Return in 2024 Around April 8

What I saw when looking with my back to the sun in the outer reflection of my sun glasses holding & pointing glasses behind me.

If the human has not sought out his/her Creator and searched for the meaning of life yet let me give the human the answers I my God gave me.  There is only one reason for humanity on Earth.  We must all choose our eternal homes.  All must choose.  Whether consciously or subconsciously we all make our choice of eternities home.  How??

By our choices and actions toward others.  By our efforts in finding our Creator & attaining our plan of Salvation’s Hope.  And by our words.  The links below will tell the human which one they are at present.  All Lions were once goats & wolves.  We do not know if there is time to change identities.  Time is late.

Goats, Wolves, Serpents.

Sheep, Lambs, Lions

An electrical arc is an electrical malfunction that happens when wires and systems can’t handle the amount of electro-current going through its system of lines.  The Sun’s Arc of God will occur in the new White Sun causing great disaster.  A solar panel can ark if you unplug it from batteries in full sun causing a burst of violet coronal discharge. (more explanation on corona discharge below)

Most people already hear a steady electrical buzz in the airwaves constantly.  People think they have some ear ring illness.  Ya one that everyone got at around the same time.  Our atmosphere has changed and is electrified.

Revelation from Jazweeh. 

Jesus will NOT take unto Himself a flesh and blood body again.

“Not all shall sleep in the end of days, but we shall ALL be changed in twinkling of the eye at the last trump.”

The Ark of God represents a covenant that God would protect His children during the exodus from Egypt and during battle.  The Ark of God went before the Israelites in battle and by it they were victorious. (unfortunately the story is desecrated.)

A prophecy. Jazweeh predicts by vision, that the White Sun will ARK and that it shall happen soon.    And she suspects that by the Ark event, the children of God shall be transformed.  Then their placement upon the New Earth in victory over the Beast and its system will be final.  The 144 will defeat the Beast system.  Some will go home to Heaven.  Others will seed the New Earth.

All devices will be annihilated.  The children of God will see the Arc of the Son and it will be for them a transforming Light of Life.   Their purification has prepared them for the event.   Others will see the Ark of God as a nuclear blast and it will be very bad for them. One event becomes two events.  The many will see the Nuke blast so they will finally seek God in desperation and Truth.

Our present day strange sun that sets in neon orange will burn out. When the Sun Arks it will cause a massive an unprecedented Corona Discharge.  A huge flash of Violet Light that will toast Earth and mankind.   It will create bad Ozone gas when the oxygen atoms split.  And many will perish.  Earth’s atmosphere and Oxygen will temporarily change.  There will be a loud hissing sound.

This (above) is just a picture not a video.

Corona Discharge

This corona-discharge ruptures the stable oxygen molecule (by current or (voltage too high for say electrical lines to manage. ) and forms two oxygen radicals. These radicals can combine with oxygen molecules to form bad ozone.

To what extent I do not know.  Some are calling this perceived event a plasma apocalypse based on science.  Our vision is just that a vision.  But it is also the skewed prophecy of the Ark of God as I see it.  Many scripture were changed and removed because they were prophecies.

The Sun will go Black and then it will stay dark until either another fake sun is erected.  Or if the sun is not fake, it will stay dark until God Himself restores light unto Earth.  Look to 2024 for your Hope.  God will not leave us under the rule of the Beast.  We will soon leave Egypt and leave this wilderness of safety to abide with God in His Holy Land the New Earth.

It could be that the Sun has changed due to the four angels who arrived in 2017.  They are pouring out their viles and may be responsible for the White Sun.  However I have seen bulbs in the reflection on my outer sunglasses.  Back to the sun reflecting into the glasses I can see the bulbs.  But others I have shown this cannot.  So idk what to say about that.  Those I trust have tried the experiment with the sun glasses and they don’t see the bulbs.

Regardless…look at that ray.  I accidentally caught that ray on camera.  Do full spectrum sun lamps or grow lights cause rays like that?  Perhaps I give man too much credit.  The bulbs I saw in the sun where bigger with fewer of them.

JeffSnyder2 White Sun Video.

Here Are Just a Few Articles Confirming the Mass Exodus of CEO’s Internationally.


To start…my husband always has logical answers for my conspiracy theories.  Its only fair that I list the standard reasoning being the CEO exodus that continues today.

“The corporations and CEO’s knew that the economy would go to crap.  CEO’s allegedly are paid by %.  He says they would have lost money if they did not exit because their pay depends on the market value of the company rather than some standardized payment package of $50 grand a month or something like that. ”

My partner’s “not enough money for CEO’s” theory is blown out of the water by this Bloomberg article that states 2021 for CEO’s included record breaking pay packages.  Payment agreements/contracts of lavish amounts with figures exceeding salaries of 100 million a year.  So the exodus isn’t about “not enough money”.    

