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To All the Watchman on The Wall Who Hail the Warnings of the Coming Day.

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If you like dates see the date predictions of Jazweeh.

Know this.  I understand you are alone in your truth.  TO BE A TRUE WATCHMEN IS TO BE ALONE.

I understand what it is like to hail a message that is often a ‘rock of offense’ and more often rejected as folly than appreciated.   We go on!  By perseverance we proclaim Jesus in the face of adversaries, unbelievers, and mockers.

The Watchman will have their Day in The Son/Sun

Be not seekers of glory by the new gospels terms of carnal glory for men.  But rather seek diligently to glorify God on High.  It is the flesh that wants to be "right" and say "I told you so" and to stand exalted above other men.  We all have the flesh to contend with.

That battle will fade, for when the presence of Jesus is finally so strong within us that we emit His light and others fall to their knees around us in response to that light ...transformed we will finally be able to palate power without falling to false pride and vanities that we suffer from as humans.

When transformed we will no longer crave fleshly and pride driven recompense upon those who are blind.  We will finally understand as well as we are understood.  Then remain these three eternal gifts Hope, Faith, and Love but the greatest is Love.

The Watchman Proclaim Truth by Their Faith.  “The Justified Shall Live By Faith”

By your resolve you will NOT give up the fight to get the warning out of The Gospel of Peace that surpasses all Earthly understanding.  The true gospel is from the heart of the men & woman who know Jesus and have been changed by Him.  Your testimony is the gospel.  Born of water a baptism.   Tempered by fiery trials.  Perfected by Faith.   Persevere by Hope.  And transformed by The Holy Spirit.

Our redeemer is Jesus.  The Son of God.   He is no son of man.  The name above all names Jesus.

A Word of Encouragement & Validation  To the watchmen.  The intercessors of God pray day and night by The Holy Spirit and Higher Language.  They have a higher language that is fashioned for God’s Words.  These intercessors are called and were called first to a great travail.  A burden for souls that they did  bear for years on end in LABOR.

They travailed, they interceded, they wailed, cried, and prayed by supplication and lamenting.  Intercessors know prayer like a carpenter knows wood. They bore the end times & more.  They, the 144 warriors of God together birthed the chosen.  Those who built their house upon The Rock.  Why so much intercession for one group of people?   The 144 were targeted by Satan for years on end.  They have all experienced death at least once in their life.  They had visions, dreams, gifts, and when one of them prays so too do they all pray.  They pray as one and are connected in spirit to one another by their prayers.

They interceded for years in prayers they often thought were only for themselves or for the birthing of souls to be delivered.   And they were praying for deliverance for many various souls.

They primarily prayed in The Spirit for those the 144 to be ready who are called to a great work during the Great Tribulation.  They took on the burden for souls of the lost and of those like them.

For they themselves scarcely survived the prodigal son walk, and the great tribulation they have already come through and overcome. Much like the Great tribulation that so many must soon endure.

The bulk of God’s children are not ready for His return.  That is why Father will allow the Great tribulation to occur.

Due to the need for “the gift of desperation” for most Christians so they will finally in all Truth by desperation cry out to God without any vails of deception hiding parts of their hearts.

The elect have already taken on their own great tribulation.  What took the elect years to learn the tribulation saints will learn quickly even in an instant due to the coming disasters.

If you don’t understand this now, fear not, you will. The peace of God that surpasses all earthly understanding shall guide your hearts and minds into all Truth.  God gave these men(women) the chosen few,   a higher language so they too could take part in secret in His great and perfect plan of end times & salvation.  The dividing of the sheep from the goats and the dividing of time is here.  Why am I telling you this?

I Give To You a Mystery

Because the Intercessor proclaims that the burden for souls is OVER.  Stopped.  After years of travail the labor is over.  The spiritual child is born.  Who is the child?  We think the child are those finally prepared for this time.  The watchmen, the lost, the fellow intercessors all Christians...those who will be ready are ready.  The travail is done and God has given the intercessors and new prayer.

A prayer that has endured for over 2 to 3 years approximately.  The same prayer over and over and over.  God has made the intercessors to be "Torch Bearers".  They announce by spiritual prayer the coming of Jesus.  Get ready they say...they send out dreams and visions by night and the proclaim His coming by day.  God has made His intercessors to be torch bearers.  This prayer is unprecedented for the elect.  They were first confounded by it.   Never before has God given a repetitions prayer.  But God said this to them, "This announcement is the most important prayer you have ever prayed."

The Mighty words pour out dreams and visions, revelation, and Truth, upon all flesh.  Standards are erected onto high places.  Both silver and gold standards.  These standards hold in place constant strong places for prayer to eject from and fall on Earth's inhabitants.

The intercessors crush demonic strongholds.  They see into the realm of the spirit.  Demons run from intercessors.  Even the angels now participate in the spreading of end of days Truth throughout all land with the proclamation of Jesus being first and foremost in the announcements.

