One World Marching to One Drum Beat

My dream-Last night in a dream I spoke with the god of war.  He said, “men don’t need peace, they need war.”  I thought to myself…I have been in spiritual warfare for so long I am comfortable in it.  Just as men who do tour after tour get comfortable in it and then they are bored as hell when that purpose is taken and they come home.  Nevertheless a new purpose can grow.  A better purpose.

 Oh Hell No! Says the Red Head.

Miss Dana puts out another ground breaking video —a must see for all Americans.

Prisoner’s of War WWII? Maybe. Well dressed & having a good time it seems.

Biderman’s Chart of Coercion

Do the tactics of mind control listed below sound familiar?  Isn’t this happening in the whole world right now?  Two years and running…

A tool designed to demonstrate and explain the coercive methods of stress manipulation used to torture prisoners of war. It has been applied to explain the coercive techniques used by perpetrators of domestic abuse.

This list directly reflects the original chart, it has not been changed to fit the domestic abuse context.  Method Effect and Purpose Variants


Deprives victim of all social support of their ability to resist.
Develops an intense concern with self (this could be home environment)

Makes victim dependent.

Complete solitary confinement

Complete or partial isolation

Group Isolation

Monopolization of Perception

Fixes attention upon immediate predicament.  Eliminates information not in  compliance with demands.

Punishes independence and /or resistance.

Physical isolation

Darkness or Bright light

Restricted movement

Monotonous Food

Humiliation and Degradation

Makes resistance more ‘costly’ than compliance.

‘Animal Level’ concerns.

Personal hygiene prevented

Demeaning Punishments

Insults and taunts

Denial of Privacy


Weakens mental and physical ability to resist.


Sleep deprivation

Prolonged interrogation



Creates anxiety and despair Outlines cost of non-compliance

Threats to kill

Threats of abandonment/nonreturn

Threats against family

Vague Threats, passive aggressive threats.

Mysterious changes of treatment.

Occasional indulgences

Positive motivation for compliance.  Hinders adjustment to deprivation

Occasional favors Rewards for partial compliance


Demonstrating Omnipotence

Suggests futility of resistance Confrontation

Showing complete control over victims face

Forcing trivial demands

Develops habit of compliance Enforcement of ‘rules’

Amnesty International (1994)

Biderman’s Chart of Coercion originated from Albert Biderman’s study of Chinese psychological torture of American prisoners of war during the Korean War.

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