Etsy Sellers Dropping Prices. Time to shop!

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“Strippers Gotta Eat too!”  Says the Seamstress of Hand made Exoticwear.


Quad thong Set with Choker.

Etsy does it again by showing its seller that it’s primary purpose is not just to make it’s own money$$.  But also Etsy makes certain its sellers can keep their feet above water in the profits department.

Etsy Stripper Outfits Store Link

Even when sales slowed down to a crawl during the Covid pandemic Etsy made sure that the sellers “payment account’s”  did not stay in the negative.  Several times I looked in my Etsy Seller Finances to see my standing balance.  “Negative $35” it read!  I was struck with panic.  Then after a while I noticed that every time my acct. went into the red due to dues and fees a big sale would come in and cushion the blow.

Etsy made certain that a small business seller like me did not go under.  If my balance goes so negative that I am not making the sales to cover the dues…well then it’s all over for the little guys.

I am not so sure Amazon seller would have guaranteed the same safety net.  I sold on Amazon.  They would not even allow me to have access to my own customer’s emails.  So I could send out news a a big drop in price and sales.

Thanks Etsy again for helping us make it throw the pandemic slow season.

We hope the best for all the homegrown sellers in the world today.


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