WAL-MART RUTHLESS Price Gouges in Times of Need

Walmart selling all their REFURBISHED VCR’S FOR HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS.  They are worse than the desperate eBay and Amazon sellers who are at least just trying to feed their families.

wal-mart that spells martial law (nearly) backwards is evil

Walmart the mega billion dollar monopoly has the gull to sell a vcr for $600-$1000 dollars with no regard for human life.

Fu** you WALmart!

I wish I had never stepped foot in any of your stores.  You are the epitome of the beast by example.  When a billionaire monopoly gouges the people who just want to watch the vcr home tapes they have paid for already it shows who they are.  YOUR NOT TRYING TO FEED YOUR FAMILY.  AT LEAST THE GOUGERS ON EBAY HAVE A MOTIVE THAT’S OUT OF NEED.  WALMART YOU ARE THE SPAWN OF SATAN.

2 Replies to “WAL-MART RUTHLESS Price Gouges in Times of Need”

  1. not *has the gull* but *has the gall*
    No one *has* to buy a useless VCR and why would you want to? No one even *has* to shop at Walmart.

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