In 1985 It Snowed in San Antonio-Not Normal

Texas Mexico Flags

In 1977 it Snowed in Tampa-Not Normal

Un-edited written fast.

I was in both of these anomaly winter storms and NEITHER time were there power outages.  Freezing and power outages are not and never have been synonymous so WHY would they be so now?  To be fair the usual tree limbs falling and other certain small scale electrical issues do happen because of freezing conditions.

And if they turn off the power they are storing power.  Where is all that usual power going?  How can they claim after turning off all that electricity that there is still a shortage?  Makes no sense.


Tampa Florida Snow                   San Antonio, Texas Snow

The power outages in Texas are suspect at best and malevolent and evil at the worst.

We know we can’t believe anything the media says about it.  So what’s the theory?

Perhaps they have good intentions and are trying to get people to prepare for something they know is coming that will cause extended black outs.

Or they are evil and beating down the nationalists to usher in the NWO.  But granted Texas is FULL OF MEXICANS.  1/2 the state is easily Hispanic.  Still these Mexican are very family orients.  Trust me I know.  I lived there and among them for 13 years.  They cling together in their families big time.  They stand for one another.  Way more than my family ever did or does.  My own mother threw me to the wolves and my Dad had no clue on how to be protective and teach me of the wolves.  Whatever, I am over that on the most part.  I was angry at Dad for a year and finally forgive him.  He was the last and strongest resentment on my fourth step list.  Everybody should work the 12 steps thoroughly to get to know one’s own heart and to understand the “why” behind your own behaviors.

Anyway the Mexicans strong and resolute family values are a threat to the new world order.   This may have something to do with it. Plus the one’s in Texas had the wherewithal to escape Mexico.  It takes courage to uproot and go moving in Hope for a better life.  These people are strong by their heritage.

I looked at the outage map and ghetto & inner city locations, they were not as affect by the outages.  But the hill country and suburbs were.  If that has any reasoning behind it.

This will make the people stronger and more prepared.   Surely the elite who control the power know that.  Maybe the elite are just showing the people who is boss trying to put them in their place.

We can only guess the motives.  But one thing sure, what they say by media doesn’t make any true sense.  Its bullshit.

Seems they are starting a pattern.  California and New York being targeted and now Texas.  I expect this to continue into all states.  We must prepare with food and water and alternative energy sources if possible.

No wonder they wanted us to vote so bad.  They have categorized us by who we sided with in the election.  God reigns.  God is Love.  Jesus is returning soon.  He will recompense the evil carried out upon His children.



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