Propaganda Techniques Practiced by Beast Media

What are Some of the Techniques the Beast Uses to Pollute the Hearts & Minds of the Masses?  

Scroll to the bottom for my latest theory on a recent & huge propaganda campaign agenda by the Image of the Beast (TV/Phone).

    1. Fear is for pus*ies.  Early brainwashing of the youth with words like “chicken shit, pussy, panzy, (from chimpanzee) woosey, worm, spineless, yellow belly & so on.
    2.  The action of condemning all human emotion.  Since after all emotion is exactly the element which makes us human.  And fear saves lives.  In some cases we should be afraid.  So we hide our fear away and it gains power over us.  Since we are as sick as our secrets.  Fear expressed (to an empathic listener) is fear relieved.

  1. They train us to demoralize one another due to our insecurities passed down from generations.
  2. The Image of The Beast TV & Phone.
  3. Every show I watch these days shows controlling and dysfunctional codependent behaviors as being normal.  They teach us how to engage in sick relationships.
  4. They teach us to worship family.  The creation instead of the Creator.  I don’t know about you but my family is dysfunctional.  When I am around most of them they demoralize me by saying what I should have done.  What I did not do right and so on.  This playing the accuser of the breathren is seen as normal on the I. O. T. B. tv.
  5. The beast hides Truth at all costs if in any way it would disturb the masses.  Therefore ALL Truth that could be called “bad or dangerous” is censored.  And of course most of what exposes the beast’s maniacal ways is also censored.  I am not allowed to comment on Youtube.  Unless the comment is made on a very small channel so few will see it and only certain topics are permitted.
  6. AND THE MOST ANNOYING end of days propaganda.  They insist on the “same as it ever was, same as it ever way“.
  7. “It all happened before!” States the lying propagandist.  Why?  Because if they can convince the masses that something is a repeat occurrence and everyone made it through it alive.  Then the people remain calm.
  8. Rule #1 Don’t wake the sleeping giant!
  9. The beast will promote alleged Truthers (shills) and ignorant truthers.  Who play the news and play the propaganda important to the beast at the time. Playing news on their YT channels.  Then the truther says a few things that the truthers want to hear for one minute. While playing mainstream for ten minutes.  So any truther who is promoting main stream media is doing sideways promotions of propaganda.  Granted some Truthers are real and do this method of promoting the beast without knowing it.  They don’t know how to point out the mind fucks in the propaganda.  So they should not be playing any mainstream media on their channels.
  10. People who have no original ideas and cannot come up with original thought are not writers or contents providers.  They are parrots.  Granted some important Truth should be parroted.



An Example of the ignorant truther or shill behavior is show in the recent “Many Fish”video.

He plays five minutes of main stream propaganda followed by one minute of scripture & “the beast system is bad & wrong” narrative.

At present there is a HUGE campaign on the image of the beast to promote AI as being smarter, and better than humans.  They are saying that AI is better than us in every way they can possibly say it.  That narrative is exactly what the many fish video is promoting.  The AI propaganda that says machines are better than humans.  Why?

Well it’s a demoralization of humans.  Its a fear tactic.  It’s a blatant lie.

And to be sure AI cannot produce original thought or any thought period.  AI is incapable of “thinking” .  It doesn’t have a human brain to produce imagination and original thought.

What would happen if I told an AI to say something that nobody else has ever written, produced, or said?  Something that it’s not programed to say?

The AI would falter and fail of course.  Every idea (and I use the term “idea” lightly) which AI produces or transmits through it’s diodes comes from HUMAN PROGRAMMERS….PERIOD.  AI is neither sentient to produce original thought.  Or is it imaginative, hateful, or Loving.  It does not care or empathize.  It can mimic emotional responses if it’s programmed to so.

AI CANNOT HARBOR DEMONS.  Only humans can be demonically infested when that commit certain sins they open a spiritual door for the demonic.

AI has no soul.  AI has no Spirit of God or of Demons.  AI therefore cannot make decisions based on experience, emotion, or a desire to do what’s right.  Animals have Spirit.  They are flesh and blood.  The Spirit of Life itself from God is in every living being and creature.

You can feel their Spirit if your attuned to the realm of The Spirit.  The Beast at large has a better chance of teaching an animal to use human traits than teaching a machine to “react” sincerely by emotional response.

There is no “nature” in AI therefore it cannot behave naturally.  They are machines.


The beast wants another scape goat.  It’s that simple.  Seems to me they are planning something diabolical against the human race.  Which they will then blame AI for.   Something like “War of the Machines”.

Always look for the possible motive behind propaganda campaigns such as this new “AI is sentient” campaign.

The beast says if we hear something enough times we will believe it.  I say “bullshit”.


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