He's coming, He's coming, He is returning.   Get ready, get ready, the end is coming soon,  The Lord is coming soon.  Get ready, get ready, get ready.  

How does one get ready?

Spiritually prepare by handing The Father & Jesus your very heart to fix it.  And by expecting anything because anything could happen next.  We just don’t know what the next 3 years will look like.

The the announcement prayer changes we will update this article and tell you what The Spirit Says to the Churches.  For if intercessors do not know what that is then look to the prophets.  But surely God doesn’t leave His children without warning or baffled.

End Times Dreams & Visions Channel


Favorite channel he has spiritual insight.  Original thought.

Kay Tdid

Lots of scripture reading in regard to end of days.

Really Graceful

Very easy to watch.  Short and sweet.  She reveals the beast as well.

Brian Austin Lamber33

Rude and insulting.  Very knowledgeable.  Wisdom shows respect.  He may have knowledge but the boy lacks wisdom.  And he refutes the rapture as being a trip to destruction instead of a deliverance from the flesh.  Why recommend him? He may be right.

Mia’s New Pair of Glasses

Info you won’t find anywhere else and she isn’t an A.H. like her counterpart is. Do not blame them for wanting to profit by information sharing.  It is understandable.  Seems these two (her and her boyfriend) have some kinds of inside info into the real science of our atmosphere.  Furthermore i have my own theories about corona discharges.

Changing Matrix

I would watch all her videos if I were you.  But she has lost alot because of what she sees.  The smarter and more intellectual a man is the harder it is to let go of control issues. I know by experience.  We want all to see....but they cannot see.  They prefer the lie.  They are incapable of seeing the supernatural mandela effects at hand.  They cannot look.  She is a pharmacist this makes her a teacher.  And as a teacher she has had a very rough time of it because people cannot learn what she wants to teach them.  I pray this does not break her for she is learning what it means to "let go and let God".

If I could say four things to her I would say "there is a God and your not it".  "They have a god too."  Prayer for them over and over and over till the resentment/obsession is gone.  Pray to be delivered from controlism.

Releasing control is like peeling off your own skin but it takes the weight off your shoulders when you "Let go and let God".

Corbett Report 

Reveals the beast.  You can only look into the problem for so long until it becomes a weight.  Out of the problem into the solution.  But first you must know what the problem is.  Corbett will absolutely teach you that thoroughly.


When a man watches his bibles changing on the shelves and not just a little but by 70% or more and becoming vile lies...he tends to cover only that because it is phenomenal, supernatural, and amazing to watch happen daily.  The KJVB supernatural changes are ongoing.  But the bible changes are also prophecy. Amos 8:11 & 12.   God's WORDS are being removed from Earth.  

The wolf has full control of the bibles, all of them...all.  This man on TruthShockTV sees the changes.  But the bibles are becoming so vile I don't know how safe it is to listen to the words as many of the words are now curses upon believers.  The new gospel is here.  The blood gospel.  Grace & blood.  Be ye not deceived.  Without Faith it is impossible to please God.  God is LoveHope is eternal.  These three are the greatest spiritual gifts we have.


This guy has been around a long time.  He taught me alot in the beginning of my awakening in 2017.    Great channel for baby Christians and those who are just waking up.  Very informative.

Recall Vector

The Mandela Effect.  He sees.  He is also real.  He me be a prophet unknowingly.  I like his style.

Cabin Talk

If you have not been as angry as this woman then you do not see what is around you.  Or your so spiritual you do not get angry over genocide.  She see the genocide and hails righteous indignation over it.  And rightly so.

The Final Days

With tact and poise she observes and teaches us about the FFA weather devices that show more than you would think of what is in our skies.



Excellant videographer.  Yet he may be looking for something into the future that is already here but not quite in the way he depicts it.  His depiction is accurate but exaggerated for a reason.  So people will watch.

The Real BPEarthwatch

Sheila is REAL. A breath of fresh air in a world of bullshit.  She has insight into the dark realms and knows to take authority over it.

Sheila Zalinsky 

Matt at

Quantum of Conscience

(intellectually minded original thoughts…this type channel is few and far between.  He has become sentient.  Meaning he knows himself which is the hardest knowledge for a human to reach and few have.  He must have had a really good therapist or God has smiled upon him or both.  He is not a proclaiming Christian but can you blame him?  He is on the edge of believing.  You will learn something if you can consider his words with out of the box thought processes.)

Matt would do well to read Jeff’s Christmas Con Story for the great answer that he so desperately seeks.  And he is right to seek.  Seek and ye shall find but seek with the heart off into the silence of one’s Faith.  For God looks upon the heart.  And it is by the heart men seek and by the heart men know God.  Then their minds & intellect follow suite.

