How to Limit Thought In Humans and Diminish their Learning Capacities

Identified -Brain Washing Mind & Control from Head to Heart

The image is a God box.  Write your fears, shame, guilt, worries, and troubles, anger, rage and more.  They pray for help and give the worried to the box, to God.  And watch your worried turn into Faith.  Watch fear get transformed into Hope.

People with low self worth who are taught from birth that they are wrong & bad have only one solution to their broken heart.  Become someone else.  Someone who they believe people will like, and who will be right & good.  They become the character on TV of whom they are shown.  Who everyone loves.  “Yes I will become Hannah Montana because she is right and good”!  Then I will be loved and respected by my peers.  Then I will be good and right.

Violent discipline is often the primary arm of demoralization and emotional dysfunction.  “I spanked you for your own good” says mommy & daddy “because I love you” says the brainwashed parent.   9 out of 10 adults have no clue what Love really is.  Love is an action of care, thoughtfulness, giving, encouraging, faithful, kind, never jealous Love never fails.

What does the child learn from being beat, spanked, and punished physically?

Love hurts and is violent

Beat those I love

hit those I Love

I deserve to be hit

I deserve to be humiliated violently

I deserve to be tortured by an adult man violently.

Until I found myself I too justified my fathers “spankings” by him when I was a very small little girl.   Took me a good year to process my anger, and pain from my fathers unknowingly ignorant child abuse and trauma.  This was my second most horrendous emotional issue I needed to process during my walk into emotional healing.  It took seven years to reprogram and heal emotionally.  7 years and alot of work/prayer.  It would not have happened with God’s help.  The worst abuse came from the beast system as a whole.

For your own healing I made two websites (2) with pages and pages of different articles about recovery called and  They are about addiction recovery but emotional recovery exercises work and are the same for healing and reprogramming even if addiction isn’t an issue.

So in the child’s desperate need to be Loved we find the greatest deception forged onto children everywhere.  Demoralization, humiliation, mortification, search for solution, mask preparation, transformation.  The six phases of copy the cat mind control.  Break the heart-steal the soul.

Multiple choice questions in writing in school over and over and over and over does exactly what you think it would do…it boxes in the mind’s eye to make a child think that there is only one right answer to questions in life.

Questions that require an open mind to see the full picture with several reasons and several right answers surrounding it.  As I say “two rights don’t make a wrong”.

By Laura E.

How does the writer Laura E. recognize childhood and adult trauma based programming?  She went through the 12 steps, with empathic therapy, Deep continuous meditation, and has sought God vehemently for years on end.

She learned who and why she hated herself after a very extensive process of self improvement by emotional healing and spiritual enlightenment.  Relearning communication with other people was vital.

Most men (mankind) walk around all of the day in defensive mode.

After the parental emotional issues are quelled through there is only one great issue left to see…what has society from birth onward taught me about myself?

The church bashes on a regular bases “therapy” as if it were in competition with God. Or as if getting group therapy and learning communication skills of Truth is somehow cheating on God.   The right therapist will give a man permission to become who he really is, take off the invisible mask (pretending & status quo/P. correct) and for the first time since he can remember, allow that man to follow his own heart.

And what does the BOOK say about it?  “your heart is evil garbage never follow it”.  Ya, that’s bullshit and its paraphrased.  Those who seek God diligently and ask Him to heal them and give them the desires of their heart are likely given the heart of God.  Every time you say “thy will be done in my life, in my heart” you allow God to guide your heart and thoughts.

God is the competitor of the beast.  He who programs the minds of children to hate themselves, to distrust parents, and to loathe the concept of God.

The beast is the programming author of confusion.  He is the guide of evil men who will do anything for money and power.  And what will these men do to humanity once their zeal for monetary gain is done?  When they have all the money then they will pursue all the power.  And they are, pursuing it now.

What does the book say? “Evil is given all power to overcome the saints”.  BULLSHIT.  More B.S.  You have heard this quoted yourself.  Men curse themselves by quoting the lie.  And what’s worse?  Many prefer the lie because it protects them.

Truth-“We are overcomers through Jesus the Christ who strengthens us.”  “Not by might nor by power but by my Spirit sayeth The Lord”.

They overcame by the word of their testimony.  Your testimony from your heart of what Jesus has done for you in real-time is the true gospel of Jesus.  Doctrine is just that…doctrine.  The words of God are being removed from the books as we speak.  Soon they will all contain lies and here-say frosted with nonsense, and tragic vile stories of dark sayings.

What I learned about Society

The Education System has one primary purpose, to create in children a desired response to input.

