Free Emergency Water Filters from

Mr. Tony Lamb & His Wife Bobbie are Rare & Generous Couple.

Jazweeh & Laura E. could not find any ‘strings attached’ to this generous offer for a free emergency water filter system.  We found what appears to be a genuine concern for mankind’s survival from a couple who see the end of the age & rapture at hand.

Click-To get Tony’s prophetic book of the soon coming rapture with dreams and visions at amazon.

What’s in the box?  “The Warning” CD above comes with a bible, complete water filter set up, Tony’s  book and instructions/literature.

Thank you both for the great water filtering system set up shown FREE at!

Tony’s Paypal for donations.  Remember he relies partly on donations so he can give free stuff away.


Pay $90 for same water filter on eBay.

To buy water filter on eBay.

The couple are producing and giving away the do it yourself easy to assemble water filter set up with the internal candle style ceramic charcoal w/silver water filters.

A simply beautiful design that teaches a simple way to clean local pond, lake, river, or rain water etc. of microbial particulates making it drinkable.    (how do ceramic “candle” water filters work?)

Tony’s Youtube channel is inspiring and a sincere glorification of Jesus & His help in times of need.  Clear and present dangerous times are here.  I believe we are already in the end of days.


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