Where’s The Science Now?

Actually, the bumper sticker is true. “Science is Real” its just that we’ll never see its results.


1. They don’t share the cures for Cancer and their other man-made eugenics comprised diseases with the debt slaves.  That would be counter productive for the elite.  2. Greed & fear of the rich and powerful are the door stops eradicating from the little people any great discoveries by science.  3. All we get as far as scientific breakthroughs go are the bullshit lies that make the blind men say “oh look at us (human kind) we can talk on Hamm radios to devices 50 zillion miles away, aren’t we just so smart!  Lets make a new religion and worship science!  Let’s trust in science over God Himself.”  Bad idea.

4 Replies to “Where’s The Science Now?”

    1. Awe bless your heart. I also miss Dana’s videos. My theory is she just can’t tell us what happened because ….she hit a nerve with the 5g videos. She is way too believable and well versed for the elite to allow her to continue. If she continued all the videos would be removed.

  1. Thank you so much for posting this. I usually prefer inhaling noxious chemicals when I feel like killing brain cells but this video did the trick!

    1. You must have been offended by the email by angry jane who lacks tact. She should not have implied stupidity. After all we are programmed to use the harsh chemicals that are sold as a good thing. I apologize for the lack of tact. She did mean well to warn others about anti bacterial, hand sanitizers, and other harsh bleach and ammonia product. Most people have been given a bill of goods on these items.

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