Is The Gift of Tongues Real?

Pray that ye receive the Holy Spirit and Gifts

Precepts of being teachable.

How does Satan keep people from learning?  He programs us all with a preconceived notion that if we don't know something already then we are stupid, wrong, & bad, as if we should be all knowing and learned everything we need to know in the womb and the corrupt education system.  Satan says "you should know that already" or "if you don't know this you must call it wrong& bad otherwise your the one that's wrong and bad" Satan's program to the heart & mind when triggered by new information. 


Would you want the gift of tongues a gift of higher language that only the angels  and deity can understand if you could have it so you may overcome sin and help others?

Would you like to become an intercessor in the truest sense of the word led by The Holy Spirit in words?

There are “Utterances” of tongues.  And there is the gift of tongues.

What is the difference between utterances of tongues & the gift of tongues?

This vides by Linda Courtney addresses the utterances of tongues and the baptism of The Holy Spirit in a practical and accurate way.

Thank you Linda Courtney on Youtube for your blessed knowledge of this topic.  I agree whole heartedly with your commentary.

However I have taken the subject of tongues a notch further.  I hope my own lessons & experience with the gift of tongues and utterances of tongues doesn’t anger anyone by disagreement of ideals.  This is not a salvation issue.

What would be the purpose of God bestowing new higher languages upon His people?   Granted we are blessed to participate in the work of The Spirit.

How does one receive supernatural gifts? Other than to be born with them.

Is tongues just a language to interpret one man to another being no more than Google translator could accomplish? 

Or is it also a prayer language of the highest human form? 

Can the gift of tongues crush demon spawn? 

Can those who speaks in tongues understand what they are saying if they have an accompanying gift of interpretation?

Yes, yes, no, and yes.  “No” because God’s gift of tongues is FAR GREATER than some phone app translator or a translator of any kind for that matter!  Does this not stand to reason?”

Let Our Experience With this Gift Be Your Teacher

Let us learn from a woman who has wielded the gift of tongues for over 40 years tell us just how it is used and what its capable of.  Furthermore God is now showing His children who they really are.

Why Allow Men Who Have NOT The Gift of Tongues Try to Teach us About it?

Many teachers (unlike the experienced sharing of knowledge shown by Linda Courtney in her video above) do not teach by experience but rather by book knowledge that is limited.

I have read or heard people teach by picking up the bible with (in the case of tongues) its extremely limited bit of knowledge.  They study about the gift of tongues and from that comes the extent of their learning.   They then teach us about that which they have no hands on experience with whatsoever.

  1. If you worship the book as being deity and above reproach you may as well stop reading right here.  The Bible has very little wisdom or information about the gift of tongues.  I will teach from experience.
  2. Can we erase all those insane propagandized tongue talker videos on youtube that may have corrupted our understanding about tongues?  No.  But we can build new bridges of neural pathways over that nonsense, pathways of thought built of truth, and knowledge.  Overriding the neural pathways of lies we have all been programmed with.

2. Why did Apostle Paul downplay the gift in the bible as if it were some annoying interruption to real church time worship and Godly precepts?  Why did he openly reprimand the one’s speaking in tongues to promote prophecy as a much better gift?

3. Would Apostle Paul really give one of God’s gifts the beat down like that?  I don’t think so.  I think there is both added and false information in the book about it.(oh no she didn’t!)

The Gift of Tongues is best wielded in PRIVATE

Perhaps Paul should have informed us that the gift of tongues should be used in private.  In the wilderness, in ones prayer closet etc. even though the bible script reads that tongues is evidence for the unbeliever.  In my experience the unbeliever do not count tongues as evidence whatsoever.  Most unbelievers just write off tongues as delusional insanity Satanic in nature and an inferior gift at best.

Why wield it in private (prayer closet)?  Because most people do not believe in its Truth that makes it a stumbling block for them if they criticize it.  Usually, speaking in tongues openly is to cast pearls of Truth before swine who trample Truth throwing it in the mud of mocking.

Higher language or “the gift of tongues” is not the same gift of The Holy Spirit as utterances in tongues.  What?

Utterances of tongues comes upon a man as evidence of the baptism of the Holy Spirit which he just received by (in most cases) the laying on of hands and/or by prayer.

The Gift of tongues is an extensive and much more in depth use of tongues.

Utterances are always topics prompted, initialized by the Holy Spirit.  Whereas a wielder of the gift of tongues can pray in tongues about any topic he chooses.  Warning, do not use this gift for personal gain or evil.  So knowing the power of choice lies with the man who has the gift rather than being limited to Holy Spirit topics it seems the gift of tongues may be a more powerful gift than prophecy after all.

