Introducing The Beast System

Cancer by Design.  How to protect yourself from and even eventually cure Cancer

THE LONG SHORT OF IT-The first rule of thumb regarding your health is Prayer.  In all things pray for guidance on everything you do.  “My people perish for lack of knowledge.”  This scripture is no lie.  Know this-the preventions & cures for disease are in nature.  Live Plant food, good water, and avoiding many toxins are the keys to good health.


Fear Solutions

To be candid I never wanted to look into the eyes of my enemy.  If I got close to seeing that I had an invisible enemy called the beast played out by the hands of greedy and fearful men, I sluffed it off rationalizing that "faith" is my only solution.  Why look, nothing I can do about it I thought.

I did not want to wage war in the spirit cause it takes too much energy and work I thought.  I did not want to look at the ways that people perish for lack of knowledge because it was just too scary and I didn't know how to deal with it. 

I didn't have the emotional solutions for fear that I now have.  If a man doesn't have a way to recognize, admit and let out and emotionally process his fears he will hold them in or just blind himself to truth and fear will come out sideways.  By dysfunction and hurting others.  

Denial is mankind's first knee jerk reaction to fear.  At and .net I have many articles on how to process fear.  And primarily to not be ashamed and deny fear because that will make a man sick.  Fear is part of the human condition not to be ashamed of.  Its what we do with our fear that defines us. No fear No courage.  Know fear, Know courage.

If the beast can shame you for human emotion you will always in your heart see yourself as "bad & wrong" no matter what you do.  We simply must face and make right that which the beast has done to our self image.  If our self image is corrupt we can never follow our true heart and will never be fully the person whom we really are.  The person who God created us to be.  Empathic group Therapy and the 12 steps if done courageously can finally teach a person to become themselves and follow their own heart...with God's help.

Come to find out Judging from the laws & behaviors of the beast System and its Media, Satanists are a Real Thing.

Know them by who they show you they are.  Not by who they tell you they are.

Satan, your enemy & mine roams the earth seeking whom he may devour. He came to steal (your soul) kill (by poison and emotional devastation) and destroy, people.  If you don’t think this is true this article will prove it. But there are solutions.

My husband like to say the evil in the system is all driven by greed. But we can tell by the laws passed that punish and kill innocent people that what’s going on in this country far exceeds the biproducts of greed.  Genocide eugenics are at play.  And the third Gate (code) is a prime example of what an antichrist looks like in the media.

Never judge the beast system by your own heart.  Big mistake.  Their are people in high places running things who are more evil than any evil your own heart can show you of yourself.  This is why we trusted the system. We thought “they” were human like us.  But apparently there is a serpent race at large who are snakes at heart.

What’s The Real Plague

ow many people do you know who have had or died of Cancer?  Now how many do you know first hand who has had this CV or died of it?  Folks the statistics speak for themselves.  And know this the Cancer numbers are way worse that the medical community will admit.

CNBC Says this so you can figure the drug companies probably made WAY MORE than this figure on Cancer drugs.

“Spending on cancer medicines totaled $107 billion worldwide in 2015 and is projected to exceed $150 billion by 2020”.

Hell Yes they are giving you the disease and then handing you the poison that will finish you off.  Chemo, radiation, and God only knows what else they will offer you.

The Texas Disaster Winter of 2021

A woman in Texas during the rolling blackouts (rolling meaning the electric companies themselves shut down the grid in many locations for over five days) said this, “they are trying to kill us.  We are under a “boil water” order, we have no head in our homes and its freezing.  There is no food at the grocery stores, no heat, and no electric to keep the refrigerators on.”

Seems to me they are starting a pattern. State by state crushing those who can be crushed.  People died from carbon monoxide poisoning trying to heat their homes.  I remember during the Texas winters when I lived in San Antonio.  Every year there were stories of people dying from trying to heat inside the house and not ventilating the carbon monoxide.   Faulty electric heaters were also deadly when put beside the bed and a blanket accidentally covers it.

Every year we heard the stories from “the hood”,  the Mexican ghetto.

So what can we do?  Clearly somebody wants us all dead.  How do I know?  Research food, and anything else that comes out of a store.  Everything is booby trapped with toxins. The clothing, the furniture, the food, the water, the carpet, the walls, the dishes, and anything you use in the kitchen, the coffee makers, the coffee, and on and on the poison goes.  Know this-Cancer is man made by design.

As I showed before 1 in every 2 people WILL GET CANCER.  So quit worrying about the flu that doesn’t threaten your life and start learning how to fight the plagues that are really killing mankind.   Because there are solutions.  DO NOT WEAR THE CARCINOGENIC FACE MASK EVER.  Breathing fabric will increase your risk of Cancer leaps and bounds.  What’s in fabric?  Well for starters fabric dyes are poison.


A carcinogen is any substance, radionuclide, or radiation that promotes carcinogenesis, the formation of cancer. This may be due to the ability to damage the genome or to the disruption of cellular metabolic processes.

Fabric in the U.S.

