The American Dream

You Must Be Asleep to Attain It!

How to get saved

waL=Law  Be sure to read the prediction warning at the bottom of the page before clicking out.

All About The Walton's | Popular 1970's TV Show

Dear Readers,

This link is to a terrifying article with revelations on The Tower of Babel, The Covenant with many, and what is blasphemy of the Holy Spirit.

Mart= Mart-ial=Martial Law.

Oh that was the name of the sweet old man Sam Walton. Who benevolently clawed his way up the hill of money from nothing.  Rags to riches the American DREAM.

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WAL-MART RUTHLESS Price Gouges in Times of Need

Walmart selling all their REFURBISHED VCR’S FOR HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS.  They are worse than the desperate eBay and Amazon sellers who are at least just trying to feed their families.

wal-mart that spells martial law (nearly) backwards is evil

Walmart the mega billion dollar monopoly has the gull to sell a vcr for $600-$1000 dollars with no regard for human life.

Fu** you WALmart!

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