Tongues or Theatre?

We know that tongues is the most misunderstood gift of the Spirit and that it is also the most mocked and made fun of gift.  Video after video show babblings of people who appear to be out of their minds speaking in what appears as some evil witch language as they roll around in some trance like state heckling and laughing.  That, my friend is usually theatrics at best faking at the worst or perhaps it is instances of the wicked use of tongues (but I doubt it).  To recoil and refrain from seeking God’s gifts is EXACTLY what the Beast wants you to do. He wants you to believe, that they are insane who speak in tongues.  That tongues itself is always wicked or a spectacle of theatrics.

My friend, Satan prefers that you RUN not walk but RUN from any hint of receiving such a powerful gift …tongue talking appears on youtube to be both a hideous and an undesirable, embarrassing phenomena.

Why?  Because with the gift and some authority and Faith you can annihilate his demons.  God is giving His trust to those He imparts with the gifts of The Spirit.  Have you ever tried to save an injured Robin?  “How can I save you if you won’t trust me” says Jesus.

We must not take our q’s from the beast system at large.  ALL the gifts of the Spirit are mighty in battle and both necessary and advantageous for a Christians participation in the spiritual work given by Our Father.  So lets give it a learn.  Then with an open mind and sober heart we shall decide if the writer is in Truth.


Utterances happen first during or after receiving of The Holy Spirit Baptism.

Also it happens when a man fasts for a few days and prays diligently seeking God with his whole heart.  When we deny the flesh the Holy Spirit rises up in us on a much stronger level and often some higher language will break through during prayer.  The words may be a sentence or two and last for an hour or more.

Most often the utterance language sounds kind of Hebrew-ish to me just like Miss Linda Courtney exemplifies for us in the above video.   She is praying with authentic tongues in the video.  How do I know?  Because of the dialect she displays.  I heard the same dialect from Dorothy Petty my own teacher on the matter.

I recognize the dialect and have heard it over and over uttered by Holy Spirit filled people in church and on TV.  Its like being able to recognize Spanish or Chinese by the sound of it.

The languages I have spoken and my teacher also spoke in tongues sounds (sounded) like a dialect not giberish or baby language nonsense of ga ga goo goo.

Fake Tongues

Granted I have heard quite a few “dee dee dee dee’s” for some reason, also but that doesn’t mean its fake.  Though you don’t hear Linda wielding a dee dee dee and I have not spoken such either except on one rare occasion for a second or two.  That’s why I say it may be authentic as well.

Would a person fake the holy language?  There is no telling what people might do if they are feeling inferior or left out in a peer pressure situation.  Yes people probably have faked tongues many times.


People who speak in tongues do not lose their sense or do evil deeds with it or act foolish or entranced.  However when the Holy Spirit written of in Acts comes on a man as a “rushing mighty wind” you can be sure that man will hit the floor being slain in the spirit, they say.

The Rushing Mighty Wind of Acts

The rushing mighty wind can be resisted but if you resist the Holy Spirit’s urging to fall out, you may miss the blessing as well.  Once a preacher prayed for me and the amazing wind hit my upper body pushing me back, back, back.   I kept backing up with my legs to remain standing so my legs would catch up to my upper body.  The preacher said to me “your resisting somehow”.

I did not want to miss the moment of blessing so I let loose and went to the floor.  I then received a healing and a deliverance…thank God!  Just in time I might add.   It saved me from an oppression I did not want to experience again.. And I was on the precipice of disaster at that time in my life.

The gifts are subject to the man NOT the other way around.  The Holy Spirit will not invade uninvited.  The Holy Spirit requires invitation.

Probable and Most Common Way to Receive The Holy Spirit

Raise up your hands in praise aloud of Jesus.  Go to the places where praise and worship are liberally practices.  “God dwells in the praises of His people“.  Request at alter call…which means you may need a Pentecostal-ish church or what they call “full gospel church” for a spiritual experience to occur. Ask Father in The Mighty Name of Jesus to receive the baptism of The Holy Spirit by the laying on of hands & prayer from those who speak in tongues and have The Holy Spirit.  That is how the gifts are transferred.  Where two or more gather in the name of Jesus (not some other name) He is with them.