Smoke retardants are sprayed on most fabric. As usual “Its for your own good” that they poison every article of clothing that comes out of the textile industry..  In the U.S. there are laws that require fabric producers to put fire retardants on yours and your children’s clothing.  Unnatural fabrics are the worst.  Microfibers and lethal.  Ever shook out a shirt in the sun?  Its horrifying what comes off of some fabric –continually.  Do NOT breath the stuff that accumulates in your dryer filter.  Hold your breath when you empty that filter vat.  With all the toxic clothing we buy don’t increase your risk with lotions, hair and skin products that have God only knows what in them.

Sizing is a chemical that makes fabric lay flat and manageable when working with fabrics in large quantities.  Like everything else man made its toxic as hell.  Furthermore the dyes are a real problem.  And don’t feel at ease because the people find out one chemical is killing them.  They sue and force the companies to switch to another waiting in the dark hallways of the beast’s list of poisons.  And its twice as bad as the one the people just got rid of.

If you have a laundry room make sure its ventilated well.  Furthermore put every load of clothing through an extra wash/rinse/spin cycle with no soap to rinse the detergents out of your clothing to give you less toxic clothes.  Do not buy antimicrobial clothing.  Don’t use fabric softners.

Get to know Essential Oils

Buy bulk herbs and essential oils to make your own body products.  There are plenty of websites that will help you learn about cold pressed carrier oils to mix the essential oils with.  And oil your feet regularly with a home made oil.  This will fix the feet problems that come with a lifetime of toxic foods.


The beast luvs pumping humans full of metal.  Avoid heavy metals at every turn.

Do not use deodorants or perfumes.  Unless you make it yourself.  What can I say…take showers.  If you have to buy one of the organic deodorants.  But when you change your diet you won’t stink anymore.  Unless your on some medication that causes a body smell change.


Hard wire every device in your house.  Log in to your router system control page and turn off the wifi.  You will still have internet through the ethernet wires.  And if your phone is up to date enough 8 or above you can even hook it to ethernet.  You may need an adapter for it.  I have EMF articles at & on this site just use the website search in the sidebar.  “EMF protection” or “wifi” in search.

Solutions To Cancer-A complete lifestyle Change is needed.

Start becoming aware of toxins in your house.  Always open windows when you can.  Watch what kinds of fabric you bring into your bed.  Keep it cotton avoid microfibers and fabric that sheds.  If you buy bed spreads put them in the outdoors for a while, wash them several times before using.  Be sure they are cotton.  And if you can afford it by organic fabrics.  Tile is better than carpet obviously.  Leather furniture better than shedding fabric furniture.  And so on.  Common sense is required.  I am just giving the basics here.

You cannot get rid of all the toxin but you can make a huge difference if your aware.  Change to organic & natural shampoos and soaps.    Why do you think they add so many chemicals to those products?  Soap is a simple thing yet read your shampoo bottle that your soaking your head in nearly daily.  Sodiumlaurethsulfate is one of the worst.  But you can do the research.

Organic Coffee

As for coffee or anything that you take in daily…omit the paper filter and coffee maker with its plastic toxic tubing its poison.  The water pipes are bad enough. Buy beans. Buy organic.  Make dang certain your not drinking fluoridated water.  Check the ingredients.  If its bottled be sure the ingredients are listed with no additives.  Well or spring water is usually good.  Boil water add it to your ground coffee.  Put your coffee in a Pyrex measuring cup.  Pour the water over it and cover like tea to steep.  Buy a simple screen filter metal.  Put the filter over your coffee cup and pour.    Buy nuts of every kind except peanuts.  Dont’ eat anything that’s corn based processed unless its organic.  Avoid GMO’s.

I add ground nuts to my coffee so it doesn’t cause so much diuretic affect.  It works.  But its a spirit lead idea that I have not researched.  All I know is now I don’t get dehydrated from coffee and I get all the nut oil daily.

Food Storage

Take live food out of plastic bags.  Storing produce in the refrigerator can extend the life of the food depending on what kind.  Fruit is usually best left on the porch.  Berries you refrigerate in those little containers they come in.  Eat berries first they will not keep.  Grapes you can put in tupperwear.  But water and rinse them daily.  Celery can be put in a tall tupperwear with water at the bottom to keep it alive.  Don’t cut it from its root.  Leafy greens are hard to keep fresh.  I use tupperwear for these also.  Spinich that comes in the bag just leave in the bag.  Keep potatoes in brown bags.  When they start growing plant them in the ground.


Make lots of home made soups full of vegetables.  If you want oil add some cold pressed hemp oil or other cold pressed oil to your recipe.  I usually stir fy vegetables like onions and tomatoes/herbs w/cold pressed oil then add the water for steam so you retain your color of food.  After you have made your soup, while its really hot add some raw celery or other raw herbs like onions or something so your still having raw live food with the chicken should effect. If you go vegetarian mushrooms serve as a nice meat replacement.  I especially like the Portobello best.  White mushrooms… not so much.

