What is the Number 666 About?

Important new message update for the 144

Seek God With all your Heart, Mind, Spirit, and Might

Until the human receives the Spirit of God to believe in Jesus he is the 666 the number of mankind without The Spirit of God.  It’s that simple.  666 is the number of godlessness.  First you shall be born again if you seek Jesus with your whole heart.  Then God will empower you with The Holy Spirit for your supernatural calling of God.  There is one Spirit of being born again that will change a man’s moral condition.  Then The Holy Spirit is given for supernatural gifts unto men.  The gifts of The Spirit are listed in the bible in 2nd Corinthians.

Body 33%

Soul 33%

Spirit 33%

But there is another 666 that represents “godless”.  Add the letters for computer and you get 111  One hundred and eleven.  Computer + Man=6666.  Iron and clay.










111 x 666=6,666 Satans new creation.

New Bodies New Earth

The good news is this, we are being transformed in God.  We shall receive new bodies.

“Not all shall sleep but we shall all be changed.”  In the blink of an eye.  The sleep refers to the 1,000 years of peace when the New Earth is being seeded by the few with a new type of nature.  A new light shall be on the New Earth.  The sun and moon shall pass away.

We who Love Jesus are becoming new creations in Christ.  The creation of mankind was not finished in Genesis.  That was only the beginning.  Our spiritual condition the most important aspects of our creation must be determined by free will.  We choose our eternal home by our choices on Earth.  If we act in Faith we build our homes in the afterlife.  By Faith are ye saved.  Prayer is a work of Faith.  Praise is a work of Faith.

Why did St. Paul tell us that Faith without works is DEAD?  Because each man is given a measure of Faith.  All people Hope in something.  We have Faith in God or we put our Faith in man’s abilities by trusting in the beast and it’s system.  For instance how readily do we run to the doctor?  Do we pray for God to heal us?

Mind Control

We are taught that big farma is our answer to all sicknesses.  And that big farma is way smarter than us so we need to trust, obey, listen to, and put our lives in the hands of big farm.  Yet corporations see us as kash kows.  By Cancer they make their profit on our death and suffering.  They finish off the ill with their poisons.

Who is it that teaches us the lifelong lesson to trust and put faith in big farma?  Education and the TV.  The TV is the image of the beast.  It has the ability to talk & teach and program & demoralize or edify humans.  We either reject what the image of the beast teaches us.  Or we embrace it trusting it, putting our Faith into it.

Faith & Hope are eternal gifts.  Where your heart is there your treasure shall be also.  The afterlife is hinged on where you put your Faith in this life.

We live in a world that dictates from birth that we readily “put our faith in the beast and obey it’s image”.  That we trust the beast system.

Strive to be Saved by Faith in God

But there are a group of people who against all odds continually put their Faith in Jesus and rejected the image of the beast.

How do they move in Faith?  By gifts of The Holy Spirit they move in Faith.  By prayer they crush and bring down strong holds of demons.  They war in The Spirit.  They live by what they see in Faith not by what they see with their eyes.

Granted this kind of life is criticized and mocked.  To live by Faith we must wear the full armor of God.  We must see how the belt of Truth protects us.  And how the helmet of the HOPE of salvation keeps our mind.  These people give their testimony when needed.  Those who know Jesus give the testimony of Jesus from their heart.  “WHAT JESUS DID FOR ME.  What is was like, what happened, and what its like now.”  This is your testimony in Jesus.  If you do not have a testimony, seek God now and you will find Him.  Praise Jesus aloud.  Seek God with all your heart mind and spirit.  By all your will seek God and you will find Him.  Seek Him as you have little time.

God Will Show You He is Real

Then God will give you the Holy Spirit by which you shall walk in Faith.  God makes His children to participate in the building of the kingdom of God.  Move by Faith.  Prayer is a work of Faith.  If you don’t have a calling do this.  Help others and do no harm.

Help others.  It is the calling of every Christian.  You have a special ability to reach those people whom others cannot.

Tell God if you feel you don’t have a testimony.  Ask God how to work in Faith.  He will provide your answers.

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