Nano Particle Infestations Rewiring Your Internal Circuitry

Looks can be deceiving folks. The man in these videos may be one of the most informed and intelligent Truthers I have ever watched on the box of lies and deception. Be warned, these nano particle nano circuitry videos are terrifying however know this their are solutions to nano infestations and Tony Pantalleresco holistic & frequency expert gives us solutions. Dave is his helpful camera man and interviewer.

Vids on remedying ways to reverse or cure what ails you
Life Force Within/Tony’s Site

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  1. This dude is not good hearted. He recommended turpentine to clean out the system and when I asked ‘will this destroy good bacteria’ – he responded with a total insult barrage as though “any idiot” would know not to ask such a question. When I pointed out he was being an ass – he said “I am Mr Assshole all day long to you” – so he’s got a sadistic bent and seemed to enjoy it.

      1. Here’s the link to request a consult with Tony. I’ve been extremely appreciative to you Dana, and to Tony, for pioneering this information. I’ve been using the anti nano bucket and triangle for a couple months now and I believe it’s saving my life. I’ve tried hundreds of healing modalities for decades, and this is the first thing that’s making positive changes in my body.

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