“Last year now stands as the most lavish on record for executive compensation by almost any measure. More than 30 public-company executives had pay deals that exceeded $100 million in value at the end of fiscal 2021, according to the Bloomberg Pay Index. The top dozen packages all surpassed $200 million. A couple shot into the billions.”

Furthermore it makes no sense to walk away from any top of the food chain job.  And it sure as hell isn’t moral or ethical reasons since the CEO’s likely lost those character traits back at the University when they joined the hand signal clubs.  These CEO’s following in daddy’s footsteps have long ago sworn allegiance to a power greater than themselves called “$$The Beast$$”.

The little people are “useless eaters” to these big fish.

Where have the CEO’s gone?

We heard their cries this morning.  We fear they are all trapped underground in safe underground bunkers that are now their prisons.  After all the Beast had to get rid of the elite first before it could take over all of the banks internationally.   And put down the Harlot who was the restrainer of evil.  The Harlot was the lesser of two evils.  The Catholic religion gives more money to charity and any organization ever.  They were not all bad.  They were the restrainer of evil until the majority of the rich were convinced to go underground for threats of a coming apocolyptic event.

Will there be an apocolyptic event?  Jesus is returning.  What that will look like I do not know.  But to be sure it won’t look like what the preachers said it would.  The New Earth is on the way.   But first the old earth must burn.  The Sun is changing drastically.  If a devastating event is coming it will likely involve the New White Sun.

The Sleeping Just Want Their Peace

Problem is, finding peace by believing that the system is taking care of you/us is why most people have the mark of the beast on their foreheads.

Jazweeh says the mark does not mean definite damnation.  But rather that anyone with the forehead mark can be delivered by God in Jesus name if they seek Him with their whole heart. 

The mark means that ye must endure the great tribulation which is already half over.  The great tribulation is already upon us.  It’s just that most people do not realize the genocidal atrocities happening in front of their eyes.  It’s just too scarey to look at the slaughter by man made food born plagues.  Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Disease, and so on.  They think these thinks are normal.  Losing hair, swelling up with toxins, the image of the beast has blinded the minds of the many.  The tortures of the dental industry and the poison drugs.  Oh sure they help sometimes.  Death by hospital visit is more common than we realize.  They stole our knowledge of how to eat naturally.  And they made humanity dependent on their poisons.

Apparently the food poison wasn’t fast enough.  Humans should be living till they are 120 at least.  You’ve seen the Google doodle birthdays.  Truth in plain sight.

How to Kill 7/8 of Mankind on Earth

The Back Scene of course.

So they made a plan to extinguish a whole shitload of useless eaters.  How?  First by chemicals of poison straight to the blood.  Polyethelyneglycol (PEG plastics/antifreeze) The beast is now calling this chemical a drug.  A laxative.  The restrainer is gone.  They will be putting this shit in food in no time if not already.  Every time I do research I see horrid unacceptable changes to the internet by scrubbing and redefining poisons as safe.  Blatant hazardous chemicals being called safe.  And being removed from the hazardous substance list.

If the PEG doesn’t destroy their heart then the Cancer cell called (Immortalized cell lines) will kill them in three to five years.  While the system makes them a kash kow in its most lucrative mad-medical industry.  If the cancer and heart disease doesn’t work, and they survive, then they are mind controlled by the device they took into their bodies.

But the immortalized cell lines are purified, scream the science buffs.  Right but they didn’t tell you that these purified cell lines of the big “C” when coming in contact with live human cells in the body they become ACTIVE in many cases.  This research is disappearing from the internet.  And the beast keeps changing the names of the ingredients of the back scene.  Making it impossible to research like I did in 2020-early 2022.  The companies are no long listing “immortalized cell lines” in the ingredients openly.  They erased the Chimp DNA proteins in the A.Z. ingredients.  And they keep changing the names of chemicals.    The internet is scrubbed.

My partner is lost to the Beast.  With all I have told him of Truth and the system…he is still more brainwashed today than ever.  There was a point where he was considering Truth…but my guess is that Truth is just too scarey for Him.  He doesn’t want to be uncomfortable.  I can’t blame him.  Truth of the beast system is both terrorizing and diabolical.  Not to mention the anger that is ensued by seeing what the beast is doing to humanity and has been doing for many years.  What do I mean?  Study run of the mill processed food for a while and you will see the beast revealed in the poisons.



  1. These demon infested “people” placed me in their satanic torture program and 24/7 surveillance. A prison with no bars. They killed family members and my dog. They used mind control on those around me, altered my memories, destroyed all that was good in my life. I’ve been a witness to so much. The evil is off the charts. I have become numb. Otherwise I think I would have gone mad. I believe this attack was to prevent me from fulfilling a role. I still do not know what it is. My phone/texts/emails are often manipulated or disappear. I have not one around me that walks with God. I’m reaching out. PLEASE contact me. I will send you my # if you send me a one-liner by email.

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