The Child Is Birthed Revelation 12

Article written 10-04-2020 Scheduled to publish 03-04-2021

The Child Mentioned in Revelation 12  who I thought was already birthed is birthed this day- Hallelujah.

Who is the woman?  The 144 the intercessor prayer warriors of God who pray diligently.  They used to pray for souls to be delivered from the clutches of hell.  In this age they pray for the great awakening, for the great multitude to be awakened, and they have prayed to bring down many strongholds that hampered the spiritual birth of souls.

These intercessor’s “the woman” are many who are called “the few”.  They became torch bearers in this new age as opposed to the prior age when they were burdened, travailed, lamented, and did supplicate for souls and they even prayed for their own souls to be delivered.  And they were delivered..

The huge change in their prayers has been stark, from soul saving to end of days annunciation beginning 2017. They recognized a drastic change and a huge repetition in their prayers.  Father turned them into torch bearers but first he taught them to crush their demonic enemies.  Few if any have travailed in prayer as they have ….for years on end in burdens of labor.  The revelation 12 intercessors pray in the high language of God unknown to most.  An intricate dialect that consists of many languages and even the language only God & His angels might know.

Enough about their calling because this day their call has gone out to awaken the great multitude of believers who still sleep and to those who are 1/2 asleep, even the watchmen who see, but not all do they see.  Certain things were still under the vail for the watchmen.  Do not be alarmed watchmen, for your call is true and you have inspired the woman with your relentless and grounded, well received words of the coming of Jesus.

To the Watchman

Make no mistake Mr. & Mrs. Watchman your words have been well received even the 144 have needed to hear your staunch confident words of the 2nd coming of Jesus.  Thank you!

As the woman has labored torch in hand she is telling the church now that she has never ever had such a repetitive prayer as the announcement of the coming of Jesus.  We are a circle, we have sent out the announcement in the spirit realms and the watchmen have turned the announcement into words.

Even though the woman/144 have travailed for years in labor for souls she did not awaken until 2017 to many truths of present.  It seems the watchmen came first pertaining to the announcement of the 2nd coming.  God’s perfect plan is that we are all connected.

The woman was angry at the watchmen for a time because of certain vailed truths that she can see but most Christians could not see.  This day that vail is ripped, rent, slit, and the truth is now exposed to the watchmen.

What truth does the woman speak of?  It is a hard truth about a certain idol that is very very hard for the multitude to break free of.  An idol that is a religious artifact that they, the great multitude have put their trust in for years. And for good reason it was Holy and it was sacred.  But when Satan took hold of it and the holy place was then defiled and is now nearly desolate the great multitude can not bear it.  They chose the lie over letting what was the Holy place go since it became an idol.  The defilement of the holy place started even before 2002.  But in 2017 the desecration increased and became great.

The Strong Delusion

Is that the great multitude could not see the desecration of the holy place.  They were oddly blind to it.  They had to have it as a kind of wooby.  The great multitude will now be able to see past the vail of lies.  Now they must choose either truth or lies and idolatry. They idol will lead them into great error if they do not choose Truth.

So the 144 have been angry at the great multitude for not seeing the truth.  The 144 felt betrayed by their breathren as did the watchmen also feel betrayed by those who did not see what they do see.  The coming of Jesus.

But there are more signs and wonders for the watchmen to see.  The people could not handle all the truth at once.  it would have been too much for them emotionally.  The vail had to be ripped in increments.  Which brings me to my point.  The vail is now rent.  The watchmen and the great multitude now have access to see the idol and finally know the wolf speaks in the holy place.

His Sheep Know His Voice

The wolf speaks great blasphemies, putrid, disgusting, and false.  The demons that desecrate the holy place are not mature.  Nor are these demons tactful.  The putrid lies they set forth in the holy place are abominable and so grimace that the woman was appalled at such a strong delusion.  “Why can they not see?” She screamed!

Repentance of the 144

The woman knew she was angry.  She knew that she had no grace at that time for the multitude.  She asked Father for Love that she knew she lacked.  She asked Father for understanding to help her to Love the great multitude of breathren whom she distained.

Father, faithful in His Love granted the woman the ability to Love the multitude.  And so finally after bearing the torch for a year or more the woman took the power she has and sent out the awakening that pierced the strong delusion.