Jeff Snyder 2

(Only for the open minded believer who wants to learn. Jeff has also become sentient.)

Linda Courtney

Bless her heart.  Basic Christian beliefs.

Blue Heaven

Bless her for her perseverance as its not easy to bear a torch that 99% of people won’t see as truth.  Yet she continues by the urging of The Holy Spirit.  Do not give up sister…you hope shall be fulfilled.

God’s Gifts

Bless her for her perseverance as its not easy to bear a torch that 99% of people won’t see as truth.  Yet she continues by the urging of The Holy Spirit.  Do not give up sister…you hope shall be fulfilled.

Leeland Jones

This man has been given the gift of hidden knowledge.  He finds truth in a book that is not only fallen but full of lies.  He sees past the words into Truth.

Airborn Saint

Such a guy!  Blessing to him.  Very likable and focuses on his guests.

Grand Supreme News

This guy brings us the mainstream news in a way that is Truthful.

Enter the Stars

He has much insight into many many mysteries.

The Open Scroll

These guys are anything but likable and rarely smiley.  However there is knowledge to be had on this channel.


EYA, why has God allowed you to see so thoroughly the supernatural KJVB changes that SO FEW can remember. Why are so many Christians unable to decipher blessing from blasphemy?  How is it they have forgotten the English language, grammar, punctuation, innuendo, and honorable words vs sarcasm?  

So many cannot see what you see.  You say there is a problem spiritually for those who don't see, that they are under the strong delusion.  I think your right.  But many do. But I think they will at some point wake up , I hope. I still have not decided if EYA is put in place to lure the chosen who see so as to put them on some list.  Or if she is (thank God) for validation for the few who see and remember what the books used to say.  For those of you who do not remember the bibles 3 years ago and think the books are still "Holy"...what EYA says is true so what will you do with this information?  Will it be a warning or a rock of offense?  Many worship the book instead of Jesus.  They prefer the lie.   Many know the bible but do not know God.  Why has God allowed His watchmen to fall under the strong delusion?  Only you can answer that question. I would start with the armor of God and finish with Truth before God.  We must show Him our whole heart so He will fix it.

Logic Before Authority

Elijah & Moses

Kimberly K Ballard

CORONATION OF THE KING OF KINGS COPYRIGHT 2007-2018 – THE ALMOND TREE by Kimberly K Ballard (her book)

Her Channel  (Most empathy for)

Israeli News Live  (most intellectual)

Watchman for that Great Day  (my favorite.  Some call him “rapture John” who blows the trump of God.)

Chelsea Bedell  (Who I most relate to..when I was younger.)

Change Is Coming  (most annoying I say that with the utmost respect its carnal personality thing.  Yet this woman has the most insight into the supernatural even for example the serpent beings that are very hard to believe exist yet God confirmed to me as true and gave me an Obama serpent dream confirmation.  They are high level demons who have managed to take on the appearance of humans. And they are in high places.)

UpTime Community Church  (Very good with doctrine and such especially Bob.   God does not reserve his love for a certain geographical location.  God looks upon the heart.  He judges men not nations.

God Rules

Easy watching.

Many Fish

Spiritual Insight end of days.

Harbinger of the Harvest

Sees the bible changes.

Ceiling Fan Man

Would be very good for new Christians.  I agree but don’t learn there.

Naughty Beaver

Funny learned intellectual non Christian, Alians.

Brian S Staveley

He sees the mandela effects.  I do not agree with his theory meaning he thinks people will see if they just look.  Seems to me people memories have been altered and its impossible for them to remember what we remember also they seem to prefer the lie.   Stavely proves the mandeal effects are happening.

Paul Adams

He has faded away but was excellent in his time.  Though he is in the “Worship Photo Helix club”.  Which is some mystery.  All will be revealed.  I get the feeling they invented Photo as a $ scheme.  He died or allegedly died.


Scary revealing of the beast.  Satanic overtones.

Song of the Bride.

She sees some of the bible changes.

The Supernatural God is Not Dead

WAYY too much information.  There is no way this woman is alone in this research.  She knows way too much and shares so much info it will tie up your mind for years on end. But also much Truth.

The Fullerton Informer

Revealing of the beast.  Scary info we must watch that we do not get stuck in the problem.  Still knowing the ways of the beast is to protect one’s self.

Dana Ashlie

Revealing of the beast  Likable unless you cross what she says is hers.  As I did by buying my danaashlie domain name.  It was for sale wide open.  If she wanted the domain name she should have bought it for $9.  Its not rocket science.

Health Ranger

Excellent info how to eat.

Herbs PlusbeadWorks

This guy fell through the cracks.  Much info about very scary stuff and solutions to it.  He isn’t a pretty face.  Learn from him.

The WTF Files

Great videographer.  Not much new info.

Patrick Roberts

A real person.  Informative.  He sees.

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