Those Who Worship God Worship Him in Spirit & in Truth

Seek God mightily with all that is in your heart.  Speak to Him as if He knows every thing about you.  Because He does.  Confess your sins one to another and pray one for another that ye may be healed.  Ask Father for the Gift of higher languages and the matching gift of interpretation so you know what your praying about.  “Ask and it shall be given, seek and ye shall find, knock and it will be opened unto you”.   “Ye have not because ye ask not.”  “Ask largely of The Lord”.

See my Book “Paradise for the Hellbound” for Scriptures Regarding Tongues


Now, either Apostle Paul neglected to tell what he knew about tongues or he did not have the gift of tongues to begin with.  And the way he spoke of tongues comparing it to prophecy and dissing the gift as some inferior lesser blessing, well I don’t believe he really said those things.  All gifts of The Holy Spirit are of value including tongues.

The church at its highest level knows the great power that lies in the higher languages.  They do not want you to have such power.  And so they dis the gift and mock it endlessly on TV and video alike.

The Gift of Tongues w/Interpretation

The gift of tongues requires no fasting, no intense God seeking or time consuming supplications to achieve. The gift of tongues is a natural easily implemented power of language.  For instance a man with the gift of tongue can use it in any way he desires.  He can take any topic and pray about it in tongues.  But be warned, NEVER use this gift for personal gain or for evil intention.  That would be blasphemy.

So one could decide to pray that Joe Doe quit having horrible nightmares in the prayer language.  Any benevolent motive is good to pray about in the higher language.  A person with the gift knows what he is praying about even if its provoked by the Spirit.  So he can pray when provoked by the Holy Spirits topics or he can pray in tongues about his own topics…do you see the difference?  Utterances of tongues are always about the topics The Holy Spirit chooses.  The gift of tongues can be about any topic chosen.  That is why the gift can be used for evil or for good.

First you would receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit with utterances the evidence.  Then later you would have an intense spiritual experience with an onslaught of songs and in depth and numerous downloads if you will, of different languages.  The experience would be at the top level of your most amazing life spiritual experiences.  It could take hours to download the initial languages.  Then after that initial experience there are minor experiences to boot.  For instance, if you hear someone speaking in some foreign language as you walk through a store or on a city street, you too will then download instantly that dialect as well.  You will find yourself speaking in that person’s dialect later that day.

After the initial event/download your like a sponge when getting around any foreign language speakers.  You absorb them.  You would just know it.  This is the walk of The Spirit filled intercessors who are called in REv. 12 “The woman”.  There are many.  And during the age of Grace they were burdened with many burdens for lost or prodigal souls.  They themselves probably were the prodigal son at one time as well.  Its a necessary learning experience to become less judgmental of others.

The woman of Rev 12 are many not just one woman.  The intercessors with the gift of tongues are the only ones who truly know what travail and burdens in the Spirit feel like.  I suppose most of the intercessors are probably above the age of 40 because the time is late.  It takes years for the Holy Spirit to train intercessors.  So I really don’t know if its possible now to become a new intercessor because we are no longer in the age of grace.  The burdens for souls have stopped.  Now the intercessors have become torch bearers as they repeatedly and relentlessly announce in the spirit realms the soon coming of Jesus.

What does the Spirit say to the churches?

He’s coming, He’s coming, He’s coming, the Lord is coming soon, the end is coming soon.  Get ready, get ready, get ready get ready, the Lord is coming soon, the end is coming soon.

NEVER BEFORE have the intercessors had such a repetitive prayer over and over and over to announce in the spirit realms the coming of Jesus.  The message is going out to all the earth.  As they announce so the announcement falls on men in dreams, in warnings, in visions, in insights, and in miracles even.  The men and woman of earth DO AND WILL HEAR IN SOME WAY THIS ANNOUNCEMENT.

The phenomena is absolutely amazing. Even the intercessors are utterly amazed at how God is working in these times.

I can attest.

However to be an intercessor with the gift of tongues is to be alone.  NO ONE can relate to their walk.  And they most likely will never come into physical contact with another intercessor.  For safety sake they are loners.  They keep their knowledge to themselves.  When they were young in the gifts most likely they shared and were called delusional or crazy.   Not to mention their false pride has tripped them up enough they must not bragg of gifts that are given by grace not by works so no man can boast.


For the intercessor interpretation comes forth as an idea not a word for word translation.  They know the context and topics they pray about.  They know the feel of the pray.  They show the same expressions that a man would exhibit if he knew what ever word he speaks means.  They are fully and absolutely connected by the heart to what they are saying.  But for them to translate word for word…no, its no necessary when a man knows the language of the heart he doesn’t need wordy translations.


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