Throw away the cook books…at least most recipes will have way too much sugar in them.  And they teach you how to kill vitamins and nutrients in food. Its a crime.  Betty Crocker is a crook.  Do spirit cooking.  Meaning cook according the the leading of the Holy Spirit.  Open your eyes grasshopper.  Become who you were meant to be.  Screw status quo.  The body will heal but it takes time. Natural healing takes a long time but its the right way to treat the body medically.  Live food will heal you from the inside out.  God knows what you need.  Man’s chemicals are putrid and toxic as a rule.

Wesson Crisco and these other oils are full of Hexane and horrible chemicals.  Always use natural cold pressed or expeller pressed oils.  Make your own recipes.

Smoothies & Omitting Toxins

Any product you use DAILY or regularly are the products you must screen for Cancer causing potential.  If your a hot tea drinker buy organic and omit the bag for the tea.  Buy bulk herbs.  And learn to drink herb teas they will cleanse your body of heavy metals.  Hibiscus is a good one.  ALL HERBS are anti inflammatory pretty much.  Swelling and over heating is at the core of most every disease there is.

If you change to live food and vegetable fruit smoothies with beats and bananas and nuts (not peanuts) leafy greens, mixed with herb teas or water you can fix many health problems.  Drink these regularly.  Use citrus juice, water, or tea with bananas as your basis for the smoothie.  Use honey or maple syrup to sweeten.  Add a dash of sea salt.

Be your own chef.  Don’t buy pre-made anything.  You don’t need smoothie mixes.  Bananas make the smoothie. Buy organic.

Now what’s the solution to the rest of the toxins in food and around you that are unavoidable.  Eat Live Food.  Go all natural with your diet. Eat seafood cooked lightly.  Eat fruits and vegetables that have not been cooked on a regular basis.   When you do cook veggies retain color.  If the cooking kills the color you have killed many nutrients.  Sautee quickly with oil and water.  What I do is use oil then when it sizzles in frying pan add your water and stir fry.  Make your own salad dressing out of lemon juice and real tree (maple) syrup with spices.  Again watch your spices that they are also organic.

Pay attention to what kind of Salt, Pepper, and Sugar your using because its one you use alot.  Table salt kills, as does processed run of the mill cane sugar.  But high fructose corn syrup is 1,000 times worse.  Change these products and cut down on them as well.  Don’t eat or put on your skin anything that you can’t say “I know what this is and its safe.”.  Read ingredients on everything you buy.  If the ingredients list is long & unidentifiable don’t buy it.

Start a Garden Learn to Grow your own food this is VITAL

Believe me I know this is alot alot of work to start a garden.  But you will build self worth and save you and your children’s lives by it.  Plus you will be closer to self sufficiency.  The thing that the beast has educated out of us.  If your a meat eater then buy chickens and animals to eat.  Learn to hunt and fish. Personally I do not eat meat anymore.  I am on the diet that I am sharing here and it saved my intestines and possibly my life.  I was constipated all my life.  When I became a seafood & vegetarian & a few eggs I became regular and healthy.  Plus I lost 50 pounds without even intending or trying to.  Had I not done this diet change I would probably end up on a colostomy bag.  It was getting really bad.  I had to use laxatives.


Appoint two types of garbage (food only).  Cooked and uncooked garbage.  Throw all your uncooked refuse (onion peels, orange peels, celery parts, any live produce raw) throw it all in a place that you can call your “live garden”.  DO NOT THROW COOKED FOOD INTO THE LIVE GARDEN.

Stuff will start growing there.  Next thing you know without even trying you can go out snip some onion greens, chop some beet leaves, pulls up some potatoes, and on and on.  But always buy organic because the beast dowses non organic produce in chemicals to stop it from sprouting.  Potatoes won’t grow in the bag to next burry in the the life garden unless they are free of sprout inhibitors.

In Europe and North America, potato producers often use chemical sprout inhibitors such as chloropropham, also known as CIPC.S
The 3-chloroaniline in this chloropropham is hazardous, toxic, Cancer causing and it will kill you.  Read the 3-chloroaniline link for details.

Those who hold patents to these poisons do not give A FUCK about the health of the masses!  And by my research I am certain they want most of the masses DEAD.  If not for their poisons we would likely be living past the age of 130 easily and in good health.  The elite in control have bought the government and now own most if not all governments.  And that means not just the greedy are now making all the laws but the genocidal are now making the laws.  You know its a malevolent actions because of the facts.

Who cares if my food sprouts?  I want my food to sprout!  Oh but its so important for these bastards to spray all the potatoes *(unless organic) with sprout inhibitors SO YOU DON’T GET A NOTION THAT YOU CAN GROW YOUR OWN AND EASILY FEED YOURSELF WITHOUT THEM.  So its GREED and its GENOCIDE in play and its OBVIOUS.

What amazes me is all the “awakened” people on Youtube claiming they see and in the next breath sipping poison from a soda bottle or eating some high fructose artificial colored fake food.  The first thing a man should do when he wakes from the beast’s aluminum/emf induced sleep is learn how to eat.

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  1. Dr huda Clark . . Cleanse yourself of parasites … And I use good ole kinetics …. It is my belief they are putting a lot of organic food through radiation … You could also wash with hydrogen peroxide… Food grade reduced down is best in my opinion.

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