Buzz Caldron Speaks to Prez Nicks-on While On Moon 325,000 Miles 1969

Alleged moon distance 238,900 Miles Away (The last time I asked Google how far earth is about a week ago from the moon it said “329,000” approx. miles.  Seems they are making it closer and closer day by day.  Likely so the phone call to Nixon moon to earth in 1969 before cell phones isn’t so TELLING.

Intellectual Commentary by Quantum of Conscience

PLEEEZE— Quantum of Conscience (writers pet-peeve mass humans mis-pronunciation sorry) its newk leeeee ar nuck lee ar not nuke -U- lure!

Oh how they must have laughed at the gullible masses.  God help them.

My take on the distance is that its about 250 or so miles away.  Furthermore July 16, 1969 was the Apollo Eleven live for TV MOVIE.  I was ten approximately and gullible as hell.

Space may be the final frontier but it’s made in a Hollywood basement

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