Joe Imbreano Predicts The Beast’s Agenda in 2018

From Anonymous Bread

The born again Christian who knows more about Jesus & end times than many proclaiming mature Christians.  Anonymous bread author on Youtube apparently is not corrupted by the church preachers like so many believers are.

Favorable Review of Anonymous Bread You Tube Channel

The author of Anonymous Bread YT channel isn’t a parrot who copies status quos.  He isn’t a parrot who believe majority is always right.  He is one who knows that those who see truth in a deceptive age will by all means at hand be the minority of Christians.  Even unbelievers can see the Mandela effects that are end of days signs and wonders.  By the Mandela effect the unbelievers see supernatural events that lead them to say “my god, the supernatural is real, therefore I better do some praying or else!”  For the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom.

Thank you Anonymous Bread for being True to your heart.   Fear not what is in your heart but rather all men should fear the result of not showing God the worst in their heart for Him to fix.  We are the clay in His hands.  That’s the mystery on how to be in the will of God.  Simply become the clay by asking to become the clay.

Jesus respects free will and does not invade or enter softly one’s mind or body without invitation.  To hear Jesus one must allow Him to use your own words.  This way your mind cannot be invaded by spirits and deceptive voices.  But know this, the flesh has it’s own voice, does it not?

The wolf & the Lamb battle for precedence.  The one that you feed most grows strongest.  Fear not meditation in Christ.

EVIL IS AS EVIL DOES.  Not [evil is as the church decides what is evil] for by meditation we hear from God and are shown great mysteries of God.  The church says this—

“The battle is The Lords’ and already won.”  So you won’t fight and wage spiritual warfare against dark spirits and strongholds.  Still brothers & sisters its late in the game to become a spiritual warrior tempered by fire.  One must balance the battle cry with child like humility.  This balance of the man/child warrior/child comes with a difficult perplexing price.  Fiery trials bring the required temperance to address the warriors false pride & ego with judgement of others.  To be buffeted by God is a heart wrenching process. Pride inevitably flares up in every man/woman of God.  Attitudes of superiority promoted by the flesh as a result of wielding great power.

All men are programmed on Earth to demoralize one another…you see it in every show you watch in the first scene.  First they blaspheme the name of Jesus, then they lie to those they love most.  It is required in every movie and show by first scene.  Can you recognize it?



Hence the man/child.   The woman of Rev. 12 is/are the intercessors of God who wage war in The Spirit.

God dwells in the praises of His people.

Rejoice in The Lord Jesus and He shall give you the desires of your heart.  And He will deposit the right desires in your heart.  The mystery of God’s will is to become the clay in His hands.


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