The child is birthed.  And those who are 1/2 awake shall become fully awakened and escape the strong delusion.  Those who are asleep still, the one’s whom the watchmen are annoyed with, those shall now have access to the same truths the watchman proclaim by obedience and supernatural motivation do the watchmen proclaim the coming of our Savior Jesus.

The child is birthed by Love itself the child is birthed.  The vail is rent.  Now the great tribulation can begin.

The Lull Before the Great Tribulation

There will be a short recess my friends.  A time of rest while the great multitude and the watchmen digest and process the new information that went out this day.

The idol will now fall even harder than it has.  Truth will overcome the lies.  Many will now choose words of truth.  They will remember what Old English is.  Middle English shall be seen for what it is.  And lies will no longer fool them.  The great multitude need not have an idol if they draw nigh unto Father.

What is this Great Idol of Atrocity & Desecration?

Oh my, see any of the following YT channels for the truth of it.

Song of the Bride


Bible Truth Today

Paul Adams

Harbinger (was harvenger) of the Harvest


Know this, many who say they see the bible changes will quote corrupt scripture in the next breath and say things like “as it were” and “we be” or “nonsensical” or amongst” instead of “among” and other corrupt grammar & spelling changes.   They say “them that” or “those that” instead of those who and referring to people as “who” not “that”.  Who and whose is being removed from our language.

Even the presentation by the word “The” is an honorable speech.  “The Holy Spirit”.  It is dishonorable to say “Holy Spirit” in sentences without the presentation of “the or thee”.  Computer Geek practices proclamation that he sees the changes yet he sees very few of them at best.   Same with Photo Helix and Awakened Saint.   Granted its possible they just never really knew the KJVB to begin with.

But I have notices something different.  Those under the strong delusion blind to the bible changes often see the few most stark changes such as the lion and the wolf and other well publicized scripts.  Anyone who truly sees past the strong delusion will not call the book by one of God’s names “The Word of God” no! Not for a minute.  First John 1 is not corrupt. “and The Word was God.” and The Word of God is forever fixed in Heaven and written in our hearts.  Therefore its idolatry to call the book “The Word of God”.  The book was never “The Word of God”. But it did have many inspired words of God….did.

You can show a Christian this proof all day long and they are oblivious to it.  But I am hoping that after today that changes.

What are we foreigners who do not know how to use the word “the”?

In short, the word "the" is an article that functions as both an adjective and an adverb, depending on how it's being used. Having said that, the is most commonly used as an article in the English language.

To see the bible changes is to see the changes to the English language as well.  This is alot to take in.  Its both supernatural and its prophesied.

Even Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance lists the “holy place” as a passage in a book in one of the literary root meaning definitions. As I say, how is a temple of the antichrist ever to be consider holy to a Christian?  It is not!  The temple of antichrist is only holy to those of antichrist.

Some who say they see will tell you “don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater”…soon the idol will have no semblance of “the baby” in this analogy of deception.  Desolation is the destiny of the book and its well on its way to being desolate of God’s Truth and His inspired words given to men.

The Words of God are written forever in Heaven and on our hearts.  We do not need the beast’s paper and ink or to take in 100 lies just to glean out one sparse truth.  The truths in the book are disappearing as it becomes violent and putrid with its flesh pots and hater god.  With its transgender breast feeding men and men in girdles.  With its illiterate grammar and its horrible punctuation.

Do you not remember the scholars of old English as being men of honor, upright, holy and mature, impeccable in their righteousness of speech and literary skill?  Do you not know the voice of the Good Sheppard?  Do you not see the wolf that has climbed in?

The 144 remember Old English and the KJVB very well.   They see ever line, they supernaturally remember every Truth in the book that has changed.  Mainly they see because when the wolf goes against the precepts of a Loving God they are alerted.  Yet the watchman so easily accept the book when it calls or own God “evil” and shows Him as “doing evil”.

IF they side with a god of evil still, after today’s events God help them.  The book now portrays of god of hate.  They must choose if they follow the God of Love or the god of hate.  Watchmen or no watchmen.

Spiritual gifts will never save a man’s soul.  It is Faith that saves us not our gifts.  Even the woman of Revelation 12 with such a great gift of intercessory prayer, without Love and Faith, and Hope she would be lost.  Gifts will not save the watchmen.

It is time for the watchmen to believe what they see of the idol instead of seeing that which they believe.  The strong delusion must be overcome with Truth and Love, and Faith, and Hope.

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