To control thought patterns of humans by programing.  The child is in program mode when he is taught primarily these three things–

One-There is only ONE RIGHT ANSWER to any problem.

Two-You are bad and wrong in every way, hence silence your voice of heart.

Three-The system (beast) is brilliant, strong, and beyond any reckoning of power that we little guys can match.  So do what they say cause your stupid and they are science.  Worship science.

Three things must also be done to the child.

The child MUST BE TRAUMATIZED emotionally at some point.  The child’s heart must be damaged by the time they are 4 years old.

The child will also be chemically controlled and dumbed down by mad science “for their own good”.

The child shall be poisoned by his own foods & filled with chemicals, fluoride, heavy metals, etc for further mind control.

Then once the child is programmed they inherently by that programming become UN-TEACHABLE.

Why unteachable?  Low self worth is the primary purpose for the demoralization by trauma that MUST occur for the ground work of inarguable and irreversible mind control to take hold.  People who are confident and self assured will not put on the mask to become someone else.  The child must believe he is “bad & wrong” and that both his ideas and his emotions are bad.  He must believe that pretty much all his original thoughts are stupid and that his hearts voice is chicken shit as they say.  (notice severe fear programming in society).  Fear is part of the human condition and it saves lives.  The very survival of humanity depends on fear.  Yet fear is condemned in society which condemns all people.

New neural pathways-bridges in the mind must be built over these initial childhood programs of deception and lies.  The flood gates may be in place and the road of the river laid out but the programmers/builders of humanity did not think about the fact that One-bridges can be built in the same basic ways the first programs were initiated.  And Two-People can heal from trauma IF they go back and process it.

Sure the original roads in the mind are still there but if they are not used they fail.  And the scars from the broken hearts are still there but they too can heal.  Learning to “say what you mean and mean what you say” (with respect, caring, and Truth) is the first pattern of behavior that needs to be worked on.

For reprogramming see my and websites.  Yes they are addiction recovery sites but the tools and exercises are all for reprogramming and work. With God’s help.

Now lets talk about why the American people are so sheepish, compliant, and STUPID.  Why do they not use the rain God gave them?  Why won’t they think critically?

Chem-trails, food additives, drugs, TV, and cognitive dissonance all play a part in the lethargy.

Why have most all so people especially blacks, Hispanics, (the left) and those in major cities so easily succumbed to wearing a mask even though a little research would teach them that the Cancer statistics alone of one in every two men will get cancer is cause enough to protect our lungs from fibrous toxins.

Breathing carcinogens habitually long term is sky rocketing the odds of Cancer.  Cancer by the way  and the lack of oxygen coupled with inhalation of carbon dioxide in combo is far, far, more dangerous statistically than the flu.

The Cancer statistics do speak for themselves.  The fabric ingredients speak also for themselves.  And common sense also poses the incentive to breath free air as much as possible.

“Assuming that this upward trend in cancer incidence continues, the researchers conclude that people born since 1960 will have at least a one-in-two chance of getting cancer over their lifetime.”

In 2000 when I was diagnosed with an odd & rare Cancer that affected people exposed to FABRIC DYES and fabric sizing chemicals and detergents combined called Fibro-hystio Cytoma an often deadly Sarcoma in my leg, being a seamstress it was no coincidence that I was affected.  Breathing cut fabric more than I would like to admit.  I was highly exposed.

PLEASE take off the mask.  One in every 2 people WILL GET CANCER/WILL.  And yet people are running around breathing the very carcinogens that gave me an often deadly Cancer because they are afraid of THE FLU!

Compare the stats of the flu to the 1 in 2 50% odds of getting Cancer.  A Cancer that isn’t even contagious.  But IT IS MAN MADE.  MAKE NO MISTAKE.


NOW CHANGE YOR DIET.  DRINK ALOT OF CLEAN WATER (no fluoride).  Make your own lotions with essential oils and coconut oil or other cold pressed oils.

Watch your cooking do not over heat oils ever.  Throw away every cooking oil and buy cold or expeller pressed oils.  By organic.  Start a garden.  Learn herbs.  Drink herb tea.  Learn natural medicines.   Get back to nature.  Catalogue plants around you for edible wild harvested plants in your area.

Know the Earth.  Father God provided to His children every thing they need.

Heal by nature.  It takes a while but it works from the inside out.  Heal by nature.  Get plenty of sun and moon rays. Swim.  Walk.  Bike ride.  Pick fruit in your area.  Plant fruit trees.

Un-learn everything about the world that you have been taught.  Its all lies.


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