missdanaashlie.com Website Uses “doubleclick” Blatant Tracking Spyware”

Blatant Tracking Spyware is used by some websites (I did not develop missdanaashlie.com)

[missdanaashlie.com NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH danaashlie.com]

Dana Ashlie of Youtube did not program the tracking on missdanaashlie.com website.  The webpage is controlled by a website host who has made these choices to track people.

For example missdanaashlie.com website has chosen to track you by your browser with spyware tracking cookies.

Its one thing to save a clients login info with site cookies or make it easy for them to login by logging IP addresses. Doubleclick.net spyware tracking cookies does much much more. They size you up by your web browsers actions and then bombard you with ads to manipulate you further.

See evidence below