What Is REALLY Causing Red Tide? And the Seas Became Red as Blood

By Dorothy Ruth Stirrum

And the water and sea became as blood.

[What the hell is climate change? Similar article.  Please not I wrote these environment articles at links to Recoveryfarmhouse.net on climate change at the onset of my great awakening to the beast system and its ploys.  Some things I believed then I do not believe now.  However the articles are very scientifically informative about disastrous climate issues with first hand, hands on research. What’s Red Tide Really?]

I am a Florida resident who grew up on the gulf of Mexico in the 70s.

In my teens I went to the best beaches the East coast of Florida had to offer.  Once in a great while even around 1974-1978 we would have to leave the beaches in the St. Pete Clearwater area because of three or so days approximately of Red Tide.  The air became putrid as Oxygen was depleted causing lung problems.  Dead fish were everywhere on our once gorgeous beaches all the way up the east coast of Central Florida.  I was just a high school student then.  I had no idea what was really happening in the water.

The word throughout Florida was always “its a natural phenomena” due to the bloom of an algae Karenina Brevis.  Really?  I know this much [nature=good man made chemicals=bad] Therefore by common sense their explanation is BULLSHIT!

Seems the phrase natural phenomena spread like wild fire even up around Tampa Bay and Northward where there were few tourist beaches.  It was as if we were all programmed to say it as a response to the dreaded Red Tide Phenomena.

Years later fast forward…from Texas and back through travels and near death experiences…I now live in N. Central Florida.  It’s 2017 the very beginning of my own Great Awakening and this is how it all started for me.

I was engaging in much prayer and meditation as usual.  I sought God with my whole heart and ask for His leading.  Its vacation time.  Oddly I prefer my vacations solo.  I am a strange sort.  I don’t like to be tied down to others when flowing forward in The Spirit of God.  I drive all the way to Bradenton Beach vicinity.  You want to see a beautiful beach?  Try Long Boat Key or Anna Maria Island.  My secret places were once again polluted by Red Tide.

I came home and began my research.  What is really causing the death of Oxygen in the environment.  And make no mistake it is Oxygen that’s being depleted.  Scary thought huh?  Not to mention Red Tide now lasts much longer than in the 70s.  Now it can haunt beaches for months on end.  It is horrible.  People are having to move the hell out of beach front properties that they planned for their life long paradises.  This is a tragedy that is an end times event no one is talking about.  When beaches are uninhabitable for months at a time because they are poisonous ITS TIME TO WAKE UP!

What Really Causes Red Tide?

Long story short….corporate farmers who like to pretend that they can’t grow food for us, the masses without POISONING IT first.  And that poisoning the ground, air, water etc are somehow necessary to feed everyone.  BULLSHIT!

They will not admit their miracle grow sales and depopulation by contaminated food is their real motive for their monopoly on poison crops.  Follow the money and you will see the guilty parties.

They build their farms up and down the great Mississippi River for a splendid irrigation system. Solution-Grow your own food organic and eat organic.

They irrigate and irrigate as they pour on the Miracle Grow artificial nitrates soak the land North to South.  Then the great rains come.  The poison Miracle Grow soaks the land. (Nitrates easy to look up toxic) 

Poison Artificial Nitrates

Sure Miracle Grow will produce somehow larger crops.  If vanity and greed are your motive for growing crops have at it.  If feeding the greed and power hungers of the elite are your reason for living , sure gobble up the chemical nitrates.

Yes I am Angry But Here are the Facts

Going Forward.  Let me explain what happens.  The rains come and the M.G. pours into the Mississippi river basin.  The river flows North to South all the way to the Gulf of Mexico.

Next the M.G. infested water hits the Gulf and perpetuates itself into the Gulf Stream.  Hence Miracle grow is now fertilizing our ocean.  Especially a certain type of Algae called Karenia Brevis is greatly affected by it.   Of course the article blames the bloom for Red Tide but we know better.

Ladies and gentlemen, this article below is my 2016 in depth research into Red Tide.  Now I remember exactly when my own great awakening occurred.  This was written December 27th, 2016.  I also found a climate change article I wrote back in 2016 with some very interesting facts.  Don’t be thrown by the title I do not believe we the people are the problem environmentally.  The corporations seem to want the earth destroyed.  After all Satan came to kill, steal, and destroy.  The corp.ses are doing their daddy’s will.


Looks like in the end of 2016 my research covered dead zones and Red Tide in depth.  Please go to this article if you want to see the science behind this article.

Come to find out.  Red Tide has less to do with Karenia_brevis Algae blooms and more to do with the death of an eco system.

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