you can deprogram from the beast system without being indoctrinated into yet another beast program making the mistake of calling AA your god.  I know this because I did it.

But you must be very thorough in the shame, & guilt departments.  You must share your deepest darkest secrets of shame with someone who will relate to your actions and not judge you.  It takes empathy to heal not spankings.

So you need to confess your darkest secrets, identify your patterns of dysfunction, renew your relationship with God by telling Him you don’t know how to trust Him and so on.  By admitting any resentments toward God.  And taking out all the emotional garbage you have hidden you clear the wreckage.

AA was Infiltrated by the Beast System

Why was a man like John D Rockefeller Jr. involved in the movement of Alcoholics Anonymous?  I can tell you why.  The beast had to hijack the narrative and they did.  I allege that B. Wilson who was a money minded man who wanted to be in the big time took whatever he could get from the beast system and the AA Big Book suffered greatly for it.

There is a reason that I remember every word from a commercial song written in the 70s as if I just heard it today.  There is also a reason I smoked putrid cigarettes for 20+years as did all my friends.  Who by the way pretty much all became drug abusers at one point.

My first acid trip was in 6th grade, I kid you not.  I would not do that again by choice.  See my 5 part testimony.

Read my book Paradise for the Hellbound written pre Mandela Effect.

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