What Are Dreams For?

The Beast Is A Bully Who Uses Fear. Overcoming Fear Strengthens Us.

Use the God Box.

Fear crushing mantras.

  1. Out of the problem into the solution.
  2. Greater is the Holy Spirit & Jesus in me than the beast in the world.
  3. Walk through the fear.  Not allowing it to paralyze me emotionally.
  4. God grant me the wisdom and courage to overcome fear & change the things I can & should.

Dreams are for overcoming self deception and for understanding our hidden emotional being.  Dreams are for understanding ourselves and helping us through difficult times.

Never project your emotional condition onto someone else maintaining that your unhappy due to something they did.  Except when you are wronged by others.  And even then they cannot ever process your pain and fear for you.

This codependent behavior is the primary programming on the TV image of the beast.  Sick relationships are what our favorite TV shows specialize in these days.

NOONE is ever responsible for processing our feelings or fixing us.  If they wrong us…they hurt us.  Yes.  But its us who must learn how to deal with our own emotional processes.  And denial will take us deeper and deeper into self deception to the point we have no idea why or who we are.

Passion is temporary.  It will end.  Never clutch onto any human being as a god just because they provide relief by ecstasy.  It will end.  It always does.  And most times-it ends bad.


Step one to understanding ourselves is cleaning up the wreckage of the past.  No one taught us how to process fear, hurt, loss, betrayal, hate, resentment, disappointment etc.  The wreckage will control your actions without awareness.  Yet clearing the wreckage of pain and fear is exactly what we should have been learning in school as prerequisite to any monetary lessons.  The only valuable thing school ever provided me is how to read and write.  And how to add and subtract multiply and divide.  THAT’S IT.  So that means about 2% of school had some value while the rest was mind control & even trauma programming.

However most of the trauma programming came from the medical system and our own parents.  Of course most people are not capable of admitting or even seeing the damage their parents did to them in the name of what is “normal”.


Every human being has a landscape in their mind.  A place where dreams come from and are formed by the subconscious.  And if your targeted by dark spirits as we think most are.  Then demonic dream invaders have stolen authority to your own dreams.   There is a process to expel the invaders so you can both remember and make useful your dreams.

After you work through the 12 steps in Truth, clearing the wreckage that must be cleared to know yourself.   You can begin to open your spiritual eyes & start understanding your dream lessons.  If the child of God doesn’t work through their emotional wreckage they will never see clearly to know themselves.  The hardest thing for a human to know is himself.

Fear-shame programming says your a pussy if you have fear.  So even though fear is now part of the human condition put their to overcome it.  Instead we hide it away in fear so no one calls us “chicken shit” or “woosy” or “panzi-chimp” etc.  Fear-shame programming is foundational to the beast’s agenda of controlling humans.  Hide our fear and it grows in power over us.  Express it openly exposes it to the light of Truth and lessons it considerable.

However if the man doesn’t work the 12 steps he likely won’t know what he is afraid of and why.  Fear does not have to be logical.  #1 lesson.    Respect yourself every fear is valid weather its intellectually logical or not.  All fear has a basis.  All fear is valid for a reason.

Two Kinds of Dream Invaders.  Human and demonic.  Both can easily be crushed and removed.  It’s said that if a dream invader dies in your dream he will never come out of it.  However few invaded minds have the knowledge of how to crush a dream invader.

If your spiritual eyes are opened by learning meditation once the wreckage is cleared you can begin learning from dreams.  The dream landscape appears in your mind of meditation as a large room without walls.  Usually it’s all one color.  Your inner higher self will reveal the demon to you when you see it during meditation you will know what type it is.  “A knowing” they call it.

What Are Dreams For?

Every dream is to teach us about ourselves.  To reveal to us our fears.  To show us our heart.  And to warn us or to spiritually feed us in some way useful to the children of God.  As a scribe I receive article/topic to write from my dreams.  Other children of God may receive instructions relating to their calling of God.  Dreams are important.  And as written above they must be free to teach us.

Dark Spirits

The enemy of dark spirits does not want us to gain knowledge or wisdom.  Neither do dark spirits like us.  They hate us and want us to fail miserable in our spiritual pursuit.  They don’t just use humans.  They also steal, kill, and destroy.  The problem with New Age religion is they have no knowledge of the things of The Spirit except to portray luv and kindness.  Many of them have no growth in the area of people pleasing and fear of people.  They lack self awareness because they have not sat at the feet of Jesus to learn.  New age religion is a deterrent from powerful Truth & great knowledge which Jesus Himself teaches.  Along with our guides of Spirit.

The 144 have housed demons, expelled demons and been delivered of demons in Jesus name & by resistance of abstaining from certain sins.

Human fear and a spirit of fear are two very different things.  A spirit of fear causes anxiety attacks, panic attacks, and causes major dysfunction in odd ways.  Normal fear should be processed.  Preachers sometimes have the gift to deliver mankind from evil spirits.  Other spirits come out by “resist the demonic and it will flee”.  Such as gluttony, lust, vanity, the run of the mill dark spirits flee if they don’t get fed.

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