Censorship Of The Human Body by Genetics

Censorship at the Most Diabolical Levels

A fiction Article by Angry Jane

The link below is an article about “Gene Silencing”.  Of course they have not cured Cancer yet, but don’t worry they will.  Just as soon as they decide they don’t need the money it makes them.

The Road to the Gee Em Oh Human.

The elites ability to silence, eradicate, delete, mute, rip away any part of man-kinds humanity that isn’t convenient to them in plain sight.

Censorship at the most diabolical levels. Genetic “knock out” eradicating the freethinking DNA.

The Theys now have not only the ability to add DNA to a human’s body.  But they can also eradicate, delete, crash, knockout, snuff out, mute or mutate any DNA strands they choose.

And guess what?  Of course they will use it for good to squash diseases, that is IF your one of the very elite who can afford it.  And guess what else the behavioral genetics will be used for?…Back scene anyone?

Isolating the expression of certain genome means “just what exactly does that particular cell line do for the human?”  Does it make your hair red or does it make you docile, or perhaps aggressive?  If they code the genome of 1,000 passive non assertive docile followers who believe veritably anything the TV tells them.  1,000 people who have never had an original thought…the experimentalists can then copy the genetic make up and replicate those cell lines in short order …on…the whole world of people?

Is this a stretch?  Am I conspiratorial?  Perhaps.  But ask yourself this.  If you were ruling the world of humans whom you fear (due to behavior during the French Revolt) what would you do to make sure they remained docile?

Once you found the 2 keys to the cells locked nucleus using your handy light speed quantum computer.  Computers that supply most any solution (except the saving of the soul) to most any problem.

Move Over CRISPR mRNA is here

We are in a world where CRISPR technology is no longer state of the art. CRISPR being the old cut and splice genome HACK often resulting in gross mutations.  They used to have to hack dna because science did NOT yet have the open door to the cells mRNA instruction room).  CRISPR is now ancient history.

Your mRNA is the one that gives blanket orders to your DNA.  They hijacked your mRNA by imposter.   That is if you drank the cool aid.  Pray like never before.  God is full of Grace and Mercy.

The improved version of genome editing is mRNA.  Yes that’s what they gave the masses.  And how is this NOT gene therapy? Here’s the trick wording.

Here’s the true statement from Forbes.

“Vaccines that use mRNA technology are not, however, gene therapies because they do not alter a person’s genes.”

It’s true except there’s one problem here.  mRNA is what they now have the power to control and instruct.  They have the device to the keys to the cell’s nucleus.   Partly its the inosine nucleotide that’s the golden key.   This means that the viral vector payload they deliver to your blood tells your cells to open wide and drink cause its your own cool aid it says.  And it has the right credentials.

Your cells open wide accepting directives from what it thinks is the director of your own DNA.   Then it commences to react.  Throughout your entire body your own body makes whatever changes that fake mRNA told it to.

That is why they can say “it doesn’t change your dna.”  Your own body obeys the directives and changes your own DNA itself.

These drug companies are some tricky bitches make no mistake they know how to trick the public.

And now that the docile and controlled humans have accepted the orders to their bodies…who knows WHAT THE FUCK they will be turned into.

What would you do with that kind of power?  Mixed with a boatload of fear.  What would you turn all the humans into.

Two Ingredients in the Cool Aid

One thing sure they are using Cancer and animals in the mix.  Cancer cell lines (immortalized cell lines) for the fast replication throughout the body.

The fastest Cancers can whip out one hell of a tumor growth in three years.  Apply that to the changes in the structuring of the new gee em oh human .

Next, why animal proteins?  Why Chimpanzees protein (dna expression) in the A.Z. brand back scene?

Hmph…my theory?  The elite have been teaching children that they come from monkeys for years…lying mf.   We do live in the upside down. My guess there is a part of the chimp that they want their new gee em oh humans to act like.  Dumb em down a bit.

To the scientists who are accomplice to these crimes think again.  These are easily crimes against humanity by deception.  They lie like hell but by the time the victims realize they are a GMO they won’t care.

They will “own nothing and be happy!” Ted talk statement by some unknown actress.

There’s a reason the elite make every important job situation a compartmentalization.   Especially science projects. They keep you in the dark for a reason.

I suppose it’s those who know the whole story and see the big picture of gee em oh humans, by genome research who are the one’s who will answer to God.  The rest can claim ignorance.  If in fact they are ignorant.

God is merciful and forgives.  If you drank the koolaid & had a reaction that may mean your body rejected it.  If you still care then pray to God because my sins were many and He forgave me over and over and over again.

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